Pentair 520546 Easytouch wireless controller kit review

Worry about controlling your pool equipment and maintaining your pool properly? Then the Pentair 520546 Easytouch wireless controller kit provides you the liberty to control your pool or spa daily operations from outside of your pool and spa area. It gives you unlimited benefits and helps you to control your swimming pool easily.

The Pentair 520546 comes with a wireless system that can operate more than 300 feet from the Easytouch transceiver module. This transceiver module is located near the Easytouch load center. It is designed with a powerful battery that provides restless service and helps to control the pool from anywhere with the remote control functions.

Now it is easy to control your large pool by pressing some buttons. The wireless control panel helps to use this controller kit using your mobile phone and doesn’t require any electricity to run the machine. It is also easy to install and maintain. No worries anymore to control your large pool. it is now more than easy just need to switch the Easytouch controller kit and it does all your hard work.

Top features and benefits of the Pentair 520546 Easytouch wireless controller kit

Comes to ease your struggle of controlling your large in-ground pool. This controller kit helps you to set up and maintain access points easily across your network from a centralized interface. With technology advancing and becoming popular, the pool controller kit is gaining more popularity.

This Pentair easy touch wireless controller kit comes with lots of fruitful and exceptional features and benefits to help a pool owner control his or her pool more easily than before.

Here are some outstanding features and benefits of Pentair 520546 controller kit.

  • It comes as a wireless function that can operate up to 300 feet from the easy touch transceiver module.
  • This controller kit is waterproof that protects the machine from water and keeps this well.
  • Easytouch wireless control panel helps you to continue and start operation remotely.
  • Designed with 4 additional and auxiliary circuit systems including transceiver.
  • Easy to install and use, an intuitive user interface on touchscreen interfaces along with multiple controller options.
  • Control this wireless controller kit using your phone to connect with the app or mobile hotspot.
  • The length of this unit is 22.5-inch in length, 5- ¾ inch height and the width is 20-1/2 inch.
  • It offers scheduling over pool and spa functions.
  • Designed with the power-saving menu option.
  • More convenient and readable interface as well as the roomy display screen.
  • Has power saving menu and a long-lasting powerful battery to reduce energy consumption for extended battery life.
  • It fits multiple pools and spa configurations and has filter circulation to heating and chlorination settings.
  • The weight of this controller kit is 1.3 pounds.

Is the Easytouch wireless controller kit suitable for your needs?

Pentair 520546 Easytouch wireless controller kit

Having one controller kit is worth it because it controls your pool superbly and automatically. The Pentair wireless controller kit is one of the efficient and effective systems to control your pool equipment whenever you need to control. Also, the ultra-lightweight design makes it portable and easy to carry.


  • Comes with 4 auxiliary circuits.
  • Cover up to 300 feet area.
  • More convenient and much more durable.
  • 1-year service warranty.
  • Powerful and expandable battery life.


  • Comes with 4 circuit units not 8 circuit units.

How do you use the Pentair easy touch controller kit?

The Pentair 520546 EasyTouch Wireless Controller Kit is easy to use and install. You can control it by using your mobile app. Pentair’s ScreenLogic joint is an advantageous interface for your pool and spa controller kit. It is specially designed for smartphone devices, computers, iPhones, and smart speakers. You can also control your wireless pool controller kit from a local Wi-Fi network, or control it remotely through the internet.

Where do you use the Pentair Pentair 520546 Easytouch controller kit?

The Pentair 520546 easy touch wireless controller kit with 4 auxiliary circuit systems is an advanced and excellent invention to any pool and backyard setup. The easy touch wireless control system provides you the capability to control your pool, spa, and lighting operations all from a simple wireless device.

How does the Pentair Easytouch wireless controller kit stand out in the competition?

Undoubtedly, it is an excellent and fantastic addition to any pool and backyard setup. It has lots of outstanding features that make it stand out in this competition. It will help you control your pool by pressing some button or remote control or even by using a mobile network or hotspot. Some of its fantastic uniqueness is given below.


It is designed with 4 additional useful and durable circuit systems that are perfect for multiple pools and spa configurations. It offers easy scheduling over the pool and spa features. Most importantly, it can be used remotely as it comes with a wireless system. The working voltage is 120 volt / 240 Volt that works well and also saves energy. It can cover 300 feet area easily and reduce energy consumption for expandable battery life.


Pentair is a well-known brand and they provide durable and reliable products. As this controller kit is made by Pentair, undoubtedly this system lasts more than 10 years spontaneously. Made with improved plastic and other handy materials that will provide better service after a long time.


It is more convenient and easy for applications. Pentair products like wireless controller kits are user-friendly and reliable. You can control it remotely or with their apps. Pentair’s ScreenLogic joint is a convenient interface for your pool and spa controller kit. It will do its work automatically after scheduling.

How is the Pentair EasyTouch Wireless Controller Kit evolved? – Pentair VS Zodiac Jandy

There are lots of exceptional and stunning pool and spa controller kits available. But which one is best overall and fit for you? Well, with this comparison between these two brands you might be identified.

Needless to say, Pentair is a top brand for its quality product. They made reliable and viable pool material for your needs. Here are some crucial differences between Pentair VS Zodiac Jandy.

  • Pentair easy touch wireless controller kit can cover up to 300 feet area but zodiac can’t.
  • Pentair comes with a wireless control function to control it remotely whereas zodiac doesn’t have any.
  • It comes with 4 additional circuit systems that are an excellent addition to any pool.
  • Powerful and long-lasting battery.

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