Is a hot bath good for a fever?

Can you go in a hot tub with a fever? Is a hot bath good for a fever?  There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions around which activities are safe or unsafe during a fever. It’s crucial to remember that a fever is the body’s natural response to an infection, so it is always the best option to let the fever do its job.

I spoke with Dr. Jennifer Caudle, MD, board-certified family physician, and a fellow of the AACI (American Academy of Family Physicians), and asked, “Is it okay to take a hot bath with a fever?”

In general, most fevers are not caused by illnesses that spread through water that would be picked up from pools or hot tubs. However, I would still recommend avoiding these types of public places during this time. Additionally, if you have an open wound, you should absolutely avoid bathing in any type of water.

The reason is that the chlorine in the hot tub doesn’t kill all the germs. So if someone is sick and their skin or body fluids touch the water in the hot tub, other people who get into the tub are exposed to the germs.

So what should you do when your child has a fever? Run them a bath. It turns out that water isn’t cold enough for kids to get sick, but it’s still fun for them to play in.

Final Note: Fever myths are popular on the Internet because “a fever is your friend!” and because most people who get fevers are not actually very close to dying.

What’s better during a fever: a hot bath or a cold bath?

Can you go in a hot tub with a fever? Who knew that the answer to this question had been so scientifically analyzed? Recently, researchers at the University of Rochester in New York discovered that getting into a hot bath after exercise can reduce inflammation, while cold baths can improve your mood.

They found that hot baths reduced pain by 25% and cold baths did not. Also, the effects were sustained for three hours after each bath.

Strangely enough, this was one of the very few studies I could find on the topic (of hot baths vs. cold baths, that is). This may be because people generally don’t like to give up control when it comes to trying to combat their health problems.

Besides, the temperature of a bath contains a lot of chemicals. When you get into a bath filled with hot water, the body warms up and acts like an insulating layer for the outside cold temperature. This layer is useful for keeping the heat inside your body and protecting your body from external stimuli, such as wind chill.

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