Bluelab CONTPHCON pH Controller review

Are you looking for an effective pH controller for your pool? Well, here we are going to provide Bluelab CONTPHCON pH Controller review.

A pH controller or control system usually use to measure the current pH of the solution like water, alcohol and controls the addition of a neutralizing agent.

The CONTPHCON pH controller helps to balance the pH of the water. It allows you to maintain perfect pH levels in your water gauge continuously. Now time to forget spot checks and manual adjustments. Right now, you can effortlessly as well as spontaneously enjoy your pool by checking the pH level in your pool water with this pH controller.

The Bluelab pH controller takes all duty and soothes your pH management complexity, making your pool water in balance more easily than before. It is designed with a peristaltic pump that provides perfect and genuine control, delivering doses within a 0.1 pH tolerance.

Top features and benefits of Bluelab CONTPHCON pH Controller

The versatile and workable bluelab pH controller has several features that have been designed to put the safety of your pool first. With this pH controller, you can quickly know your pool water pH level and control the pH of the water. The Bluelab Digital pH controller can balance pH if the pH is high or low, then it helps to neutralize the conditions and making the pool enjoyable.

Bluelab Digital pH controller

The bluelab pH controller allows you to stay connected to your pool pH every time. It comes with many fantabulous features and benefits that make this system worth it. Let’s look at its exceptional features;

  • This automatic pH controller designed to measure and control the pH solution for acid or alkaline conditions to make perfect up and down adjustments with a lab-quality glass probe.
  • The BlueLab Digital pH controller was specially developed for the pool, drinking water, hydroponics, brewing, and growing.
  • The controller comes with a temperature probe that ensures all your pH assessments and doses will automatically expiate for temperature.
  • The Bluelab CONTPHCON pH Controller constantly monitors and fine-tunes the pH level for you.
  • It comes with a wireless system that wirelessly data logs to your computer too. You can get all information at your fingertips.
  • Using the data, you can make this system changes faster for the ultimate crop.
  • Easy to use and maintain. You can change the settings on your computer.
  • Designed with easy 2-point calibration and auto temperature compensation that makes this digital meter a convenient tool.
  • It comes with a green backlit LCD adjustable brightness large display that makes reading simple.
  • Auto-resume dosing when restarting after power off.
  • Includes Calibration reminder with an on-screen guide.
  • Fashing high or low signal with control and safety lockout that prevents overdosing.
  • Computerized control system and monitoring of system pH with water gauge up to US 200 Gallon is almost 760 Liter.
  • Designed with automated dosing, including intuitive on-time/off-time for single-direction control, replaceable peristaltic pump, and data logging.
  • Made in New Zealand and manufactured by well-known hydroponic testing equipment supply company Bluelab.
  • Acid and alkali-prevented delivery tubing.
  • Pliable and durable mounting options for walls, posts, and racks.
  • The weight of the pH controller is 1.95 pounds, and the dimensions are 8.15 x 4.21 x 7.71 inches.

How does the Bluelab Digital pH controller stand out in the competition?

This versatile and sensational Bluelab pH controller connects many stunning and fantastic features that make it stand out. It has tricky monitoring, dosing, and data logging of solution pH levels. It makes easy your day-to-day life that provides utmost performance and accurate data of your reservoir or pool. When it comes to maintaining the pH levels of your nutrient solution, proper knowledge makes it perfect. Let’s look at the uniqueness that makes it stands out.


The BlueLab automatic pH controller comes to reduce your hard work to check and maintain the pH level of your pool. The fuss-free Bluelab pH controller helps you to get continuously manage perfect pH levels in your pool. It comes with plant safe green backlit LCD display including adjustable brightness to see the reading properly.

It is engineered with Auto-resume dosing and safety lockouts that protect from overdosing. 10 mL per minute peristaltic pump provides perfect and smooth control and automated pH control in reservoirs of up to 200 US Gallon (760 Liters).


It comes to provide a long time hassle-free service. Made in New Zealand and manufactured by Bluelab that is a well-known brand. The probes or electrodes of the pH controller (meter) usually last up to 15 months at normal temperature.


The Bluelab CONTPHCON pH Controller can be operated remotely or using the mobile app when it comes to a remote control system. You need to buy a stick and download Bluelab connect software. You can adjust of control setting from a local PC via Bluelab connect mobile app.

How does the Bluelab pH controller evolve? –Bluelab vs. Titan

Bluelab pH controller is designed with a plant-safe green backlit LCD large screen, easy to read, and adjustable brightness. Also, it is designed with easy two-point calibration and auto temperatures compensation that helps control high temperature. It comes with Automated dosing with intuitive on-time or off-time for single direction control. It is simple to control via a mobile app.

On the other hand, Titan comes with adjustable PPM hysteresis and is used only for commercial applications.

Is the Bluelab pH Digital pH controller suitable for your needs?

Bluelab automatic ph controller

The Bluelab pH controller is a very handy and useful machine that automatically maintains pH levels in your reservoir or pool water. With this controller, you can check your pool water’s current pH effortlessly and balance the pH properly. It is more efficient doing its job perfectly. Also, it is very lightweight that is easy to carry.


  • Perfectly maintain pH balance.
  • Lab quality glass probes.
  • Large screen green backlit LCD.


  • Not included connecting stick. That’s why you have to buy them separately.

Where you use this pH controller?

You can use it to control and monitoring pH levels in your reservoir. It helps to remove the complexity of pH management, making accuracy easier than before. With this controller, you can easily check your pool water pH, and it automatically tracks and adjust the pH levels in your reservoir.

How you use the Bluelab pH controller?

To use and connect the automatic pH controller kit, you’ll need to purchase a connect stick or download the bluelab connect mobile app. Sign up in this app, and for each use, you have to log in to connect. After that, you can use and control this machine remotely and view your data on your mobile or PC. It must be remembered; it requires to connect stick that you need to purchase separately.

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