JIAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Are you fade up to clean your small or large pool repeatedly by following the traditional method? Do you want me to review the JAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner? Do you want to clean your pool more efficiently within an hour? Jiawanshun self-regulating pool cleaner does all the hard work for you.

It can climb the walls superbly to clean the walls after cleaning the in-ground floor surface. This self-operating cleaner function is suitable for a 600m3 swimming pool. 

With the Jiawanshun, your pool will be left exceptionally clean in just 2 to 3 hours. If you have this one handy and practical cleaning material, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your pool with labor work. Once you set it for cleaning your pool, it will do all the cleaning tasks hassle-free.

If you have already decided to buy this self-operating pool cleaner, then I must say you have probably taken the best decision. It has super speed, and workability is good also. Its high speed can complete its duty quickly and leave your pool automatically clean within few hours. Jiawanshun self-operating pool cleaners offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for achieving a consistently clean pool. 

Why you need a self-operating pool cleaner?

The robot moves freely and easily around the pool and removes garbage, dirt, and dust, leaves, harmful insects, micro to nanoparticle from the pool water while scrubbing the pool floor, walls and waterline. It cleans and scrubs the pool floor, walls, and waterline with a developed and advanced pool brushing system.

Maybe you are tired and want some relaxation and freshness, then get ready for fun in your pool within a couple of hours with this unit. It finishes its duty automatically and quickly. Cleaning the pool or anything is indeed a tedious task. If you seek a high-quality and effective self-operating pool cleaner, this cleaning solution will be a spiffy choice for you.

Interestingly, this self-regulating pool cleaner unit makes short work out of what was once a much-dreaded task. Believe it or not, no one wants to see their pool are dirty and filthy, but pools don’t clean themselves. If you’re going to see your pool will always be clean, you must be proactive about pool maintenance.

But hopefully, if you have a self-regulating cleaner like Jiawanshun automatic robotic pool cleaner, it can shorten cleaning time and save your money.

Also, you can take advantage of a cool dip any time you want during those hot summer days.

However, if you busy with other works and don’t get enough time for cleaning your pool shortly? Don’t worry, the best solution to clean your pool superbly at near your hand. Done your heavy-duty and tedious tasks smartly with intelligent and effective cleaning tools like Jiawanshun robotic pool cleaner.

What are the Benefits of having a self-regulating pool cleaner?

It is a universal truth that no one wants to swim in a dirty pool, so you need the right materials to keep your pool bright and sparkling. 

It is not easy to keep your pool clean from debris, leaves, bugs, algae, and other harmful insects daily, but if you once have this unit, it will be easier than before. Now let’s talk about the advantages of having JIAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner.

  1. First and foremost, you can enjoy more fun and joy in your pool. Because your pool will clean all the time and also you can clean your pool instantly by this whenever you need.
  2. You don’t need to worry about extra hard work if this unit is already available in your house.
  3. Mostly, however, you don’t need to hire anyone to clean your pool. With this, you can save both your money and time.
  4. It will get cleaner than before because it is a machine that cleans your pool thoroughly and automatically. The robotic machine is more efficient and calculating than a human.
  5. It has no tiredness; that’s why the robot performs its duty restless and effectively. And, interestingly, this will always be happy to help you.
  6. It will work smartly and shortly. Reduce your pain and give more fun to enjoy your pool.

Why should buy the JIAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner?

JAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Well, the burning question is, why should you buy this self-operating unit where lots of automatic pool cleaners are available right now in the market? 

The answer is, it is more efficient and workable than other pool cleaners. It also has some exceptional and unique characteristics that you don’t find in other cleaning options.

