Why Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner unbeatable?

Do you need a magical cleaning solution for your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool? Well, in this Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner review, you will get to know why the NE9865 pool cleaner from Blue Wave is the best. It is important to mention that we have compared the unit with other brands based on price, quality, performance, efficiency, durability, and many more. At the end of the article, I think you’ll get to know why the Blue Wave Meridian pool cleaner is going to be an ideal cleaning solution for your pool.

If you are thinking to buy a pool cleaner for cleaning your pool and want to give all responsibility to your cleaner, then there have a smart solution to remove all your tension and worry. You don’t need to hire a human to do your task about cleaning. A machine or cleaning unit will solve all your problems without any mistake.

If you facing a lot of problems cleaning your pool and looking best option to reduce all your problem by click. Then there have an innovative, unique, and efficient pool cleaner is available right now in the market. Do you guess what is this? The Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner with some best features.

If cleaning task is more tedious work for you then this automatic cleaner took all your cleaning responsibility without any hurdle. It simply doing its duty properly.

Interestingly, it gives you more time to relax and enjoy the pool. Once you buy this handy machine, you don’t need to worry about cleaning anymore.

You can spend more time in your in-ground pool and less time cleaning if you have Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Additionally, this advanced scrub and vacuum your pool floor, walls, and waterline very freshly and neatly. And leaving your pool clean in 2 hours.

Why Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner is the best?

Well, before we started, take a look at its upgradable features. This unit was built with some powerful function and uniqueness.

For this function, it completes the whole cleaning task superbly and hassle-free. The integrated diagnostic, coverage area up to 60 feet that means 18m or a little bit more long swivel cord, top-loading filter basket, and some other function take it high level.

Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner

Additionally, it can clean both the underground and above ground very effectively and cautiously. Once you set it to clean your pool, then don’t have to need any extra effort and wait for cleaning much time. You just need to set it and put it in your pool, then it automatically cleans your pool on time. It cleans your pool without any damage or harm.

Moreover, it has a tangle-free swivel cord that helps you to relax and you don’t need to walk with it when cleaning tasks going on. It is better than untangling cables and save your time for cleaning.

Do you want sparkling water and enjoy the pool session more than before? Then this unit helps you to enjoy your pool without facing any trouble. It can easily lucid in-ground floor and waterline by removing debris, rough and tough dirt and dust, lichen, moss, leaves, particle, small and large harmful insect, and many other objects those exist in the pool.

It is never easy to clean a pool very neatly and superbly by a human. But, one robotic pool cleaner unit can clean tidy very easily. In this unit, there have the best scrubbing brushes and vacuum. For these functions, it cleans the floor part and with this, it absorbs any kind of particle and unhygienic things.

Once you buy this handy unit, you don’t need any extra effort to clean your pool. This robotic pool cleaner will cover the whole area of your pool with a unique process. It supplies advanced cleaning with its sharp scrubbing brush and vacuum, which cautiously clean the pool. 

With extra-wide, non-marring wheels, brushes, and focus flow cleaning technology, you can relax to know that your pool will be clean very shortly and waiting for your family to enjoy it.

Mostly and very importantly, this unit can purify 4,851 gallons of water per hour and the top-loading filter cartridge ensures an anomalous clean and makes switching out filters effortless. With the help of this unit, you can get back and doing what you love. 

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What makes Blue Wave NE9865 unbeatable?

This exceptional pool cleaner has many features and functions. Though it has many more, we highlight some of this function which gives this unit uniqueness. Let’s go;

Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner

Effortless Cleaning

The Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner not only scrubs your pool ground and walls but also vacuums your in-ground pool for you. It’s easy to use. You just need to drop it in your pool when you need to clean, plug it in, let it go, and start relaxing near your poolside.

After that, just set the schedule for cleaning time. There have three options cleaning time, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. If you don’t have enough time, you can set the 1 hours cleaning time. Once you set it, your pool will be automatically sparkling and ready to use according to your setting.

Top-Loading Filter Basket

This unit has a unique and large filter basket which helps to carry much garbage at one time. Its top-loading filter traps and locks in dirt and garbage leaving your swimming pool exceptionally clean.

When the filtration basket is fully loaded, the kenwell will give you a signal and you can easily change the filter without picking it up from the pool. You can also replace it easily when it is fully loaded.

Tangle-Free Swivel Cord

The other good side of this pool cleaner is having a tangle-free cord. With the help of it, you can get your cleaning without any hassle and disturbance. Its workability and efficiency can’t describe in one word.

It never wasted time cleaning the pool. It is more effective for having a tangle-free cord than an untangling cable. A 60-feet long swivel cord allows the Kenwell automatic robotic cleaner unit to move the whole ground freely and easily.

Integrated Diagnostics

The Blue Wave NE9865 Meridian Robotic Pool Cleaner designed very smartly to make your life easier and faster in every way. It has the most outstanding features and is a diagnostic tool for remote troubleshooting.

It recognizes any kind of issue and gives a signal immediately where the problem is. You can understand easily. A light will turn on and tell you the exact issue of what is happened.

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