How to choose the right pool cleaner?

There are many types of pool cleaner in the market, but how to choose the right pool cleaner for your swimming pool. Getting the sparkling clean pool water is not a dream anymore. It can be a reality if you have an ideal pool cleaner.

In this article, I am going to mention some of the tips and tricks that will help you a lot to choose the right pool cleaner for your backyard paradise.

How to choose the right pool cleaner like a pro?

Pool Surface

You need to know about your pool and the sort of surface, first of all. Most cleaners can manage any pool surface nowadays.

You should look for a robotic cleaner for the fiberglass or stick tile pool floor.

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Pool Size

Pool size is important for choosing a suitable pool cleaner for your home. This is because there is a set length of cable for every pool cleaner.

To find later that you need a cleaner with an extended cable length, you don’t need to buy one. To enter each corner of the pool from the power supply, the cleaner has to have ample cable.

And since the power supply needs to be 12 feet from the edge of the pool, you want to take this into account in your order. For pools, consider both depth and height.

Filter Size

Debris or dirt scale, short for micrometer, is measured in microns. The smaller the value of the micron, the smaller the debris the filter of a robot cleaner can clean.

Your robotic cleaner will disinfect and clean the water with low-micron baskets or filter bags. Descriptive words do not matter, such as ‘mesh’ or ‘perfect’. If you want to clean your pool, make sure the value of the micron is minimal.

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Washing Jets

Some versions of robot pool cleaners use jets for power washing, and others use brushes. If in your pool you have grit, silt, or dirt particles, then the way to go is with power jets.

Washing jets also work well on pool surfaces that cannot be reached by normal brushes.


Ensure that any robot pool cleaner offers you the longest warranty possible. You’re compensated by the manufacturer if there is any problem with your pool cleaner.

They’re going to repair it for you or they’re going to replace the unit, and you’re not going to suffer a loss. And it’s not cheap to patch a faulty motor or pump on a robotic pool cleaner.

Suction power

Look closely at the suction strength, which is normally measured per minute in gallons.

Over 70–75 GPM is what you need for a high suction. The pool cleaner gets more potent as the amount goes up.

Features You Focus on to Pick the Right Pool Cleaner 

If you’re looking for a magical cleaning solution for your swimming pool then the robotic pool cleaner is the best option for you. Here are some of the best robotic pool cleaner in the market you may check out;

Check out these result-driven robotic pool cleaner in the market

Robotic pool cleaners

These are intelligent robots that navigate your pool and can be programmed to cover various shapes of pools and operating times. If you love to see all the work done for you while relaxing in the sun next to the pool, then these cleaners are for you.

Robotic pool cleaners not only look amazing at the next point of pool cleaning, but they do the best job. They are knowledgeable, attentive and work independently.

If you buy a robotic pool cleaner, savings on energy costs, water savings and reductions in chemical bills for pools will be compensated.

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Suction Pool Cleaner

The power of suction is used by this sort of cleaner to clean your pool. This works by adding the suction to the pump of the pool to gather debris and then sending it to the filter of your pool. The suction side vacuums bind to the skimmer of your pool and are typically the most economical of all vacuums in the pool.

There are positives and negatives to this type of cleaner, like any product. It puts a lot of tension on your pool pump and filter, although it’s cheap. Vacuum cleaners are the cheapest and simplest to install by far.

You’ll set it up when you need it with this form of cleaner and then remove it from the pool when the cleaning period is done.

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Pressure Pool Cleaners

This form of pool cleaner uses pressure to clean your pool, as its namesake implies. The system uses pressure to pull debris where it can be collected and disposed of into a filter container. Pressure side vacuums operate with a dedicated booster pump line or with your pool’s water return port.

A pressure cleaner has the advantage of putting less wear and tear on your pool pump and making it easy to repair. Be conscious, though, that they also need a secondary pump.

This type of cleaner is best for tight cleaning. Besides, hard-to-reach corners and anything from very fine sand to leaves and even small rocks can be collected. They are considerably quicker than suction cleaners, but they are more costly.

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