How to install swimming pool led strip lights?

How to install swimming pool led strip lights? It is one of the most common questions that I often heard throughout the year. The process is not complicated as much as you’re thinking.

If you follow these steps which I am going to mention below then you’ll able to install swimming pool let strip light easily and comfortably. Just go through the entire article and be a master installer.

Follow These Steps to Install a LED Strip Light in Your Swimming Pool

Step 1  

Measure the diameter of your pool before ordering your LED strip lights. The distance between where your power source will be and both sides of your pool will also need to be determined.

Such distances will tell you how much 18-gauge wire you’re going to need to power the amplifiers. Make sure the distance of any dips or turns that the wires through taking along their paths are taken into account.

Then calculate your controller’s estimated distance from where your strip lights begin. To connect your first and second strip lights to the amplifiers, you will also need two small portions of this cable.

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Step 2

Be sure to empty your pool until you’re ready to add your LED strip lights. A ground fault circuit interrupter should be mounted between power supplies. Using a GFCI safe circuit is important as it shuts off if the current flow where it is not intended to.

Step 3

Please connect the RGB LED controller to your power supply. Cut the barrel away from the wiring of the controller. Strip the other wires back and link their wires to the power supply.

Step 4

Cut off the remaining end of the controller from the LC2 connector and strip back the wires. By joining each set of like-colored cables, connect your first two LED strip lights to the controller. You should have four wires of each color linked together.

Step 5

To keep the strips in place as you go, use mounting clips if you have a flat surface. Drill tiny holes in the trusses if you want to install the strips underneath your pool bottom.

To anchor the strip to the truss, add cable ties. To prevent drilling holes, you can also use speed nuts or cotter pins for strip anchoring.

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Step 6

You will need to attach them to the amplifiers on either side of your pool once you’ve installed strips one and two. Using a sharp razor, cut the silicone cap at the end of your strip. Avoid cutting the conductive traces inside the strip to prevent damage.

Fill the cap with silicone to reseal the LED pool light strip, and slip it into place on the end of the strip. To ensure water resistance, make sure to cover all of the exposed conductive traces.

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Step 7

You will install the amplifier once the new end wires are connected to the strip. Mount the amplifier in the middle of strip 1 and strip 3 using the double-sided 3M adhesive panel. Apply the 3M adhesion promoter to the amplifier for the best performance.

Step 8

Join each like-coloured wire on strip 1 with the same colour on one end of the amplifier using a dolphin connector. Do the same when attaching the other side of the Amplifier to strip 3.

White amplifier wire will be connected to the black strip wire. For the attachment of strips 2 and 4 to the amplifier on the other side of the pool, follow the same directions.

Step 9

Link the amplifiers to your power supply by using great wire and dolphin connectors. Plug the attached cord of the power supply into an outlet, and enjoy your LED pool lighting system.

Use water to refill your tub, but make sure to leave space between the waterline and the lights. 

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Pieces of Equipment Need for Installing LED Strip Light in Poll

Waterproof LED strip lights

You can pick an IP68 rating when searching for LED strips for a swimming pool. If you prefer LED strip lights with 3M adhesive tape backing, it will also be helpful.

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LED Controller kit

DC voltage is used by LED lamps, but our homes have an AC power supply. LED strips need drivers to help meet their power requirements to overcome this situation. A controller, on the other hand, is a system that allows you to adjust the RGB LED strip colours.

Strip Connectors

Safe connections will be required by LED strip light connectors. To cover the entire swimming pool, you will have to attach several strips.

Silicon Caps

For a good pool lighting project, you will have to attach several strip lamps. So there are chances that a flanging strip can have to be cut-off. Silicon end caps are useful for sealing the cut-ends and preventing premature failure of the waterproof LED strip light.

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