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Are you desperately seeking the best and quality pool or spa controller? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place. I am going to highlight the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller. To know more about the controller then stay with me to get a diagnostic report of the controller. I hope you will get your desired controller here.

In addition, you cannot deny the fact that a controller is crucial for a spa or a swimming pool to manage everything in the easiest way.

If you have a controller then it will control everything in the proper way and you do not have to face any serious trouble.

Do you often face problem to get right products?

By the way, many people said that buying the top and best pool, spa controller is just another hard work, I agree with them because if you didn’t harvest any knowledge before buying any controller, surely, it can be said that you will not get your desired products.

Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller

If you have enough knowledge about the products then I would say you will able to buy the right one for. However, if you do not buy the right pool controller then your investment will not worth.

Stay with me to know more about the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller because it is one of the best pool & spa controller on the market because of its well-built quality and durability.

You may ask me when there are many pool & spa controller available on the market then why I am suggesting to buy the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller.

I have a strong reason for that because I am currently using this amazing pool controller for my backyard paradise and to be honest I am getting hassle-free performance from the controller which motivated me to let others know the benefits of the controller.

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If you own a swimming pool or spa then you know how important it is to give it a luxurious look and organize everything in the most desired way.

The Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller is suitable for an inground pool and spa.

It plays a key role to make it more controllable without any trouble. If you do not want to encounter any trouble like me then installing the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller definitely a brilliant idea.

Why the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller?

We all know that Pentair is a renowned company around the world for their quality products and they always place a high priority on their customer needs.

From this perspective, the Pentair 522352 PL4 automatic pool & spa controller is designed for a single body of water. It has an EasyTouch PL4 computerized control system which does every touch properly without any error or trouble.

This astonishing device gives your pool the freedom to control everything accurately automatically which is really awesome.

What can be done with the Pentair 522352?

  • It will help you to set up a pumping schedule
  • You can set easily heater temperatures
  • Turn valves Via controller
  • It can control water features which are really important to keep everything alright.
  • You can control any types of lighting
  • Control your pool cleaner automatically via Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller.
  • You can control your sanitizers, pool pump, pool filter and many more without any hassle

I have mentioned only the top things which can be done via the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller.

Otherwise, you can use the controller for your spa and many other purposes which is really fantastic. In addition, this controller is one stop solution to control all the pool & spa equipment without any problem.

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By the way, I have another good news for you, if you are an IOS and android user, then you will get some extra benefits from the controller.

It comes with a ScreenLogic interface kit which provides remote controlling opportunities which means you can control the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller via any types of IOS and Android running devices.

Is the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller is perfect for you?

As I mentioned before that the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller is for those who don’t want to take any pain and wants to control everything control in the easiest way.

It is one of the coolest devices I have ever experienced because some months ago I was used to controlling my pool cleaners, filters, pumps, LED and other equipment manually which was time consuming and painful.

Now I am controlling everything via Pentair 522352 PL4 pool controller in the easiest ways.

If you do not want to follow the so-called method to control your pool and spa then installing the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller surely a brilliant decision.

What are the top features of the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller?

Pentair 522352 PL4 Pool & Spa Controller

Now its time to breakdown the top features of the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller. It comes with some amazing features which are really crucial and effective to control pool & spa equipment and accessories in the safest way.

Let’s see what are the top features of the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller?

Suitable for pool and spa

The Pentair 522352 PL4 is suitable for in-ground pool and spa. If you want to control all the pool equipment such as pool cleaner, pool filter, pool pump, lighting, and other devices then it would be a perfect solution for you.

Most importantly, it is also can be used for the spa. However, in the case of a spa, you can only use this for the single body system. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your pool, and spa then why not the Pentair 522352 PL4 controller?

Easy to control

The Pentair 522352 PL4 pool and spa controller has a huge difference with the traditional pool controller, it comes with integrated easy to read LCD display which is really easy and understandable to control the device easily.

I can say that there is no difficulty to control the device. The Pentair 522352 PL4 provides a clear instruction to control your pool & spa.

Waterproof control panel

Water causes big trouble for electricity. The Pentair 522352 PL4 is fully a waterproof device. You can install the controller inside your home, suitable places or outside of the house, there is no problem.

The Pentair 522352 PL4 controller is engineered waterproof to prevent any accident.

Control via IOS or Android device

Now I am going to tell you one of the coolest features of the controller, I am sure you will love it. The Pentair 522352 PL4 controller allows you to control it via your ios or android device.

Which means you can control your pool or spa system via your mobile, pc, Ipad, Mac. Pentair always brings its latest technology for their customer.

Outstanding customer care support

Many people agreed that only quality product is not the last words, outstanding customer care support as important as the products. If you feel the same, then I would say Pentair provide superior customer care support for their valued customer.

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If you face any problem or if you have any queries about their a service or products then email them or go to their authorized outlet to experience their best customer care service.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • It Can be controlled via ios and android device
  • Suitable for pool and Spa
  • It Can be installed indoor or outdoor
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy control and comes with an easy user manual
  • Automatic control
  • High-quality


  • I did not find any downside of the controller


As a current user of the cleaner, I highly prefer to buy to control everything in the smartest way.

When there are some awesome pool and spa controller are available then following the manual way to control your pool cleaner, lighting, pool pump, and other equipment is not a good idea.

I surely say that definitely, it is worth buying. If you want to control everything automatically with peacefully then why not the Pentair 522352 PL4 pool & spa controller? The decision is yours.