Pentair 520692 8 Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control Replacement review

Control your large in-ground pool remotely with Pentair 520692 8 Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control Replacement easily and simply. This is a Pentair replacement wireless remote with 8 auxiliaries for the EasyTouch handheld pool and spa automatic control system.

This Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control comes to soothe your controlling task. It is designed with 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacements that help you to replace the remote quickly. This system is specially designed to be used with the Pentair EasyTouch pool and spa self-regulating control system.

Before operating this system, a wireless remote transceiver is needed. Also, its sharp pleat folds maximize spacing between pleats. This system is 22-1/2-inch long, 5-3/4-inch high, and 20-1/2-inch wide.

This Pentair wireless remote control replacement is easy to use and install. Also, it is easy to hook up a wireless connection. You can easily control it with a remote and don’t need to connect with an electrical board because it is wireless.

Top features and benefits of the Pentair 520692 8 Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control Replacement system

This is a great system to control your pool equipment easily with the wireless remote. Doesn’t require any extra staff or effort to start this system. It automatically controls your pool with its fantastic features.

It comes with 8 additional wireless remote control replacements that are great. This pool controller has many fantastic and exceptional features that make this control system great. Let’s look at its fantastic and stunning features and benefits;

  • Comes with 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacements for comfortable control.
  • Specially designed to use a pool and spa self-activating control system.
  • It requires a wireless remote transceiver for operating and functioning.
  • Formulated with a powerful AA battery that provides long-term operation.
  • This system’s weight is 4 ounces and product dimensions are 22.5 x 20.5 x 5.75 inches.
  • It measures 22-1/2-inch length by the 5-¾-inch height and 20-1/2 –inch wide.
  • Designed with sharp pleat folds that expand spacing between sheets.
  • This system costs a minimum charge for wiring and installation that makes it affordable for any budget.
  • More durable and rigid to provide a long-time hassle-free service.
  • Combined with ScreenLogic2 interface mobile app to allow control from mobile devices or it can be controlled by using wireless remote easily.
  • With it, you can control everything from pool and spa temperatures to jets, lighting, water circulations and filtering, and many more. It has a specific button to control temperatures, lights, jets, air blower, and spa.
  • Provides original and reliable Pentair replacement parts.
  • It is imported from the USA.

Is the Pentair Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control suitable for your needs?

Pentair 520692 8 Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control Replacement

This control system makes your life easier when you control your pool. with this system, you can monitor your pool equipment efficiently and swiftly as well as effectively. Its lightweight design helps you to carry this system from one place to another. It has 4 AA powerful batteries that save energy and keep the unit workable.


  • 8 subsidiary wireless remote control replacement.
  • Easy to operate and install.
  • Includes 4 AA batteries to operate up to 300 feet.


  • Have to insert the battery and it may damage quickly.

How do you use Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control?

As it comes without any cable, you can easily control and manage this system with a remote. Also, Pentair has screenlogic2 interface software to provide smooth control with your mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, and computer.

It has 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacements to replace the remote as you need easily and feel better controlling. You don’t need to worry about installation and control. It can control your pool just by pressing a button on the remote.

Where do you use this Pentair 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacement?

This Pentair 520692 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacement with a powerful battery is specially designed for controlling your pool and pool equipment automatically. You can use it to control and manage your pool area and pool accessory.

How does the Pentair 8 additional wireless remote control replacement stand out in the competition?

This wireless control system delivers smooth operation and offers a new phase for swimming pool owners who are looking for best and affordable pool or spa control.

The Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control has some great and fantastic features and uniqueness that makes this system stand out in the competition. Most importantly, it has 8 subsidiary wireless remote control replacements made by renowned brand Pentair.

It is a more efficient and effective system to control as well as it is more durable too.


This wireless remote control easy touch pool and spa automatic 8 circuit system comes with eight auxiliary wireless remote control replacements.

Also, it is designed with powerful and energy-saving 4 AA batteries. You can control this system easily with a wireless remote transceiver and it will get the job done automatically. It brings the convenience of automating your pool and spa system right to the flat of your hand. 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacement circuits of the Pentair easy touch allow you to control your pool spa and lighting operations all from a simple wireless device.


It is made with rigid plastic and comes from the trusty as well as famous brand name Pentair. Pentair is a top leading brand in this world that is known for its quality products. You can spontaneously use this system for more than 10 to 15 years. It provides you better performance effortlessly after a long time. It works great while controlling your pool.


When it comes to a wireless remote control system it’s easy to use and more friendly. You don’t need to bring any extra equipment or staff to set it up for control. Pentair has ScreenLogic2 interface software that allows you to set up your system and control it easily.

You can control it by using a remote and it has 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacements. With this control system, you can monitor your pool equipment efficiently and swiftly.

How the Pentair Easytouch evolved? – Pentair 520692 VS Pentair 520547

Auxiliary Wireless Remote Control

There are lots of Pentair products available in different models. The Pentair 520692 is the latest and upgradable version of Pentair 520547. As it is an updated version so it is made with some upgradable and excellent features. Here is a comparison between these two models.

  • The Pentair 520962 model is wireless remote control for pool or spa pump whereas Pentair 520547 is a controller kit.
  • Pentair 520962 comes with 8 auxiliary wireless remote control replacements but other models don’t have any.
  • Pentair 520962 includes an Easytouch handheld remote, batteries, instructions, and a wireless receiver board with a case. On the other hand, 520547 is the new style kit that adds only the upgradable wireless receiver.

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