Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner Review

If you own an in-ground swimming pool up to 50ft and looking for an effective and powerful automatic pool cleaner then you have got the right article. In this article, we are going to review the AQUA PRODUCTS EVO614IQ EVO 614 IQ.  Let’s discover the Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner.

This automatic pool cleaner comes with lots of innovative and effective top-rated features that provide hassle-free cleaning.

It is designed with wireless remote control intelligent and innovative sewage absorption machine. It helps to suck all kinds of debris, dirt and dust, small to large leaves and particles, and any kinds of harmful objects.

This automatic robotic pool cleaner is effective as well as fruitful at cleaning tiny too big debris. It also circulates the pool water even the filter isn’t running and scrub your floor and poll wall.

Undoubtedly, having any branded or any swimming pool cleaner is worth it because it is not an easy task to clean a large in-ground pool within a very short time.

Top features of Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner

This automatic unit (robotic pool cleaner) comes with lots of benefits and features. True to say, it is very handy as well as a stunning machine for cleaning the whole in-ground pool by controlling with remote from anywhere at any time.

Here are some exceptional and useful features of this cleaning function;

Intelligent wireless remote control

It comes with innovative and exceptional wireless remote control technology to help control this unit from anywhere. Just open your phone, open your mobile hotspot, connect with the device, and control with the remote.

It will cover all your pool surfaces automatically and swiftly. It comes with no wire system that means it doesn’t require any wire and you can sit beside your pool to relax while the cleaning task starts.

2 cleaning key modes

It comes with two cleaning modes and each mode for each cleaning. One key for the set to clean the whole pool surface like pool floor, waterline, and walls. One key for the set to clean the waterline and wall. You have an option to choose from.

Maybe you need to clean only the pool waterline or only walls, no worry this unit helps to clean a specific place by tapping the specific key. You have a choice to switch as your need.

High performance and efficient clean

This upgradable and unique automatic pool cleaner is featured with a powerful motor to provide powerful suction.

Also, it is combined with a durable and sturdy scrubbing brush to sucks and brushes all kinds of garbage, algae, sponge, lichen, small to large leaves, dirt and dust, micro to Nano-particles, buds, and so on. It ensures stunning cleanliness and leaves the pool water fresh and hygienic.

Adaptive logic control system

Designed and built with intelligent adaptive logic control function to provide automatic scanning of the full coverage of the pool. The Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner helps to search the debris automatically and clean the debris thoroughly. It has underwater strong signal breathing light that provides a quick signal if any obstacles hamper this unit.

It can ignore any obstacles quickly and has a perfect cleaning route and time to cover the whole swimming pool surface within a very short period. Also, an intelligent cleaning route helps to clean the dirty place without breaking the cleaning path.

Hassle-free set up

It doesn’t require any stuff as it has energy hogs that can clean hassle-free. Extremely efficient and workable. You just need to plug it in, connect with a mobile connection, and walk away for a deep and stunning clean.

Effortlessly provide deep clean

Comes with a multi-layer filter that helps to purify the water and sucked the pool floor very efficiently. Also, it has strong signal breathing light that helps to respond quickly underwater. Built with a multifunctional energy-saving transformer to reduce the energy while cleaning.

Is the Evo 614 iQ pool cleaner suitable for your needs?

Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner

It is a great thing to have one personal self-regulating pool cleaner be it Evo 614 iQ or other robotic pool cleaners. Evo 614 iQ has lots of beneficial things and features that might help you to clean your large in-ground pool more easily and within a short time.


EVO has an intelligent adaptive logic control system and wireless remote control function to help you to get hassle-free cleaning. An intelligent adaptive logic control system helps to scan the debris and clean the debris very effectively. And wireless remote control function helps to control this unit with remote from anywhere any time. Two key modes system to clean specific space. If only the wall is dirty you have an option to clean the only wall with EVO pool cleaner.


Its lightweight design helps you to carry this out from one place to another easily. Its weight is only 58 pounds. Also, it is easier to set up, maintain, and manage.


