Hayward D.E 2420 ProGrid Pool Filter Review

Lets some talk about the Hayward D.E 2420 Pro filter. Well, swimming is always pleasing to keep the mind fresh and crispy, especially if it is in a swimming pool. A pool filter is necessary to keep the pool water clean, healthy, soft, fresh, and bacteria-free for happy swimming. 

If you have a swimming pool and want to enjoy refreshing, soft, and clean water or if you are planning to replace your old swimming pool filter then you should place a high priority on the Hayward Pool filter.

It is one of the best and high-quality pool filter on the market at this time

How this D.E Pro filter will ease your cleaning?

I guess you’re getting tired of cleaning your large pool, isn’t it? But, how will you feel if you get a large capacity pool filter to clean your pool automatically? Yes, you guess right, I am talking about the Hayward D.E 2420 pro filter. If your pool size up to 48 square ft then this unit is an ideal cleaning solution for you.

This filter is an updated model from the D.E series filter from Hayward. As a result, you will not face any problem to clean at the same time you will get some extra benefits. In D.E series filters, you’ll get giant performance. It is available in 24ft, 36ft, 48ft, 60ft, and 72ft for commercial swimming pools. They offer lots of variations to meet your cleaning need.

The cleaning unit is designed for heavy-duty, and the most impressive attributes of this unit are totally temper-proof. Besides, its durable design and high-quality construction ensure the maximum cleaning efficiency you’re looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this giant performing pool filter and enjoy the crystal clean pool water today.

Top features of Hayward D.E 2420 Pro Pool Filter

Top features of Hayward D.E 2420 Pro Pool Filter

The D.E 2420 Pro Pool filter comes with some exciting and if your features really come in handy to clean the pool water properly and effectively. Why we are getting late. Let’s see what includes with this incredible pool filter.

1. Impressive coverage area

The D.E 2420 Pro Pool filter covers 24 square feet area which is really amazing. If you have a small or medium-size in-ground swimming pool then the Hayward Pool filter will be the perfect solution for you to clean the water.

2. Flow rate

The flow rate of the pool filter will amaze you.  The Hayward 2420 Pool filter can flow through the filter 48 gallons per minute. That means it will not take much time to clean your pool water.

More importantly, you do not have to wait much time to enjoy the soft, clean and refreshing water.

3. Energy-efficient of Hayward D.E 2420 Pro

If you are worried about the energy then you have nothing to worry about because the Hayward Pro Pool filter consumes less amount of electricity. Hayward Pool filter improves the water quality but it uses less energy, compared to the other pool filter which is available on the market at this time.

Moreover, its DE filtration system cut the electricity bill cost which is really amazing. It decreases the pump pressure and speeds that is why the pump consumes less energy.

In other words, if you look after it properly then it can use to reduce water use dramatically which is really impressive.

4. Diatomaceous earth

DE is one of the natural substances that remove dust, dirt, and debris from the water, even if it can remove water born particles as little as 5microns which is really astonishing for swimming.

In addition, to make your swimming healthy and perfect it removes oils, all types of body lotions, pollens and several types of harmful bacteria from the water.

5. Maintenance cost

Maintenance cost is one of the biggest concerns for swimming pool owner but the Hayward Pool filter requires low maintenance cost.

6. Coverage area

The Hayward 2420 Pro Pool filter can be used in the in-ground pool and in-ground spas. This is really amazing because you can use it in your in-ground pool as well as spas.

Interestingly, you can use this 24 sq. pool filter for commercial use and commercial use with a great performance.

7. Perma Glass XL

The filter tank of the Hayward Pro Pool filter is one of the biggest strengthen. It is manufactured by Perma Glass XL for heavy performance. The filter talk constructing material is durable and long-lasting to meet the demands.

8. 1-year warranty

When you will buy the D.E 2420 Pro Pool filter you will get a 1-year warranty. So you have nothing to worry about.

Is the Hayward DE2420 ProGrid D.E. Pool Filter Worth Buying?

Hayward D.E 2420 ProGrid Pool Filter

If you want to buy a pool filter from those who have a great reputation on the market to manufacture a quality pool filter and a long time of experience then you should choose the Hayward Pool filter.

You can use it tension-free with peace. Surprisingly, you can use the Hayward D.E Pool filter in your in-ground swimming pool. Plus, it can be used in-ground spas which are really fantastic.

Durability, strength, performance, and capacity is up to mark this pool filter.

Brand Reputation of Hayward

Hayward is a well-reputed company and it has great expertise to manufacture the swimming pool filter and other accessories. You can rely on them and particularly this company is well-known on the market for its
Hayward Pool filter.

If you are planning to buy a swimming pool filter or want to replace your old filter then you can buy their swimming pool filter. I can say your money is not going to waste.

You will get superior performance from this swimming pool filter.


  • Fantastic flow rate
  • Corrosion-proof and  Strong copolymer filter tank
  • Low maintenance cost
  • It can be used Residential and commercial both
  • Durable and high capacity
  • 360-degree rotation for installation


  • Instructions are confusing
  • DE needs to be replenished after cleaning


If you want to keep clean your pool filter without any hassle then the Hayward filter can be the perfect solution for you.

More importantly, it has a great reputation and it is one of the bestselling and highest positive reviewing swimming pool filters.

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