QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester Review

Want to get fresh, transparent, clear, and sparkling clean pool water? Do you want to test your pool’s chemical balance easily and quickly? Then QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester would be a great option for you.

QIN water tester electronically and automatically provides sensational accurate pool water chemistry data with digital readings.

The main duty of an electronic water tester for pool is to check the quality of water, the quantity of chlorine or bromine in the water, PH either in the ground, inside a waste treatment plant. Nothing is indeed more delightful and enjoyable than sparkling clean and fresh pool water.

This QIN comes with reagent tablets, test tubes, a crushing stick, and an expedient or reliable tablet container. Time to get exact and correct chemical readings spontaneously at home without going to the pool store. It offers temperature compensation function that adjusts to water temperatures and water quality to give pH readings almost instantly.

Top features and benefits of QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester

With this QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester, you can confidently and instantly test your pool’s chemical balance right at the poolside.

QIN pool water tester is a very handy material and easy to use. It comes with lots of beneficial and fantabulous features. This tester helps you to get an accurate value of PH and chlorine that exists in the pool water. Each determines PH and chlorine or bromine levels with fine accuracy.

Let’s look at its fantabulous features and benefits;

  • QIN pool water comes with four models for customization and operation.
  • Designed with Perfect and easy handheld photo spectrometer testing.
  • Helps to get accurate chemical readings easily at home without going to the pool store.
  • Comes with an easy to read expanded LCD screen and water sample cup.
  • Formulated with the latest and electrical digital meter that provides maximum accuracy.
  • Handheld, Easy to use, and maintenance. Just fill and insert the test tube, tap a button and get your reading accurately.
  • No more test strips, no more guesswork.
  • Provides a healthy and more blissful swim experience.
  • It can accurately measure the PH of water, chlorine or bromine, alkalinity, acid level, and temperature.
  • Manage proper PH levels and sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) to keep your pool water fresh and hygienic. It helps to prevent eye irritation, cloudy, acidic water, stained pool walls, odor, corroded equipment, and bacteria.
  • More convenient and viable.
  • Lightweight and waterproof.
  • Runs with powerful 2 AA batteries that are not included.
  • Doesn’t require any test strips and no more unwanted trips to the pool store.
  • The weight of this water tester is only 600g and product dimensions 20 x 70 x 53 mm.

Is the QIN Pool Water Tester suitable for your needs?

QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester

With a QIN pool water tester, you can easily keep your pool looking clean, sparkling, and gorgeous day after day, year after year. Having the right materials like QIN makes your day more delightful. It gives you solid and accurate information on your pool water PH levels, dimension of chlorine, and acidity.

QIN is efficient and stunning to provide exact readings of your pool. It is also very lightweight and easy to use. The QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester is energy efficient that helps to reduce energy.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Digital readout is highly accurate.
  • No more test strips and no more guesswork.


  • Little bit expensive.

Where do you use this QIN electronic water tester?

Specially designed to help provide accurate pool water chemistry data with digital readings. With this, you can get the exact chemical reading of your pool and pool equipment. It ensures a pleasant and fresh pool experience for you and your guests. It helps to provide sparkling clean and transparent pool water simply and easily. With the QIN, you can spontaneously and confidently test your pool’s chemical balance staying outside of your pool.

How do you use the QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester?

It is easy to use. Simply fill and insert the test tubes, press a button, and it electronically and automatically provides you an extremely accurate chemical reading within a few moments. It doesn’t require any extra test strips and no more undesirable trips to the pool store.

How does the QIN PH Meter Water Quality Tester stand out in the competition?

With this QIN Water Tester, it is easier to balance and read out your pool chemical with maximum accuracy. It comes to ease your hard work about checking your pool chemistry. Now you can easily get chemical readings with pinpoint accuracy without going to the pool store. It has some stunning and unique characteristics that make it stand out.


It is designed with perfect and easy handheld photo spectrometer testing that gives you accurate chemical reading just by pressing a button. It is easy to use and maintain. Just set a test tube, press a button, and automatically pool water data with digital readings. It requires fewer strips and provides instant information.

It helps you to know the present chemical conditions of your pool water and PH levels. All you need for water testing and checking is stored in an advantageous chamber inside the QIN water tester.

It uses DPD chemistry, the most extensively used and successful way to measure PH in water and sanitizer (chlorine or bromine), and the accuracy rate is 0.1 ppm (parts per million).


It is made with sturdy and durable plastic and comes from the trusty as well as famous brand name QIN. QIN is a well-known brand in this world that is known for its quality products. You can effortlessly use this system for up to 10 to 15 years.


The QIN pool water tester is more convenient and user-friendly. Its lightweight design helps you carry it out easily. Easy to use and manage. Simply fill and insert a test tube, tap a button, and it automatically provides exceptionally accurate pool water data (proper balance of PH, quantity of chlorine, or bromine).

How is the QIN evolved? – QIN VS AquaCheck

QIN comes with customizable testing and handheld photo spectrometer testing whereas aqua check provides appropriate timing placing the strip. This pH water tester is designed with a digital readout for extreme accuracy.

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