pHin water monitor for pools? – why it is the best smart pool monitor?

Are you seeking the best smart pool monitor but don’t know which one is the best? Do you want to measure your pool, spas, hot tub temperature, ORP (a proxy for chlorine or bromine), and pH levels instantly and accurately? If you are seeking smart pool monitor reviews then pHin water monitor for pools will fulfill all your desires and expectations. You may be wondering, how? To know more go through the entire article.

The pHin is a smart water monitor with software that measures and analyzes your pool and hot tub’s water temperature, pH, and sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) every week. It also analyzes the data and makes recommendations based on the water’s temperament.

The pHin uploads test strip data for free chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid every month. It provides accurate information about pH levels, how much chlorine or bromine present in the water, and water temperature. It will maintain your pools or hot tubs spontaneously. Now, it is so easy to get test strip data with a pHin water monitor than using test strips repeatedly.

Top features and benefits of pHin water monitor for pools

In this smart pool monitor reviews, it’s time to demonstrate the top features of this device. No more guesswork and no more incorrect data to take care of your pool. The smart pHin water monitor provides highly accurate data for chlorine or bromine, salt, pH levels, and balance the water conditions.

It also provides information on how healthy your pool or hot tub water is. It comes with lots of exceptional features and the benefits of having this monitoring unit are worth it.

Let’s look at its unbelievable features and benefits;

Enjoy peace of mind

pHin water monitor takes away all your tensions about checking and balances your pool water temperature, chlorine or bromine levels, pH levels up to 1000 times per week. It is an innovative and smart addition for checking water conditions.

It takes away the guesswork of the pool and hot tubs. Also, it helps to keep the pool water clean and perfectly balanced. Especially works with chlorine, salt, bromine, pH, and temperature.

It gives you instructions on how to balance your water so you can add proper chemicals to your pool water which makes it one of the best smart pool monitor.

Flexible and lightweight

It provides additional water analysis and notifications for total alkalinity, total hardness, free chlorine, and cyanuric acid (CYA). It can measure water chemistry and temperatures effortlessly 24 by 7. The water monitor comes from taking care of water both economically and spontaneously.

It is a smart water care solution for all those who already have their pool and hot tubs or swim spas.

Not much heavy. The weight of this water monitor is 9.76 ounces, which means it is easy to carry.

Easy to use, fast and simple

You can control it using your cell phone. It is a reinventing pool and hot tub care with a Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor and a mobile app to take away the guesswork.

The app will notify you when it’s time to add chemicals and it tells you which chemical to add and how much you need to add to your water. pHin’s developed with an art sensor that provides highly accurate, reliable readings. Pool builders and service technicians offer easy-to-use charts and graphs to see the information easily.

Always connected and ready to go

It can monitor your pool and hot tub water 24/7. It does its work restlessly and spontaneously. Plus, it only requires a battery that is included with this system.

Is pHin water monitor the best smart pool monitor for you?

pHin water monitor for pools

Its lightweight design and efficiency make it a worthy device for anyone. It is an essential system to provide accurate data and information on your water chemistry and temperature all time. To balance your pool or hot tubs water chemistry and temperature easily, this water monitor is a great option to choose from.


  • Provides customized dosing instructions.
  • Included easy-to-use charts and graphs.
  • Notify timely when attention is needed.


  • Only 1-year warranty.

How do you use this water monitoring?

It is easy to use and manage. You just need to insert the battery, drop it into the water, connect with your mobile app. After that, the pHin smart water monitor floats in your pool or hot tub, monitors, and provides exact data on your water quality.

It communicates with your Android phone or IOS via the Mobile App. The App notifies you when the chemical needs and tells you which chemicals to add. Also, it tells you how many chemicals you need to add.

How does the pHin water monitor stand out in the competition?

In this smart pool monitor reviews I am going to narrate how this water monitor is exceptional than others. The pHin is a smart and innovative water care solution for your pool or hot tub water. It is a device that runs with the battery and monitors your water chemistry like water temperature, sanitizer levels, pH levels 24/7. It has lots of beneficial things that make it stand out in the completion. For instance;


Let’s take a closer look at this pool water monitor and why the pHin is the best smart pool monitor? The pHin water monitor for pools is an important as well as an essential thing of your pool or hot tubs to measure the water temperature, and water chemistry to your pool.

pHin water monitor for pools

It can monitor by floating the pool or hot tub water and provides accurate data for sanitizer levels, pH levels, and water temperature. This pool water monitor is more convenient and flexible that measures total alkalinity, hardness, and cyanuric acid. It also helps to balance your pool or hot tub water by notifying them with the mobile app.


When it comes to a water monitor, it lasts long and provides better performance after a long time. It will last 2-year but if you pay for the $99 annual monitoring service you will get a free replacement and servicing for as long as you are a subscriber.


It is more advantageous and user-friendly. It runs with a battery that is already included with the system. You just need to drop it into your pool or hot tubs of water to float and it monitors your water quality.

You have to install the pHin mobile app to communicate easily. The app will notify you when the water needs chemicals and which chemical needs, even how much you need to add.

How does the pHin water monitor evolved or improved? pHin VS Bluelab

The pHin is a smart water care solution that floats your pool or hot tub water and monitors water quality. It also provides accurate information on water chemistry and temperature.

Most importantly, pHin water monitor for pools communicates with a mobile app and notifies you of the exact information. Also, it is convenient and easy to carry. On the other hand, Bluelab doesn’t have that kind of feature.

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