How to choose the right swimming pool pump?

How to choose the right swimming pool pump? If you’re encountering this problem and looking for a magical solution to choose the right swimming pool, then I would say you’ve got the right article. I am going to let you know the key factors that will guide you to choose the swimming pool pump like a pro.

It is needless to say the importance of swimming pool pump. However, it is quite challenging at the same time confusing to pick the right swimming pool pump, when the market is full of pool pump which comes from different brands.

If you do not follow the result-driven strategy then you will not find the best swimming pool pump. I felt the same many years ago when I was looking for a high-efficient swimming pool pump for my backyard pool.

I hope this article will help you a lot to pick your desired pool pump in the city.

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How to choose the right swimming pool pump?

  • You need to weigh your pool first. Get a tape measure and measure your pool’s length, width, and depth. Convert fractions of a foot to decimals if the measurements aren’t in exact feet. The actual depth of your pool’s water level should be determined. Do not use the depth that is capable of holding your pool.
  • Then by multiplying the length by width, you would measure the surface area of the swimming pool.
  • You need to measure how many gallons your swimming pool contains water now. You may use the formula to calculate the average depth if your swimming pool is rectangular. This equation’s product is equal to the volume. Look for a pool volume calculator online if your pool is not completely rectangular. This will help you assess the number of other shapes in swimming pools.
  • Every eight hours, the water in your pool needs to circulate completely. You need to find out the minimum flow rate for your swimming pool for this to happen. Take the number of gallons of water that your pool contains and divide it by 8 to determine the minimum flow rate. Divide the quotient by 60. Then, the minimal flow rate is the resulting number.
  • Next, the maximum flow rate for your swimming pool needs to be worked out. The size of the pipes defines the overall flow rate.

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The Features You Need to Consider in a Pool Pump

Motor Voltage

You can either hardwire your pool pump into your electrical system or it can need an outlet to plug it in. Before purchasing your pump, know what you’re getting into.

You will also need to determine whether the pump is operating at 110 volts or 220 volts. A 110-volt pump is required by most above ground pools. But if you have an in-ground pool, you will need to decide what voltage you are dealing with.

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The better the definition of your pool pump, the quicker it has more horsepower. It can turn the water over, so you can run it for shorter periods of time and less often.

Although this also depends on the filter’s size and the pipes of the filtration device. A little filter can be overcome by a pump with too much horsepower. But you can add a three-horsepower pump if your machine uses three-inch tubing, which will operate better.

But, if you have a small pool, three horsepower can be too many, which would only waste energy and cost more money.

Be sure to select a pump that does not overpower the filtration system, but also has enough horsepower to turn the volume of your pool over at an acceptable rate.

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Determine the Feet of Head

In addition, the determination of the head’s feet is significant. The sum of resistance to the flow of water is this.

This needs to be taken into account when you use an indoor pool. Finding or at least approximating the actual feet of the head will help locate a pump that will ensure the filter has enough water flow.

In order to ensure you select the correct water pump, each of the above should be carefully observed.

Electrical Specification

Swimming pool pumps have multiple electrical systems as well. Some pumps work at 110 volts, while others have a 220-volt connector.

Some must be hardwired to the electrical system of your house, while some pumps can simply be linked to an outlet.

Whatever pool pump you choose, make sure your home’s electrical system accommodates it.

Choose the Right Speed Pump

Single Speed: The first ever produced pool pumps have a single speed, meaning the impeller will spin at a single speed created by the horsepower of the motor. Today, several new single-speed pump products on the market are available. They are the cheapest pumps for your swimming pool you can find.

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Dual Speed Pump: This pool pump form is capable of high and low velocities. The high velocity is comparable to that of a single-speed pump and is suitable for the normal swimming pool size. Low speed, on the other hand, is more energy-efficient and ideal for tiny pools.

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Multiple Speed Pump: A pool pump with various velocity capabilities. The manufacturer fixes and presets each speed. According to the size and specifications of your pool, you can easily move from one speed to another.

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