Why is this cleaning unit so unique and worthy? Let’s take a look at some of its fantastic attributes;

  • Deeply cleaning ability of this unit makes it unique. If your pool area is 600m3, then it is the best option.
  • Wall climbing function; most importantly, it can clean both floor and walls as well as waterline concurrently. After finishing the floor clean, it automatically climbs walls for cleaning as well.
  • This self-operating pool cleaner equips with a large filter basket to keep more debris and any sort of garbage at one time.
  • Primarily, it has 78.1 feet long tangle-free wire. You don’t need to walk around your pool when you set it up for cleaning. Once you set it up for cleaning, it runs automatically in your pool and cleans your pool.
  • It has a 24V power voltage. It is enough for running in the pool smoothly and clean effectively.
  • Having a micro filtering system, it can filtrate and scan tiny to large dirt and dust efficiently. It leaves your pool sparkling and debris-free.
  • The unit was made with great and innovative technology. It will last longer and give restless service till the end.
  • Advanced navigation technology is included in this pool cleaner. It can navigate rest debris instantly and give a quick response. After identifying, it can remove the debris quickly.
  • The manufacturer included this unit on/off power supply features. When you need to clean your pool, you just need to press the on button, and when after cleaning, just press the off button. It will move and stuck just pressing the on/off button.
  • You have an option to set this unit for cleaning weekly. It will alarm you after a week for cleaning the pool.
  • Easy to use and install. You don’t need to give extra effort when setting it up for cleaning.

Packaging List of this robotic pool cleaner

  1. Coverage area or ideal pool length: 600m3
  2. Cleaning Coverage: Both floor and walls as well as waterline.
  3. Cleaning Cycle Time: Within 2 to 2.5 hours.
  4. Pool Surface Type: Clean all pool surfaces.
  5. Power Supply Features: On/Off system, Weekly scheduler.
  6. Wire Length: 78.1 feet.
  7. Working Voltage: 24 Volt DC single motor.
  8. Manufacturer: JIAWANSHUN.
  9. Accessories: Handcart, filter basket.
  10. Filtering Quantity: 16m3 per hour.
  11. Filtering Accuracy: 50 micrometers.

Key features of this automatic robotic pool cleaner

JAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

When it comes to self-regulating pool cleaners, the features are considered one of the key factors to clean the pool more efficiently and effectively. In this case, the JIAWANSHUN self-regulating pool cleaner equips with some of the outstanding features which make it a more reliable, efficient, and easy to use pool cleaner. Let’s take a closer look at the top features of this self-operating pool cleaner.

Specially designed for cleaning the swimming pool.

This unit is used for especially swimming pool cleaning of about 600m3. Moreover, it can clean your swimming pool carefully to avoid impurities accumulating at the bottom and apex of the pool affecting your health. 

It will leave your pool without any debris. It also has a wall climbing function, to clean 4 walls as well.

Fast Running Speed

Having effective motors with 240 Voltage, it can run fast than the other pool cleaner. It makes this cleaner one of the most effective pool cleaners on the market. 

You don’t need any installation; drop it into your pool, leave the system inside the water on the floor to do all the hard work. It moves stunningly well when the cleaning cycle starts.

Stunning and practical sharp spinning Scrubbing Brush

Most importantly, dual spinning scrubbing brush scrubs the pool’s floor and walls as well as waterline very tidy. 

This automatic pool cleaner expertly removes any kind of debris, insects, small to large leaves, lichen, sponge, bugs, microparticle, and so on from the pool with its scrubbing brushes.

Outstanding Cleaning Technology

Outstanding clean technology paired with a unique gyroscope system gives accurate and efficacious scanning for systematic cleaning. 

This self-regulating pool cleaner covers the whole pool surface effectively and cleans smartly. Also, it finds out the rest debris and rubbish and automatically cleans it instantly. It gives a quick response to the debris. It can save lots of your utility than your imagination.

High Working Efficiency

With lots of benefits and features, it also has the ability to clean efficiently and leave your pool tidy and fresh. 

It can calculate the most efficient working route according to or following the swimming pool situation. It will give effortless and restless cleaning performance till the end. Also, it will run and clean as well as perform after a long time. It will be last long.

Easy to use, power-saving and safety

Th JIAWANSHUN Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner effortless and simple to use. You only need to connect the power supply, put it into the water to start the cleaning operation. 

It will always ready for cleaning. Whenever you need to clean your pool, you just press the on the button, and it will close just by pressing the off button. Using a 24V DC motor, it can work safely and stunningly even underwater.

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