Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum Review | 15m Cable | 50 Feet

Get beautifully and exceptionally clean your swimming pool with Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum within a very short time. If you are looking for the best automatic robotic pool vacuum cleaner, then this unit would be the best choice for you.

Undoubtedly, cleaning a large in-ground swimming pool is a very tedious as well as boring duty. But if you have an automatic self-regulating pool cleaner like the Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum you don’t need to worry about cleaning anymore. It does all your hard work more efficiently within a very short time.

It has lots of exceptional and innovative features to handle any cleaning task. You will get superior and stunning clean in just 0.5h/ 1h/ 2h. For having its high speed, it can complete its duty swiftly and leave your pool stunningly clean.

Top features and benefits of Jingmei Premier automatic self-activating pool vacuum cleaner

This cleaning machine comes with lots of exceptional features and benefits that make it stands out. Believe it or not, clean the whole pool is an exhausting duty and no one wants to swim dirty pool. That’s why you need an automatic pool cleaner to clean your large pool automatically within a few hours. The Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum is one of the most stunning pool cleaners for having such amazing features.

Here are some exceptional and important features and benefits of this unit’

Specially designed to clean swimming pool

It is designed for a 20m3/h pool. It has 15m of large tangle-free cable to cover the whole surface easily. If your pool length is almost 15m, then it would be a fantabulous choice. Capable to clean deeply and leave your pool exceptionally clean within 0.5h/ 1h/ 2h. It has a wall climbing function to clean the pool walls after completing clean the pool floor and waterline. No need to switching for cleaning the wall, it can climb automatically after finishing the floor and waterline. Get hassle-free cleaning with Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum easily and quickly.

Fast running speed

It has a powerful motor to run fast underwater. It can run until the pool clean properly. This unit has the most efficient and exceptional route that never breaks the cleaning path. This machine moves stunningly well when you drop it into the swimming pool for cleaning. With this high-voltage energy-efficient motor, it delivers hassle-free cleaning after a long time and saves energy for next.

Optimum working ability

It comes with versatility and delivers maximum performance when it starts clean the pool. It can calculate and navigate properly to clean the pool deeply. The exceptional and most efficient working route helps to keep this proper cleaning path. It also comes with a wall-climbing function that helps to reduce your effort and save time. You don’t need any extra staff to clean the wall separately.

Powerful and effective sharp spinning brushes

Designed with dual spinning scrubbing brushes to scrub the pool floor, walls, and waterline stunningly. This automatic robotic pool cleaner decently removes any kinds of garbage, small to large leaves, bugs, algae, lichens, micro to Nanoparticle, dirt, and dust, and many more harmful objects with these sharp scrubbing brushes. With the help of spinning brushes, it can clean the pool floor effectively and leave your pool stunningly.

Plug N play

No extra staff and equipment are necessary to set up this unit for cleaning. You just need to take this out of your house, connect the power supply with a mobile connection, drop it into the water to start operation and walk away for deeply and stunningly clean.

Powerful filtering capacity

Comes with a strong and efficient filter system and filter basket. This filtering system, can filtrate and circulates the water stunningly and leave the pool water exceptionally clean. It also filtrates the harmful chemicals that are floating into the water. Comes with a large filter cartridge basket to carry the debris and keep the machine running until it completes the cleaning task. With this filter basket, you don’t need to clean the basket after few minutes.

Outstanding Cleaning Technology

This unit is paired with an ICHRoboter iCleaner that gives accurate and efficacious scanning for systematic cleaning. It can cover the whole pool surface effectively and clean smartly. Also, it can identify debris quickly and clean automatically. It gives a quick response to the debris. It has powerful scrubbing brushes to scrub floors and walls gently and genuinely.

How and where you can use Jingmei Premier pool cleaner?

Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum

When you need to clean your pool simply use it for cleaning. What do you need to do? You just need to connect the power supply, plug it in, drop the unit into the water to start operation, and walk away for stunningly clean.

It comes to help swimming pool owner to clean their pool floor, walls, and waterline more quickly and easily. it is specially designed for cleaning the swimming pool. True to say, robotic pool cleaners reduce hardship about cleaning and provide long-term service without disturbing. It helps to clean a large pool within a few hours. It is a very handy and helpful unit for every swimming pool owner.

How does the Jingmei Premier self-regulating pool cleaner stand out from the competition?

Well, Jingmei Premier is a top and renowned brand that makes sensational and top-rated pool cleaners. This unit has a special intelligent climbing function that can clean walls as well after completing pool floor cleaning. The filtering capacity of this computerized machine is great and the filtering accuracy almost microns, which can help to filtrate micro to Nanoparticle and dust.

Here are some special things that make this unit stand out;


It is a very useful and effective cleaning solution for every swimming pool owner. Comes for the pool that depth is 100-300m2/h and it can clean deeply both pool floor and walls. This pool cleaner’s working voltage provides stunningly clean. Also, its filtering accuracy is approximately 50 microns that leaves the pool with zero debris.


As it comes as a pool cleaner and also it runs automatically, it is a more durable and long-lasting material. It delivers high-performance after a long time. If you are a cautious owner, then it will last almost 5 to 8 years smoothly and will provide the best performance until the end. It has made with rigid and viable plastic materials. Also, the scrubbing brushes are built with strong materials.


No extra accessories are needed, no extra staff is needed, and no need to create any force or pressure to keep it running. It will automatically work and leave your pool exceptionally clean. You just need to connect it with the power supply, drop it into the water, and walk away for a deep and sensational clean.

Key benefits

The major benefit of having a Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum is, you will get your large swimming pool clean within a couple of hours without facing any hardship and paying money. It will do all your hard work to clean the pool automatically.

How does the Jingmei Premier Pool cleaner improve? –Jingmei Premier vs Paxcess

Jingmei Premier comes with some outstanding features and benefits that you never see in other pool cleaners. Let’s look at its exceptional and unique features with the help of a comparison between other branded pool cleaners.

  • Jingmei Premier comes for a 20m3/h pool and has 45feet feet long tangle-free cable to cover the whole pool area easily and the Paxcess comes with 50 feet cable.
  • The Jingmei Premier is built with a Powerful motor that saves energy and works smoothly whereas Paxcess has a low voltage motor.
  • Jingmei Premier comes with powerful scrubbing brushes where Paxcess robotic pool cleaner roller foam brushes are made of sponges.
  • Jingmei Premier is designed with lightweight to carry easily but Paxcess comes with a slightly heavyweight.

Is the Jingmei Premier pool cleaner suitable for your needs?

Jingmei Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum review

Undoubtedly, have any automatic pool cleaner is worth it. Because cleaning a large in-ground pool is not an easy task. But if you have one automatic pool cleaner it will do hard work for you without any demand. It is also very useful and suitable for you.


It can work until the cleaning task complete. The 24 VDC motor helps to provide deep clean and keep the machine running for a long time in the pool.It has outstanding ICHRoboter iCleaner-120 cleans coverage and can filter the debris accurately. The filtering accuracy of this unit is 50 microns that helps to leave the pool with no debris.


Its lightweight design helps you to carry from one place to another easily. Also, it is easy to set up and maintain. No extra materials or staff are needed when you want to start the cleaning operation.


It comes with a 220-volt and 24 VDC motor that helps to reduce energy while cleaning and save the energy for next. It can save more than 80% power and decrease your utility bill.


  • High working efficiency.
  • Provide a 2-year quality assurance warranty.
  • Can clean deeply and comes with an intelligent wall-climbing function.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • More expensive considering other pool cleaners.

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