Why Should I Buy The Maytronics Dolphin C4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Why you’re struggling to clean your swimming pool when the Maytronics Dolphin c4 robotic pool cleaner available in the market? Getting sparkling clean pool water is not a dream anymore. If you have a high-quality and efficient automated robotic pool cleaner, then cleaning is simple than anything. Simple and easy. Let’s have a look at this Dolphin c4 pool cleaner review.

Image Name Details   Price
DOLPHIN C4 DOLPHIN C4 Pool Size: Up to 121 ft.
Coverage: Floor, Walls and Waterline
Filtration: Fine(70m) & Ultra-Fine(50m)
Cycle: Quick – 4 hours Standard – 6 hours Enhanced – 8 hour
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DOLPHIN C5 DOLPHIN C5 Pool Size: Up to 88 ft.
Coverage: Floor, Walls and Waterline
Filtration: Fine(70m) & Ultra-Fine(50m)
Cycle: Quick – 4 hours Standard – 6 hours Enhanced – 8 hour
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DOLPHIN C6 Dolphin C6 Pool Size: Up to 68 ft.
Coverage: Floor, Walls and Waterline
Filtration: Fine(70m) & Ultra-Fine(50m)
Cycle: Quick – 1 hour Standard – 2.5 hours Enhanced – 3.5 hours
Quick – 4 hours Standard – 6 
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DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme  Ideal Pool Length: Up to 50 ft.
Cleaning Coverage: Floor, walls, and waterline
Cleaning Cycle Time: Quick – 1.5 hours, Standard – 2.5 hours, Enhanced – 3.5 hours
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DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i DOLPHIN Oasis Z5i Filter Type :Twin Cartridges – Extra Large
Cleaning Time: Standard – 2.5 hours Q
Scrubbing Brushes: Dynamic Dual Scrubbing
Cleaning Frequency: Weekly Scheduler
Smart Phone Connected: Yes – Bluetooth
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Well, are you getting bored cleaning up your pool by following the old and traditional cleaning method? Do you get frustrated when your pool with full of garbage and moss? Are you worried about cleaning your swimming pool magically?

Interestingly, you have the best solution to remove your tension and worry. If you think of purchasing a portable robotic pool cleaner, you have made a great decision.

There are many automated pools available in the market right now. But quality and quantity are not the same equation, plus, service warranty and performance ability are not good at all.

So, now the question is, what robotic pool is unique, trusty? Which has the best quality to clean the pool water effectively? Which pool gives stressless service?

Which pool cleaners are unique and working smoothly? Does automated cleaner give the best performance? Many questions may revolve in your mind; if you have, then let’s go to find your answer.

Why is the Maytronics Dolphin C4 robotic pool cleaner worth buying?

  1. It is needless to say that many pools are available in the market, but one of the best and impressive pool cleaners is Dolphin c4 automated pool cleaner in the market because of its durability and performance.
  2. It’s a unit, which fulfills all your expectations and desire. Do you take the stress out of pool cleaning with this commercial automatic robotic pool cleaner?  Then you can choose this robotic pool cleaner.
  3. The Maytronics Dolphin c4 robotic pool cleaner delivers an uncompromised clean with its highly effective scrubbing and refining. Time of cleaning, cycle options, and spot clean using the latest Dolphin plus app. This has a unique style and performance. It is easy to use and easy to plug out.
  4. It constantly gives you a better service. If you need a high-quality ground robotic pool cleaner and want to buy one, then DOLPHIN C4 AUTOMATIC is an elegant choice.

Why the Dolphin C4 is the best cleaning option?

The Dolphin C4 commercial robotic pool cleaner is one of the eminent automatic pool cleaners in the present world. The reason is evident because having its heavy-duty power and smooth performance.

Also, it delivers the high-quality and first-rate workability that you are looking for. This has a unique style and more capable of doing its duty. This robotic unit has two standard scrubbing brushes that brushed your pool soon and clean your pool very neatly.

This robotic unit reduces individuals’ work time that they waste for pool cleaning. This pool will give you better service after a long time and will be lust many years. Also, you can use it very simply.

It is one of the latest inventions of Maytronics, which is one of the renowned robotic pool cleaner companies in the world. The brand, Maytronics, created unbeatable fame in the market by manufacturing its standard robotic pool cleaner.

What are the top features of the Dolphin C4 robotic pool cleaner?

The reason is very much transparent; it uses less energy than the other automated pool cleaner. Best features for the Dolphin Mercury robotic pool cleaner when it comes to automatic pool cleaner, then there is no other way to overlook the Features.

It is another crucial discretion. Very interestingly, this robotic pool cleaner comes with a series of prominent and influential features which are very much easy to use.

Though this robotic pool comes with lots of uniqueness and has many features, I will notice some of the top features available in this unit. Keep your eyes open to see the optimum features of the robot.

Heavy-duty and fast cleaning performance

Dolphin C4 pool cleaner is an exemplar for commercial pools that length up to 68ft, provides a heavy-duty cleaning solution with sturdy credibility for long-lasting, workable operation. This robotic pool cleaner gives you two-year quality assurance with Caddy.

Do you want to clean your pool overnight? Then you need to buy this automated commercial pool cleaner. It is an easy-to-use, fully automated commercial robotic pool cleaner with remote control and multiple cleaning cycles. These multiple cleaning cycles work smoothly and give a fine finish within a brief period.

