How to maintain swimming pool in winter?

Are you looking for a reliable and effective solution that how to maintain swimming pool in winter? Wow, you have landed the right article. Maintaining the swimming pool in the winter is crucial. You may ask, why and how? To know more read the entire article.

There is no reason for easing up on pool maintenance for the cold winter months. You need to make sure that you maintain the correct chemical balance, even though you prolong the season with a pool heater.

How to clean the swimming pool in winter?

Clean Pool Water

Every few weeks, cleaning the walls and floor, and then vacuuming the whole pool helps prevent the development of icky algae. To also ensure that the filtration device works effectively, clean the skimmer baskets and the pump’s lint basket of leaves.

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Balance the Water

The pH level of the pool needs to be between 7.2 and 7.6, which you can easily verify by taking a deep elbow water sample and applying the necessary treatment to get the pool to the right level. Take a sample to your nearest Swimart store if you’re confused about this method and they will measure it for you.

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Clean the Filter

You have to make sure the filter in the pool is washed daily. As an accumulation of grease or oil can harden over winter and make the filter even harder, the filter must be kept clean.

Provide Pool Cover

During winter, make sure you cover your swimming pool. This would make sure the leaves do not fall into the water and other organic materials. You’ll be depriving algae and bugs of food in that way which means they’re not going to survive.

Pool covers often limit the evaporation of pollutants, thereby saving you time and money. Before putting the cover, remember to keep the water level a few inches under the skimmer.

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Monitor the Water Level

To protect your pump and keep the pool prepared, always make sure the water level of your pool is properly topped off. The right level of pool water can depend on the environment in which you live.

Your pool water can almost be filled to the top during the winter if you live in a warmer climate, which does not experience freezing temperatures.

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Shock Treatment

Your pool is often ‘shocking’ to eliminate organic and inorganic waste, including sweat, suncream, bird droppings, and dead bugs.

It also guarantees that instead of these toxins, the sanitizer will focus on destroying bacteria and algae. When the shock treatment suitable for your pool has been applied, run both the pump and filter for several hours to ensure that it has been spread uniformly across the pool.

What are the things that should be avoided during winter to maintain a swimming pool?

Drain the pool

Never drain your pool completely. The amount of pool drainage depends on the construction material of your pool. You have to maintain a certain level. 

This is a tough move since most pool owners call professionals to drain their pool.

Turn of the filter 

Until your pool winterizes, do not turn off the pool filter for weeks. Your pool water should be balanced and handled all the time, even though you are not swimming in your pool.

A professional worker will check the pH level and care of your pool before closing. You have to ensure that you have a proper winter closure. If the filter is not working for a couple of weeks, the job becomes more difficult.

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Not ask for help

It takes a lot of time and effort for winter swimming pool repairs. Pool professionals can guarantee that the maintenance of your swimming pool is carried out effectively. They are the maintenance guides for swimming pools, so never be afraid to reach out to them.

What pool chemistry is important?

Are you looking for the best and high-quality pool and spa controller or planning to install a pool and spa control system to manage everything appropriately?

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Most of us do not drain our pool completely for the winter, so the key to a clean swimming pool is chemically balanced water.

For pool owners, balanced water can resist algae, bacteria, waterlines, and decontamination.

It makes the opening process much simpler. To keep the water in your pool while your pool is closed, follow these tips:

  • Every two months, check your pool chemistry while not in use. The cause of the growth of algae and bacteria may be poorly balanced pool chemistry.
  • Discard the previous season with all pool chemicals. For the next year, you do not want to save the chemicals as they lose their effectiveness.
  • Using an enzyme product to assist in breaking down non-living contamination and avoid the creation of a water line loop. When you open your pool in the spring, adding this product will save you from having to clean your pool tile or finish it.
  • It is still necessary to maintain your pool if you live in a colder environment where your swimming pool is left uncovered during the winter. Know, during the colder months, this is the pool that you will be bathing in. To prevent any possible health hazards, keep your pool clean and decontaminated.

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