Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Pool review

Are you desperately seeking the Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Pool review? Yeah, here is the most desired review. We got tons of requests to review this pool. Let’s explore this excellent above-ground outdoor pool.

Do you have a beautiful and luxurious house but don’t have any swimming pool to enjoy this hot summer day? Are you looking for an above-ground swimming pool for relaxing and soothing your heart and mind as well?

Remembering your comfort, summer waves brings an outstanding and innovative above-ground swimming pool for you in the market. The summer wave Elite Wicker above-ground frame outdoor swimming pool is available right now in the market.

The Summer Waves Elite 22ft Pool comes to give you freshness and a cool situation on hot days. Your all tension and worry about long time swim and enjoy the pool will vanish after setting this above ground pool in your front yard or backyard.

Indeed, many house-owner in this world may not have an in-ground swimming pool in their inside yard. This may happen for having less space or maybe financial crisis. Also, some people don’t want to dig their beautiful yard for building an in-ground pool. They are looking for a better option. It is not necessary to dig a big hole for creating an in-ground pool when above ground pool set like Summer Waves above-ground pool set is available right now.

The Summer Waves Elite wicker above-ground outdoor pool comes with lots of exceptional and sensational features. It comes with one filter pump, pool cover, ladder, ground cloth, and deluxe maintenance kit. If you have short space in your area, then it will be suitable for both you and your family.

It is a round shape pool that is 22 feet in length and 52 inches in width. Easily set it up in your yard without digging a hole and enjoy this summer joyfully with your whole family.

Why you buy the Summer Waves Elite Swimming Pool?

Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool

The Summer Waves above-ground pool shape is a round-shaped pool which is good enough for your small space in your inside yard. It is a 22-foot diameter round frame above-ground pool with 52-inch depth inside.

You can easily swim and play inside this pool. It is a family-sized pool with a stylish exterior. There are lots of stunning and essential things are included in this pool. Let’s find out the answer that why you should buy this pool for summer; 

  • With this above-ground frame pool, you can splash the day away in the comfort and privacy of your backyard.
  • Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Pool gives you the best of both worlds – cool water to swim and splash around in at a fraction of the cost of setting and installing an in-ground pool.
  • It could bring a lot of fun and summer relief to your family too.
  • You can save your money and time as well to build an above-ground pool. On average, the cost of an above-ground can start as low as $1500 where in-ground pools range from $15000 to $20000 which may be more expensive to set up for you.
  • You will enjoy the same benefits of fitness, stress release, freshness, and fun in this above-ground pool without paying much money.
  • You can get this above-ground pool installed and ready for use in a very short time. You can enjoy this summer fun within a few hours.
  • The very interesting and favorable thing is you can move this above-ground pool from one place to another whenever you need it. You can replace it easily without facing any trouble.
  • Another important and flexible matter is this pool maintenance. You can clean and maintain this pool easily because nothing is hidden and all the parts are easily moveable.
  • This pool contains 10,862 gallons of water that are enough for swimming and playing smoothly in the pool.

Summer Waves Elite 22ft pool Make your Hot Summer days cool and refreshing

Honestly speaking, in-ground pools are wonderful and better than others. But they’re very costly and gathering to install. Now the question is, are you spend your summer in the sweltering heat?

No way, there is the best solution to spend your summer with more fun and relaxation with this outstanding summer wave pool. If you buy a house without an in-ground swimming pool, then you should skip the better option to install this above-ground pool in your backyard.

Even though you have enough money to build an in-ground pool but may not have a large yard or more room to set up one. Then, you should think about this above-ground pool. This pool comes with a set of full pool accessories.

What Accessories are included with this Pool?

To enjoy more fun and less warm situation, you should opt for this above-ground pool for relaxing in this hot summer season. You can swim and play in this pool with the whole family easily.

Well, now have to say about its accessories. There are many beneficial and worthy accessories include this pool. With this above-ground swimming pool, the pool manufacturer attached some accessories such as a ladder, ground cloth, fitted pool cover, deluxe maintenance kit (includes telescoping pool, vacuum brush, vacuum adapter, and skimmer net), filter pump.

Let’s explain what is the benefits of having these accessories with this pool?

 4-Step Ladder

With this 4-step ladder, you can easily get in and exit your pool. It is more safe and easy to access and exit the pool if there have a ladder is included. This ladder is made with robust and strong, lightweight steel.

That’s why you can easily carry and set up with your pool. It is easy to assemble and portable enough to carry from one place to another. A-frame tread ladder matches all above-ground pools of a certain or specified height. The ladder is made with a Viable, strong steel frame that doesn’t float in the water. Also, it will last longer for using durable steel.

Ground Cloth

The Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Pool ground cloth is an essential accessory to ensure that you protect your pool and the ground beneath. It helps to protect the base from loose twigs, sharp stones, and other harmful or damaging debris and rubbish. It also helps to protect the lawn from overflowing water. Also, it will protect your pool after a long time.

Fitted Pool Cover

The pool cover removes debris and dust automatically and keeps your pool safe and clean year after year. It also reduces the number of UV rays coming into contact with the water. This is a great advantage as the pool chemical chlorine is degraded when manifested to UV rays. It means you don’t need to add as much chlorine, which can save your time to refill and money purchasing the chemicals.

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum brush or cleaner removes debris, algae, lichen, and any other dirt and dust from the pool. Your pool will be more tidy and clean if the vacuum cleaner is included in the pool. It collects all garbage in a self-contained bag.

Vacuum Adapter

A vacuum adapter helps you to get more fresh and clean water in your pool. It connects the lower end of the pool and serves to direct the distilled water. This vacuum adapter helps to keep your pool clean and enjoyable.

CP2000 Pump

The pool filter pump adds great value to this pool. Filter pump filtrate and pump water cleanly. This is the entire filtration system, including everything you will need to install. This filter pump uses 1.50” hoses. Also includes one A-C size filter cartridge which collects lots of debris at one time. It keeps the floor and water of your pool clean.

Top features of Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Pool

Summer Waves Elite 22ft x 52in Above Ground Frame Outdoor Swimming Pool

Family Sized Pool with Stylish Exterior

Summer Waves Elite 22ft is a round-shaped pool, which is not small or not very small. It is a family-friendly and family-sized pool, which gives you freshness and relaxation on hot summer days as well as your family members. You can construct it in your backyard or front yard to splash the day away in the ease and privacy of your above-ground frame swimming pool.

Well Sized Pool

22-foot diameter round frame above-ground pool with 52- inch pool walls and this pool contains 10,862 gallons of water inside. 10,862 gallons is enough for swimming and playing with luxury. Though it has the capacity of containing much water it will ready for water in as little as 60 minutes for swimming and relaxation.

Durable Material

This pool was built of triple-layer polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material. The heavy gauge PVC material and polyester protect the steel frame from rust, dust, and corrosion. The steel is wracked by zinc that is called galvanizing. The galvanized steel frame stands up to heavy use and the elements. Indeed, high-quality PVC materials last longer than any cast iron.

Stylish Design

It is designed with a grey wicker herringbone print that will include a stylish and pompous look to your outdoor space. It will add beauty and glow to your house. The design is very much effective for any space and house.

Finally, this summer waves elite frame pool with perfect shape is the right addition to your summer. This pool is equipped with a powerful filtration system plus all the elite extra accessories, this sensational pool will have you and your whole family cooled off in no time year after year.

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