The most important and beneficial thing is, this unit demands less power while running to clean. It requires only 150 watts of intensity that decreases up to 90% energy. It is an efficient cleaner that helps to clean the whole pool area within a couple of hours. That is the reason Evo 614 iQ pool cleaner offers quick cleaning for enhanced energy savings.


  • Has intelligent wireless remote control system.
  • Provide stunningly deep clean.
  • Filtrates and circulates the pool water.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Pool size up to 50ft.
  • It comes with 60ft tangle-free swivel cable.
  • It comes with 4 liter EZ-clean filter basket.


  • Slightly expensive.

How and where you use Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner pool cleaner?

Since Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner comes as a swimming pool cleaner, it is used to clean your pool hassle-free and swiftly. Clean a large in-ground pool is a tedious as well as boring duty for anyone.

With this unit, you can clean your large swimming pool in a very short time and without any hard work or even any labor. You can save both your time and money as well as extra effort.

Now the question is, how you handle it and how it works? It is easy to set up and maintain. You just need to take it, plug it in, connect this unit with your mobile WiFi and leave it into the swimming pool. Some moment later, it leaves your pool stunningly clean and offers you and your family members pleasant swimming.

How the Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner stands out in the competition?

Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner

There are lots of robotic pool cleaners available. Some are cheap branded and some are worthy. Undoubtedly, having a personal robotic pool cleaner like Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner is a great thing. You can easily clean your pool floor, walls, and waterline with it. Also, it helps you to enjoy fresh and pleasant swimming all day long.

Here is some unique characteristic of this unit;


It is a great and efficient solution for every in-ground swimming pool owner. Because it comes with lots of unique and fantabulous features and benefits. It comes with a multi-layer filter that filtrates every single particle from the swimming pool effectively. It helps to filtrate pool water, debris, dirt, and dust as well and leave the pool stunningly clean. 2 key mode functions help to switch different cleaning modes like whole pool, pool floor, walls, and waterline.


Aqua products pool cleaner is the most efficient and effective pool cleaner. It is made with rigid and durable plastic materials that will last long.

It can avoid obstacles swiftly and practical to use. Comes with a superior and heavy-load 24-volt DC motor that easily works after a long time without disturbing. This unit performs and cleans well up to 1-meter depth.


Unlike other robotic pool cleaners, Evo 614 iQ requires less equipment to set up and maintain. It is an extremely efficient pool cleaner that is easy to set up for cleaning.

You just need to take it, plug it in, connect it with your mobile connection, set it into a fixed area into your pool, and walk away for a stunning and efficient clean. As it comes without any wire you don’t need to walk with it, you can relax when it takes the cleaning duty.

Key benefits

It comes with a multi-layer filter, 2 key modes option, intelligent adaptive logic function to help you spend less time cleaning and enjoy more time swimming. The major benefit of having this robotic pool cleaner is, get a fresh and gorgeous-looking swimming pool within a few hours. No extra labor, extra money, extra effort, extra time requires to get the cleaning job done.

How does the Evo 614 iQ pool cleaner improve from other pool cleaners? – Evo 614 iQ VS Dolphin

Aqua Products EVO614IQ Evo 614 iQ Automatic Robotic Cleaner has great value in the market. It comes with such outstanding and unique features that you never find in other robotic pool cleaners.

True to say, Dolphin is a leading brand that makes exceptional robotic pool cleaners. But still, Aqua Products makes their pool cleaner with some unique features.

Here is the comparison between Evo 614 iQ vs Dolphin;

  • Evo 614 iQ pool cleaner comes with an intelligent wireless remote control system whereas Dolphin has no wireless pool cleaner.
  • Evo 614 iQ comes with three cleaning key modes but Dolphin doesn’t have any mode to switch. They have a cleaning schedule.
  • The Evo 614 iQ is designed with an intelligent adaptive logic control system to scan the pool automatically whereas Dolphin has no adaptive logic control system.
  • It is portable enough to carry easily than the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

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