Why you should look at these 9 Best Above Ground Pool Cover?

You are reading this article that means you searching for the winter pool cover review, isn’t it? Finding the best above ground pool cover is not a piece of cake, because there are plenty of choices.

As a result a massive number of people go through the confusion that which one will be the ideal for them.

Are you feeling the same to find yours? However, if you own an above ground pool then you must need the cover to protect the pool in the harsh winter weather. To help you out to find the best cover for your pool we have added 9 superior quality pool winter covers above ground in this reviews.

In other words, have you ever thought that the still water in your swimming pool may be a long-term home for fowls, bugs and other critters? It does not matter how frequently you’re running your pool vacuum or filter the water, these things find the place to live in very easily and make the water dirty.

However, everyone desires to bounce into a pool that is completely free from dead bugs, clears out, and other soil.  Although winterizing your pool is the best option, you can still use other simple alternative ways as well.

One of the easiest ways is to prevent the pool from all the harmful contaminants by creating a barrier. And the pool cover can give you that comfort!

Here, we present you the best above ground pool covers based on their popularity, price-points, benefits and features.

1. Blue Wave 24-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This solid pool cover is designed by Blue Wave and you can buy it as it will fit your above ground swimming pool well. It comes with many fascinating features and a good affordable price. Pool winter covers above ground is designed and constructed to provide you 360-degree safety that you really need.

The swimming pool winter safety cover not only safe your pool from the extreme cold weather, but also it provide protection your pool from leaves, bacteria, dust and other air pollution.

Why it is one of the best above ground pool cover?

best above ground pool cover

1. It comes with heavy-duty cable and winch that helps you to lock the cover properly in the right place.

2. The UV protection feature saves the cover so that it can even stand under the scorching heat of the sun. Moreover, it has black underside which stops algae growth.  Swim season while conserving energy.

3. It comes in a very attractive design. The tiny bubbles of the solar blankets work together to protect from heat and also to collect it. So it gives comfort in chilly days as well.

4. By using this cover, you can minimize water evaporation very easily up to 95% which is more than enough. So, you don’t need to worry to fill up your pool again and again.

5. Now you can jump into the pool very confidently as this above-ground cover keeps the water warm to a tolerable level. Thus, it increases put on and take-off timing longer and easier.

6. To fit the cover well into your pool, you can even trim the cover. It is the most amazing feature of this product. You just have to face the bubbles to the water trace a line on the cover.

7. Its heat retention power saves heat in the pool cover for further use because losing all the heat preserved in the day-time is not a good option at all.


  • Prevents evaporation
  • Retains heat
  • Transmits UV rays into free heat
  • Attractive design
  • Trimming facility


  • Limited warranty

2. Intex Solar Cover for 15ft Diameter Easy Set

This is one of the best above ground pool cover that ensures you with warmer water and longer swimming season at the same time. It is easier and far more economical to use this cover for your pool.

It even reduces water evaporation by almost 95%. If you want to keep your pool safe in harsh weather condition then you must need the pool winter safety cover. Swimming pool winter covers above ground is ideal for everyone who wants to keep safe their pool.

Why it is exceptional pool winter covers above ground?

pool winter covers above ground

1. This ground pool cover gives you the pleasure of having warmer and a longer swimming season for sure.

2. It is mainly suitable for round pools of 9.5′ diameter.

3. The water evaporation can be reduced up to 95% by using this solar cover. So, there is no doubt that it is economical as well as easy to use this cover for your pool.

4. A reusable carry bag is also given for the easy storage of the cover.

5. There are 8 holes in the cover that controls water accumulation on the top of the pool cover just by letting the water drain properly.


  • Easy storage
  • Extra holes for water draining
  • Economical and easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Better reinforcing needed for long-term use

3. Intex Solar Cover for 18ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools

In this comprehensive winter pool cover review, it’s time to introduce the Intex solar pool cover.

This above ground pool cover is suitable for 18-foot round pools. It is very easy and comfortable to carry as it is made up of lightweight materials. This is one of the best above ground pool cover that features air bubbles that work wondrously to transfer heat unto the pool.

The Intex solar cover is one-stop solution for many problems. First of all, it will warm your pool water when you really want without any energy cost at the same time it can be used in the winter as pool winter safety cover. Isn’t it sounds cool?

Why this one is the best pool winter safety cover?

best pool winter safety cover

1. The cover can reduce almost 95% of the water evaporation and the consumption of chemicals as well. So, now you don’t need to fill your pull again and again.

2. The air bubbles are so helpful in absorbing and transferring heat into the pool water.

3. It is such an efficient type of pool cover that keeps the debris out of the pool.

4. The cover comes with a reusable carry bag that makes it easy to store for the users.

5. It can retain heat very effectively that makes your swimming experience very enjoyable.

6. Moreover, the cover insulates pool water and easily minimizes heat loss to a great extent. It thus offers you to enjoy warmer and longer swimming season.


  • Insulates pool water
  • Reduces evaporation
  • Minimizes heat loss
  • Easy and comfortable to use


  • Breaks if rolled up carelessly

4. The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools

This is one of the best above ground pool covers which is suitable for giving you protection from the winter weather. It is undoubtedly a perfect choice as it comes at a reasonable price and many other amazing features. Moreover, it is practical and affordable that many buyers would like to have for his pool.

If you are looking for a durable and high-quality pool winter covers above ground then it will be a fantastic choice for you. This pool winter safety cover is manufactured to provide highest safety your pool in the extreme weather conditions.

If you own above ground pool and looking for the best method to keep safe your pool in the winter then it is tough to find the better alternative than the Swim winter pool covers above ground 24 foot.