Reduce man-hours related to pool cleaning. Fast and workable operation minified cleaning downtime, keeping your pool open for your guests to enjoy.

It will do its work very sharply and refining water very shiny as well as healthy. Healthy water, happy guests. Dual scrubbing brushes ease lifts and suction tough rubbish and garbage from the pool’s floor, walls, and waterline. You are leaving the water exceptionally clean and healthy.

Delivers sparkling clean pool water

Enhance water quality. Fine (90µ) and ultra-fine (50µ), high-capacity filtration bags circulate thousands of gallons of water per hour, capturing rubbish dust and all other types of garbages, leaving the pool water polished, enhancing water quality and guest satisfaction Clever Clean Technology paired with a unique gyroscope system delivers appropriate and fruitful scanning for periodic cleaning and complete pool coverage more gently.

Sharp and smooth spinning dual scrubbing brushes

Dual scrubbing brushes forcefully attack and removes obstinate garbage and objects on the floor, walls, and waterline. These dual brushes clean the pool more brightly and neatly. As this has 2 spinning scrubbers, it’s leaving your pool exceptionally clean. You can trust it easily for its fantastic efficiency.

Optimum performance

If you are looking for a heavy-duty performing pool cleaner, then it would be your first solution—heavy-duty gain performance with powerful credibility for long-term, cost-effective operation. Dolphin C4 commercial pool cleaners are designed with quick and easy repair in mind.

Advanced filtration technology

This robotic pool has an advanced dual-level bottom-loading filtration system that leaves the water clear and free of hair, dust, and any kinds of nanoparticles, insects, flours, and other garbage.

This has an optimum-stacking filtration structure that utilizes an additional spacious primer filter bin to clear any types of garbage sub-central. This has the unique filtration efficiency that works so nicely.

Also, this unit has a fine filter basket. That’s why cleaning is to be more comfortable and relaxing. There’s have a baseboard, and this baseboard is pivoted so you can indisputably drop the garbage into a surplus container. There is an object on the force control unit that notices you when the channel primer is complete.

There have two sorts of filter screens. You can switch up one to utilize the standard primer for the most ultimate suction to remove leaves and more dignified trash.

And with another filter that one slightly small than before, you can use it to filtrate little green growth as well as microbes from the water. After completing filtration, the pool water will be fresh and hygienic.

Smart navigation

The C4 automated pool cleaner has automatic scanning software that maps the surface of the pool. This scanning map picks up data about where it has been cleaned. This robotic pool has a quick start guide that calculates and navigates within a concise period.

The pool is dirty and messy; after navigating this automatic pool, respond as soon as possible and clean dirty places soon. It works when it is drop-down into the pool.

This mechanical unit has outstanding and effective navigate power as well as it works without any hassle. This has one power supply unit, and with this unit, this automatic cleaner works restless and clean full pool without any trouble. It finishes its cleaning duty within 1-2 hours.

Water circulation

This unit filters and circulates thousands of gallons of water per hour. And the power supply unit that provides a couple of cleaning cycle program modes.

If you are searching for the best solution to clean your pool and set your cleaning schedule, then it would be a fantastic choice for you.

Easy to use and portable

Before coming to this robotic pool, the cleaning task was never an easy task. But after available, this unit cleaning pool becomes less hardship and more fun.

It is easy to start up and use; just take your smartphone and connect the mercury to your smartphone with MY DOLPHIN APPS. And then access features available, for instance: cleaning cycles, weekly Scheduler, and navigation for spot cleaning.

Long-term operation

The Dolphin C4 commercial unit use for heavy-duty. As this is developed by heavy-duty, its cleaning performance would be excellent. And you can use it for a long time. Also, this machine has more capability and workability than other pools. This would be durable too.

Cleaning efficiency

This pool has a vast capacity to circulate lots of water within an hour. This has unique circulation power and removes any kinds of garbage. It cleans up your pool very neatly within 1-2 hours.

Did you find cleaning is painful work?

Cleaning is not an easy task to do. This is so painful to any individual. Before I found this innovative automated pool cleaner, this was never easy to clean the pool.

Many people are worried about cleaning their pool faster and lavishly. When they want to clean their pool, they got disappointed and looked for a better option for how to clean their pool easily and shortly.

Usually, they want to clean their pool fast because they often go through a busy time. So typically, they didn’t get much time to clean their pool for a long time. If you are this kinda person just, I mentioned, then this unit is the ideal solution for you.

This automated robotic pool reduces hardship and time. As a result, people can do their cleaning job more efficiently and fun more.

I know that you are also searching for an innovative and best solution to clean your pool. If you have the Maytronics Dolphin c4 robotic pool cleaner, then you don’t have to face any hurdle to clean your pool, my friend. If cleaning is an arduous and tedious duty for you, then the Dolphin c4 commercial is for you.

Without ignorance, a robotic pool cleaner can be the best solution for you if you find a bit comfortable pool cleaner unit. When it comes to an automated pool cleaner, every person thinks they have to pay more utility bills, and it cost a lot.

But the real scenery is totally different when it comes to Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner.

How to clean the filter?

It is effortless to clean the filters. You don’t have to encounter the hassle of doing this task. First, you have to remove the robot’s filters, set free the latch to let the dirt and garbage fall out, and discarded any remaining debris.

Don’t let the filter dry out before cleaning the garbage. We suggest cleaning your filters every two months. If you accept this, your filter will go on for a long time.

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