Instapark Betta automatic robotic pool cleaner review

Why are you struggling and facing serious problems cleaning your pool where the Instapark Betta automatic robotic pool cleaner is available for you? This pool cleaner comes with lots of variation and some effective features. If you face hardship to clean your pool and have a desire to buy a pool cleaner with all facilities, then you should buy this one.

This unit was built up with some extraordinary features and 100% solar-powered autonomous pool cleaning. If you have this one, then you don’t need to create any pressure on yourself to do extra work. You just need to take it and leave it in your pool, then you see the difference.

As it is built up with solar, it works without any remote control. But it has a remote control system. So you don’t need to worry.

However, if you need a pool cleaner, then we suggest that you buy this superior unit. For its solar system, it is more gorgeous than any other cleaner. It is so useful for any kind of pool that is not more than 60 to 70 feet long, and it’s easy to use as well as portable

What is the particularity of Instapark Betta Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner?

The betta is completely autonomous, and it does its work without any trouble. Here we discuss some fantabulous particularity that it has. Let’s find out:

Instapark Betta automatic robotic pool cleaner
  1. 100% of its power comes from solar energy. During the summer season, you don’t much need to feel tension about charging. Moreover, when it needs to be charged, it gives you a hint to connect a charger by flashing red.
  2. The Betta automatically cleans various kinds of floating garbage on the water’s surface; such as leaves, dust, moss, pollen, dead insects, and many more.
  3. It has a unique feature that adds real value to this unit, and it is the underwater brush motor. By this uniqueness, directly drives the thruster, eliminating the incapability of the low life of conventional reduction gears.
  4. The most noticeable feature is that the unit has a unique wireless remote-control function. With the help of this function, you can easily switch or turn on the automatic and remote control.
  5. Finally, you can see this unit’s optimum handle basket design. You can also empty and lift the large-capacity trash from this basket without removing the Betta from the pool.

Why buy the Betta Solar-Powered Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Well, now the question is why you buy this as there are many pool cleaners available right now? According to recent research that we mentioned before this question, you may understand the intervening distance and uniqueness of the other pool cleaner.

First of all, you have to mind which pool cleaner gives you constant service and gives a service warranty. And which pool cleaner offers you the best. If you are looking for an innovative pool cleaner for your pool, then you have a good choice to buy this.

Once you buy it, you can see and feel the difference between others. Didn’t you get enough time to clean your pool for your other works? Then not to worry much. You have a solution near your hand. If you have this effective pool cleaner, then it will complete your work without any hurdle. This is not a big deal for it’s to clean your pool ground and water properly.

Key features of this outstanding automated pool cleaner

The Instapark Betta Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a range of satisfying and efficient features that makes the cleaning task easy and comfortable for everyone. If you are looking for the best budget robotic pool cleaner with some extraordinary features then surely the Betta pool cleaner unit is the best solution for you. Here, I am going to demonstrate the top feature of the unit.

Instapark Betta automatic robotic pool cleaner

Remote Control Function

The unparalleled wireless remote control system is handy for you to easily turn on between automatic and remote control use.

You have both an option to switch the pool cleaner automatically and remotely. You can use the remote control to operate the robot quickly to get the cleaning done in time. With the help of this function, you can handle it from anywhere, anytime.

High Grade Solar Panel

The unique and extraordinary feature that it has is an active Solar Panel. Up to 21.5% transformation efficiency of the solar panel’s surface is covered by a piece of wear reverberating ETFE material. This makes the solar panel more workable and lasting.

The Betta is fully autonomous. As an illustration, if the Betta runs out of its power, it will locate in the sun, while it will standpoint in the pool and charge by itself. Unfortunately, when the charge finishes, it will be charged by the sun.

As a result, you don’t need to pick it up and charge it again. When the charging task finishes, it will start working again and skim your pool. You don’t need to tap the power button to restart it again.

UV Damage Resistant Body

UV means ultraviolet radiation which helps to protect from sunlight. The body of the Betta is made of UV-resistant material, that’s why you don’t need to worry about causing damage to the body while it is out of the sun.

Ultrasonic Radar Sensor

The ultrasonic radar sensors, which take out this unit’s upper level. It goes in this direction where the garbage is still. It controls the robot’s ability to navigate around the pool.

Under Water Brush-Less Motor

The underwater brush-less motor directly drives the thruster and low life of traditional diminishing gears. This brush-less motor helps to clean the ground constantly until the cleaning task completes.

Unique Debris Basket with Handle and Fine Mesh Filter

The large receptivity garbage basket has a handle and exceptional superior removal, lock system latch. This makes it very handy and easy to remove and tidy the basket.

For using this, you don’t have to remove the robot from the pool; simply stop the robot, open the latch and grab the basket. It is easier to remove and put back in simply.

Undoubtedly, it is easier than any other pool cleaner to remove the debris from the basket without heave from the pool.


As it is fully automated, no need to hand-skim again. This betta has the intellectual capability and a skimmer that is powered by solar energy. It has a battery with Lithium-Ion which can help your betta cleaner run for a long time.

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