Why the Swim is the best winter pool cover 24 ft round?

 best winter pool cover 24 ft round

1. This is a solid round pool cover that features 8 x 8 black scrim and is made from ultra-violet inhibited, triple-laminated polyethylene.

2. The dimensions of the cover are 27′ in diameter. So, it can easily fit the round pools measuring 24′ in diameter.

3. The cover is lightweight and completely reliable for giving you a comfortable winter season by proving winter protection.

4. The whole cover is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with, high-density polyethylene stitching.

5. It includes cable and turnbuckle


  • Reliable for winter protection
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable pricing
  • 8-years warranty


  • Sometimes fine dirt can pass through

5. Swimline S28RD 28′ Winter Round Above Ground Swimming Pool Cover Blue

Are you seeking for the winter pool cover 28 ft round? If you are, then the Swimiline S28RD probably going to be the best solution for you. For a pool owner it is crucial to ensure the safety of the pool in different season.

The Swimline is one of the high-quality and best pool winter safety cover.

The Swimline 28 Foot Round Above Ground Winter Pool Cover gives you the awesome features to keep your pool condition completely fine in different seasons.

It is suitable for both winter and spring season.

Why the Swimiline is exceptional winter pool cover 28 ft round?

winter pool cover 28 ft round

1. This cover easily fits 28-foot round above ground swimming pools. Its most amazing quality is that the cover size is 3-foot larger than pool size.

2. It is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting which makes it strong and durable enough to last long. Moreover, the cover is woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching which ensures superior tensile durability and strength.

3. By resisting deterioration, the cover increases longevity to a great extent.

4. Now you don’t need to worry for UV rays as it gives you maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays.


  • Provides longevity
  • Suitable for winter and spring
  • Strong and durable
  • Extra-protection from UV rays


  • A bit difficult to take out of the pool

6. Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover, Blue, 10 ft

The best winter pool cover reviews we have added the Intex round metal pool cover which is the best value for the money.

Intex 10 foot Round pool cover is a good value for the money with amazing features. It comes with a metal frame and a dimension of 10ft by 10 in which sounds perfect for your pool. It features amazing things that any above ground pool cover buyer would like to have.

If you are getting tired of finding the pool winter covers above ground then it will be a brilliant solution for you. The Intex round 10ft pool winter safety cover will safe your pool in the harsh weather in different season. Pool winter safety cover

Why it is one of the best above ground pool cover?

1. This awesome pool cover keeps debris from falling into your pool as it comes with a round frame debris cover.

2. The rope is included for a perfect snug fit and it is a unique feature of this product. It helps you to prevent the cover from blowing off.

3. It also has a 10-inch overhang for a great fit and it eventually makes your task convenient and smooth.

4. The drain holes work wondrously to prevent water accumulation very effectively and easily.


  • Extra rope prevents blowing off
  • Water accumulation facility
  • Protection from debris
  • Affordable


  • The strings sometimes don’t pull tight enough

7. Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover Heating Blanket

Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover Heating Blanket features 6-pack of grommets that helps to pass water through the solar cover. It is very easy to move, and it can minimize the water evaporation to a great extent.

What makes it ideal pool cover?

Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot

1. The 6-pack grommets make the removal of the cover easy and smooth from your pool. This is one of the best above ground pool cover that makes the blanket lighter to manoeuvre when you want to pull it off manually.

2. It makes your pool swim-ready with the help of a solar reel.

3. This solar cover effectively decreases water evaporation to almost 95%. Now you can enjoy refreshing swimming in your pool.

4. Sun2Solar solar blankets are made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles. These bubbles work together to collect and retain heat both at night and even on those chilly days. Now you don’t even need any standard toe dip.

5. There is a trimming option so that you can trim the cover and fit it to your pool properly.

6. Solar blanket gives heat retention facility so that the warmth generated throughout the day does not drop too much.


  • Heat retention facility
  • Attractive design and color
  • Trimming option
  • Minimizes 95% water evaporation


  • Prone to rip if handled carelessly

8. Blue Wave NS115 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools, 21-ft, Blue

This pool cover retain heat with thermal cells trap and makes your swimming comfortable even in summer days. It is a ling-lasting pool cover that can even extend the season by increasing the temperature p to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why it is extraordinary above pool cover?

Blue Wave NS115 8-mil Solar Blanket

1. This attractive pool cover is suitable for round above ground pools. It is made of  UV-protected polymer, and the solar blankets are resistant to the deterioration caused by chemicals and UV radiation.

2. It can minimize water evaporation by up to 95%. Moreover, chemical evaporation can also be reduced by the active use of the solar blanket. Thus, it will save both your time and money.

3. The passive heating option raises the temperature of your swimming pool by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it makes your swimming comfortable in all the seasons.

4. The amazing product comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Long-lasting
  • Heat retention facility
  • Minimizing chemical and water evaporation
  • Temperature raising feature
  • Easy handling


  • A bit thinner

9.  Intex 12-Foot Round Easy Set Pool Cover

We reached almost end of the winter pool cover reviews. Now it’s time to demonstrate another high-quality and durable pool winter covers above ground.

The speciality of this above ground pool cover is that it can cover so well to keep your pool out of the reach of debris such as trash, leaves, etc. It works perfectly with Intex Easy Set, QuickSet, Summer Escapes, Fast Set and Sand N Sun style pools.

Why it is the best above ground pool cover?

1. With the inflatable top ring this pool cover with many kinds of pools.

2. It comes in a simple style which makes it easy to use and handle. Its dimensions are 12ft by 12in.

3. Moreover, the pool cover does have drain holes that help to prevent water accumulation. The most attractive feature of this pool cover is that it can make a snug fit over the edge of the pool.

4. It is mainly suitable for small and round pools. Though it is small in size, still durable enough to last long.


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with many different styles
  • Easy to use


  • Too small in size

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