Simplify Pool Management: The Pentair EasyTouch PL4 Solution!

Do you need a reliable and easy to use pool and spa controller? The Pentair EasyTouch PL4 stands out as a pinnacle of innovation and convenience. It is designed with the needs of pool owners in mind, the EasyTouch PL4 offers a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of pool operation with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

From filtration and lighting to heating and chemical management, this state-of-the-art controller simplifies the complexities of pool maintenance. The Pentair PL4 provides users with intuitive controls and advanced automation capabilities.

In this Easytouch PL4 review, we will explore the key features and benefits of the Pentair 522352, showcasing why it has become the preferred choice for pool owners.

Why the Pentair EasyTouch Pool & Spa Controller?

The Pentair 522352 is chosen by pool owners and professionals for several compelling reasons:

  1. Ease of Use: The EasyTouch system features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, making it easy for pool owners to manage and adjust various settings without the need for specialized technical knowledge. This simplicity reduces the learning curve and enhances the overall user experience.
  2. Comprehensive Automation: With the EasyTouch controller, you can automate a wide range of pool and spa functions, including filtration, heating, lighting, water features, and chemical management. This automation streamlines pool maintenance tasks and ensures consistent performance, ultimately saving time and effort for pool owners.
  3. Versatility: The EasyTouch system is designed to accommodate different pool setups and configurations, from basic residential pools to more complex systems with multiple features and equipment. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential and commercial pools, spas, and water features.
  4. Integration Capabilities: Pentair’s EasyTouch controller seamlessly integrates with other Pentair products and technologies, such as variable speed pumps, LED lighting systems, and salt chlorination systems. This interoperability allows for enhanced functionality and performance optimization across the entire pool system.
  5. Remote Access and Monitoring: Many EasyTouch models offer remote access and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to control their pool system remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This feature enables pool owners to monitor water temperature, adjust settings, and troubleshoot issues conveniently from anywhere, enhancing convenience and peace of mind.
  6. Energy Efficiency: By integrating energy-efficient components like variable speed pumps and LED lighting, the EasyTouch controller helps pool owners reduce energy consumption and operating costs while minimizing environmental impact. This emphasis on energy efficiency aligns with modern sustainability practices and can lead to long-term cost savings.
  7. Reliability and Durability: Pentair is known for producing high-quality pool equipment and controls that are built to last. The EasyTouch controller is no exception, featuring durable construction and reliable performance that withstands the rigors of regular pool use and exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Key Features of Pentair EasyTouch PL4 Control System

Pentair easytouch PL4

The Pentair EasyTouch PL4 control system is designed to provide comprehensive automation capabilities for standard pools, offering ease of use and efficient control over various functions essential for pool maintenance and enjoyment. Let’s delve into its key features:

1. Control Over Multiple Functions

The Pentair PL4 enables control over a range of pool equipment functions, including filtration pumps, lighting systems, and chemical management, among others. This means you can manage crucial aspects of your pool’s operation from a centralized control panel.

2. Four-Circuit System

This system is designed to handle up to four different operating schedules or programs, allowing for versatile control over different pool equipment and features. Whether it’s managing pump and filter functions or coordinating lighting and water features, the PL4 offers flexibility.

3. Compatibility and Integration

The EasyTouch PL4 interfaces seamlessly with various pool equipment, such as lighting, water features, heaters, heat pumps, spa control systems, and chemical management/sanitizing equipment. This ensures comprehensive control over all aspects of pool operation from a single control point.

4. Variable Speed Pump Support

It supports four operating speeds for an IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump, enabling efficient and tailored water circulation based on specific pool requirements and energy efficiency goals.

5. User-Friendly Interface

With push-button operation and clear, intuitive displays, the EasyTouch PL4 simplifies the process of setting up and modifying control programs. You can easily navigate through menus and settings, minimizing guesswork and frustration.

6. Centralized Control

All circuitry and programmable controls are centralized in a Power Center installed at the pool equipment pad, streamlining installation and maintenance processes.

7. Optional Remote Access

The EasyTouch PL4 offers optional connectivity with the ScreenLogic Interface, allowing you to control their pool system remotely from a PC, Mac computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device. This adds convenience and flexibility for managing pool functions from anywhere.

8. Additional Accessories

It’s optional accessories, such as wireless remotes, indoor control panels, spa-side remotes, and QuickTouch II Wireless Remotes, provide further customization and convenience based on user preferences and needs.

9. Dimensions and Compatibility

The Pentair PL4 system comes in specific dimensions (42 Inch x 20 Inch x 8 Inch) and is compatible with various Pentair products, including IntelliBrite Lights, MagicStream Laminars, ColorVision Bubblers, and mobile digital devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices.

Pentair easytouch PL4


  • The Pentair EasyTouch PL4 provides control over various pool functions, including filtration, lighting, heating, and chemical management, offering comprehensive automation capabilities.
  • With intuitive controls and clear displays, the EasyTouch PL4 simplifies the process of setting up and modifying control programs, making it easy for users to manage their pool systems.
  • The EasyTouch PL4 accommodates various configurations, from basic residential pools to more complex systems with multiple features and equipment.


  • The initial cost of purchasing and installing the Pentair EasyTouch PL4 may be higher compared to traditional pool control systems, which could deter some budget-conscious consumers.


Pentair EasyTouch PL4 is a leader in the realm of pool automation and control systems. It offers unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and versatility. With its intuitive controls, comprehensive automation capabilities, and seamless integration with other Pentair products, the EasyTouch PL4 streamlines pool maintenance tasks and enhances the overall pool ownership experience.

Whether it’s managing filtration pumps, adjusting lighting settings, or monitoring water chemistry remotely. This advanced controller empowers pool owners to take control of their pool systems with confidence and ease. By choosing the Pentair EasyTouch PL4, pool owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their pool is operating at its best. It allows them to focus on what matters most—relaxing and enjoying their pool oasis.