Do you need a Dolphin Nautilus cc plus manual?

Are you desperately seeking the dolphin nautilus cc plus manual? Well, if you own the dolphin nautilus cc plus robotic pool cleaner and looking for a clear instruction guide or manual, then you’ve landed the right article.

The Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus cc plus is self-contained and fully automatic robotic pool cleaner. You’ll have to drop it in your pool, turn it on by leaving it for roughly 3 hours. It scrubs and vacuums your whole pool, including the flooring, the walls and waterline.

Here I’m going to let you know how you’ll operate your robotic pool cleaner easily and comfortably. This informative guide shows you how straightforward a Maytronics Dolphin Cleaner is to put together and operate.

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Dolphin nautilus cc plus manual

Here is the complete operating guide of the robotic pool cleaner. If you need Dolphin nautilus cc plus manual to operate the unit correctly then follow the steps below

Step 1

Straighten Cord – The glowing blue Power Cord is placed coiled. In case the power cord is twisted from safe-keeping or earlier use, go ahead and take perspective out of the power cord by extending it out and turning the power cord in the complete opposite path to have the twist out.

Step 2

Connect With Power Source – Link up the power cord on the power source by taking off the cap and after that driving and twisting the power cord plug to the power supply receptacle.

Step 3

Plug into a power outlet – Plug the power supply into an in close proximity strength electric outlet. Usually 120V in the US. Ensure that the power supply reaches very least 10′ from your fringe of the pool, which is not placed into standing water.

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Step 4

Soak brushes – When the Cleaner’s Brushes and Climbing Rings are free of moisture, bathe them in drinking water until gentle.

Step 5

Place the robot into the pool – Place the Dolphin Cleaner in the swimming pool and swivel it from side to side to release stuck airflow.

Step 6

Launch Cleaner – Allow the Cleaner drift to the base of the pool.

Step 7

Turn Power On – Click the ON/off switch around the Power Source. The cleaner is going to run. Be aware: 4 LEDs will illuminate from the edges of the switch indicating the Power is on.

Step 8

Clean Surface – The Dolphin Nautilus Cleaner will crawl over the surface utilizing a self-understanding program to improve cleaning of your swimming pool.

Step 9

Thoroughly clean Walls – As soon as the Dolphin Nautilus Swimming pool Cleaner comes to a wall surface, it will sq approximately the wall structure and climb it towards the area. At the surface, it can shift sideways cleaning the waterline and after that fall back to the base to continue cleaning the swimming pool ground.

Step 10

Examine Functionality – When the Dolphin Pool area cleaner fails to climb the wall, examine the cartridge. They can be clogged and need to be washed. Also, check for trash found within the Impeller beneath the top include.

Step 11

Turn Off – After about 3 hours of the procedure, the cleaner will turn off automatically as suggested through the 4 LEDs transforming off. The cleaner can stay in the pool until you are prepared to tug it all out. Lots of people operate the solution at night and take it out every morning.

Step 12

Retrieve cleaner – To access the Dolphin Pool Cleaner, make sure the Power is off and slowly pull the cleaner up with the Cord.

Step 13

Remove cleaner- Move the Cleaner on the pool’s edge, get the takes to care of, convert the Cleaner 90 degrees, and pull the robot up out of your drinking water. Don’t lift the robotic pool cleaner up by its power cord.

Step 14

Drain Cleaner – Rest the Dolphin cleaner on its aspect to let water drain out.

Step 15

Clean cleaner – its time to clean your robotic pool cleaner and store it if its cleaning task finished.

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