Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft review: Is it what you are looking for?

Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft review – You may increase your living area by taking the indoors outside and creating a Sunjoy Skye 13 ft. x 15 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo for hosting family and friends. The world’s top ready-to-assemble outdoor structure manufacturer, Sunjoy, has designed this 13 ft. x 15 ft. gazebo to suit any season. With a cedar wood frame, powder-coated steel, and polycarbonate rooftop, you may enjoy a covered outdoor area all year long.

Polycarbonate skylights give vital cover on hot sunny days while yet allowing in natural light. An additional source of useful light and an air of sophistication can be added by suspending a chandelier from the built-in ceiling hook. Assembling your new outdoor living space will be a breeze thanks to the simple, systematic instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Best Features of Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft. x 15 ft. Cedar Framed

Durable Steel Roof

This weather-resistant brown steel roof is built to last for years to come. This hardtop gazebo protects you and your patio furniture from the elements, whether it’s rain, hail, or snow.

Sturdy Ceiling

To provide the perfect illuminated meeting space for family and friends, this ceiling hook is built-in with a high-quality and strong ceiling hook.

Cedar Wood Frame Construction

An outdoor structure that is well crafted but not as time-consuming to build, as an entirely new structure can be yours for less than the cost of starting from scratch. You don’t have to cut or drill any of the parts yourself. Your new favorite outdoor space will be ready in only a few hours with these detailed instructions.

Anchoring Plates

It’s simple to mount and fix to your outside patio with powder-coated steel anchoring plates and a cover that matches steel brackets.

Polycarbonate Skylight

The polycarbonate hip roof with skylight shields your home from dangerous UV radiation while allowing natural light to flood the interior.

Built-In Dual Rail System

To hang mesh nets and curtains, the built-in dual rail system makes it simple to do so.

What makes Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft Gazebo different from others?

Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft review

The design and materials are sturdy. All of the parts were received in good shape. I used an exterior wood adhesive to strengthen the structure. There should have been systematic directions rather than just photographs. Tightening some nuts and screws is better left until the end of the assembling process.

The tabs that hold the mitered ends of the outer metal roof trim are not robust enough and break off during the process of putting the roof together. To keep the two ends together, I used metal screws and drilled holes in them. It’s a pricey construction that looks great when finished. If the plastic roof panels in the roof’s peak had not been colored, it would have been better. Under the steel ceiling, additional light is desperately needed.

The robust brown steel and polycarbonate hip roof and premium cedar wood framework together to provide shade from the sun and keep the water out. Mosquito netting and privacy curtains can be hung from a two-rail system that is included.

Lighting can be suspended from the ceiling hook to brighten up your nighttime soirees. An expert team is on hand to answer any queries you may have on how to put it together. Built-in rails for privacy curtains and mosquito nets are included.

Is Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft. x 15 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo worth buying?

You’ll get a natural-looking finish on the premium cedar wood frame. Steel and polycarbonate skylights guard against the sun’s harmful rays while letting in plenty of light. Hanging lights can be accomplished with the help of a ceiling hook provided.

The wood was also stained as part of this process. If you don’t stain the wood before you start construction, it will only last half as long. I was able to modify two of the leg configurations to fit my patio better without having to purchase a smaller one. The underside was also lined to give it a polished look and reduce the amount of heat it emanates from the sun.

You can erect this Sunjoy Skye 13 ft. x 15 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo yourself thanks to its steel roof framework. One piece at a time, that’s the only thing you can work on. Instead of big, hefty roof sections. The two extra Buddies are needed on the roof lifting days for wood framing designs.

It took many back-and-forth trips to Home Depot to find the necessary hardware to secure it. I’m sure a more experienced individual would have had no problem, but as a rookie, I’d have appreciated some help.

The instructions for putting the frame together were in the wrong order. Perhaps because the dimensions were overstated, the holes were near-fits but not perfect. A few components of the roof frame were just a millimeter or two too short, but I persevered and got it to fit.

The plastic is allowing a lot of heat to go in. Because it’s rippled/textured and let 100% of the heat in, my phone overheated when it was placed on the table underneath. Light can still be let in through some solar-blocking materials.


  • It looks sturdy and beautiful.
  • Has UV, rain, and insects protections.
  • Features ceiling hook for additional light.
  • It creates a perfect outdoor setting.
  • Features hanging privacy curtains and mosquito netting. 


  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Final Words

We are absolutely in love with this Sunjoy Skye 13 ft. x 15 ft. Cedar Framed Gazebo. It was a bit of a challenge to erect, but it was so worth every second. It is solid. We do have it bolted to the deck, and there is no wiggle or shift from it. We have enjoyed it during rain and were completely protected, and with the rods, we were able to hang screens to protect us from the bugs, and curtains to block the sun.

I hope you have found the Sunjoy Skye Outdoor Patio 13 ft review useful and it highlighted all the key information you need to know to make a purchase decision.

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