SPER Scientific 850081 Water Quality Meter Review

Get accurate readings of pH, mV (millivolts), ORP, conductivity, temperature, salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), DO (Dissolve oxygen), and sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) with the innovative and versatile SPER scientific 850081 water quality meter. It comes with interchangeable, plug and play probes to get quick results, and is easy to use.

Sper Scientific 850081 can measure 13 parameters like pH levels of water, ORP (oxidation-reduction potential), conductivity, temperature, DO, TDS, salinity, resistivity, certain conductance, ammonium ion, nitrate ion, chloride ion, and barometric pressure.

It measures dissolved O2 to quantify the water quality in environmental testing, labs, industrial and municipal wastewater, aquariums, pool water, and fish hatcheries. It can measure dissolved oxygen in ppm (parts per million) units. The measuring range is 0 ppm to 20 ppm. The temperature range is 32 Degree Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 50 Degree Celsius).

Top features and benefits of SPER scientific 850081 water quality meter

It comes with lots of unique and stunning features to ease your measurement of your water pH level (acidity and alkalinity), ORP, DO, TDS, temperature, conductivity, and so on. SPER includes everything needed for quick field use as a pH meter. It is not only measured only water pH but also measures water temperature and chemically balances the water. It helps you to get quick and fast readings anytime.

Let’s look at its special characteristics and benefits;

  • Comes with interchangeable probes and it helps to read pH, mV, ORP, TDS, DO, conductivity, salinity, acidity, alkalinity, etc.
  • It comes with two probes one is pH probes and another is a temperature or conductivity probe.
  • It has an option to choose a user to order probes for only the presently required parameter. Also, will add additional probes in the future.
  • Brainy probes electronically and automatically keep calibration information.
  • It doesn’t require any recalibration when changing the probes.
  • It comes with a 9 Volt (Alkaline or heavy-duty) and hard-shell, foam-lined carrying basket with space for more than two probes.
  • Self-activating calibration recognition of pH buffers 4, 7, and 10.
  • Featured with auto power-off function, hold, minimum or maximum, fold-out easel back, and a tripped screw.
  • All measurements are automatically temperature expiated.
  • Dissolved Oxygen measurements can be expiated for salinity (existing salt), while O2 in the air can be expiated for height.
  • It can provide a highly accurate reading in just 0.8 seconds.
  • The meter is sealed strongly to protect the display from humidity and the operating humidity is up to 80% RH.
  • It can run the range of temperature from 0 degrees Celsius to 50 Degree Celsius.
  • It shows the temperature data in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units.
  • Comes with a large backlit display (size 15mm that is almost 0.6 inches) that shows both temperature readings and pH levels at one time clearly.
  • EC conductivity and no rustiness. Has a screw to protect the hood after use.
  • The weight of this meter is 204 g and the dimensions of this product are 8″ × 2¾” × 1″ (203 × 70 × 25 mm).
  • EPA equivalency method: 360.1
  • More convenient, durable, and easy-to-use instruments.

Is the Sper Water Quality Meter suitable for you?

SPER Scientific 850081 Water Quality Meter

True to say, this versatile and unique featured water quality meter is a handy and useful tool to check and measure the pH, temperature, conductivity, alkalinity, acidity, chlorine, or bromine of the water. it is a convenient and efficient tool. It is designed lightweight which means it is easy to use and carry. Runs with four triple-A batteries that help to reduce energy while operating.


  • Includes hard-shell, durable, foam-lined carrying case to keep the meter separately.
  • Automatically temperature compensated.
  • Includes 9 Volt 4 AAA-batteries.
  • 5-Year limited warranty.


  • Have to purchase the probes separately.

Where do you Sper Water Quality Meter?

The Sper Water Quality Meter is designed for measuring pH levels (acidity or alkalinity of water), temperature, conductivity, DO, TDS, ORP, etc. of water and to balance the quality of water. It helps you to get fast readings whenever you need to check. It simultaneously reads both the pH and temperature of the water.

You can use it to check your pool water condition and keep your pool water fresh and properly balanced. It can also measure the quality of water and test the water quality.

How do you use this scientific water quality meter?

This water meter is easy to use. It is a plug-and-play tool. It requires four AAA batteries to run and you need to take off the battery protecting cover with the screwdriver and insert batteries.

Then, plug the pin straight and find the installation guide between matched color and screw in. Lock it down and press the set to turn on. Before using, turn on the meter for 10 minutes.

How does the SPER scientific 850081 water quality meter stand out in the competition?

This SPER scientific 850081 water quality meter enables you to measure and test the water conditions. It also helps you to check your pool water pH, conductivity, and temperature instantly. Here is some crucial consideration that makes this instrument stand out.


It is featured with such outstanding attributes. Most importantly, it is designed with interchangeable probes that can measure 13 parameters. Comes with 9 Volt heavy-duty 4 AAA batteries and a hard-shell, foamed-lined spacious carrying case for both probes.

Formulated with an RS232 port that helps this meter to communicate with the computer. Comes with a large backlit, easy-to-read display that shows temperature data and pH altogether. Has automatic power-off function, hold, minimum or maximum, and a tripped screw.


SPER is a renowned brand providing quality products. It is designed to last longer. Made with strong and pliable plastic that is rigid. You can easily use this after a long time if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


It is easy and simple to use. Also, this meter is more convenient and reliable. You need to press the turn on the button to start and before using keep the device on for 10 minutes to get better results. It is a portable device to carry smoothly.

How does the SPER water quality meter improve? –SPER VS OAKTON

SPER Scientific 850081 Water Quality Meter

The super scientific 850081 water quality meter is a unique and versatile device that can simultaneously measure the pH of water, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, TDS, and temperature.

The Sper Water Quality Meter comes with two interchangeable probes and comes with RS232 port to communicate with computers. It doesn’t require any extra calibration when changing the probes. On the other hand, the Oakton water quality meter/tester doesn’t have so many features like SPER.

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