Zodiac MX6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner reviews

Do you want to buy a suction-side pool cleaner for your in-ground swimming pool? If you, then keep reading the Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner reviews. Here, I am going to provide the Zodiac mx6 review which is one of the most popular and high-performing suction-side pool cleaners in the market. You will get all the questions answered about the unit, at the same time it is compared with a robotic pool cleaner and other models. So, let’s dive into the Zodiac mx6 automatic in ground pool cleaner reviews.

However, when it comes to the best suction side pool cleaner many people face it as one of the biggest trouble. At the same time, many pool experts review a bunch of pool cleaners in one article. As a result, a beginner often faces difficulty picking one from a range collection. Yes, it is confusing to come up with a decision.

To solve this problem I have decided to write a review about the Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner which is one of the most powerful and famous pool cleaners in the market because of its optimum performance as well as durability and cleaning efficiency.

Resultantly, you will not go through any confusion that which one you will take to clean the pool perfectly.

The Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner comes from a renowned brand namely Zodiac which has a very strong reputation in the swimming pool industry to manufacture the best suction pool cleaner.

If you are thinking of buying the high-quality at the same time result-driven suction pool cleaner then it must be one of the great choices for you.

The cleaner is designed to provide top-notch performance. That means it has a great capacity to meet your cleaning needs.

Suction Pool Cleaner vs Robotic Head to Head Comparison

In the Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner reviews, I am going to compare the Suction side pool cleaner VS Robotic pool cleaners. When it comes to pool cleaner many people go through an ocean of confusion and they are unable to make any decision.

In that case, to fix this problem and make your better understand I have decided to add a suction pool cleaner vs robotic pool cleaner comparison that will help you a lot make an instant decision that is suitable for you as per your budget and necessity.

Suction pool cleaner

A suction-side pool cleaner depends solely on your pool’s pump to give the suction to gather up flotsam and jetsam. It has a long hose that will associate with the skimmer at the water consumption valve. The cleaner at that point turns into a water-based vacuum cleaner moving around the pool in a foreordained example.

They can move very high on the sides of the pool and are easy to use for first-time swimming pool owners. You should have a working pool siphon in great condition, and you’ll have to discharge the filter and clear out the skimmer container after each utilization.

A few models have their filter bag however most depend on your pool’s filter to catch the flotsam and jetsam. Since the pump is giving all the ability to these cleaners, your electric bill will essentially be higher than with the robotic pool cleaners. They likewise put an extra strain on your pool’s filter, yet it is probably the least expensive cleaner accessible.

Robotic pool cleaner

Beginning at the top as far as cost and usability, automated cleaners don’t require any exertion once you’ve customized them and dropped them in the water. As the name would recommend, they are automated; along these lines, totally self-driving once they’re in progress.

They shouldn’t be connected to your pool’s siphon or watercourse framework. It comes with a filter bag or capture framework. They are actually, plug and play the machine, there is no additional hassle.

Connect them with power – with an appropriately long additional cord obviously – and turn them free in the water. Leave and return a couple of hours after the fact to a spotless pool. When utilizing a robotic pool cleaner, it assists to turn your pool’s pump off so all the soil and garbage settles to the base where it very well may be gathered up by the robot.

This facilitates the mileage on your pool’s pump and filtration system, consequently broadening its helpful life. You’ll have to clear out the robot’s filter after each utilization, yet that is it. They’re costly but highly efficient and worth it.

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Is the Zodiac mx6 suction pool cleaner for leaves?

What do you think? Is the unit suitable for leaves? Get noticed that keep reading the Zodiac mx6 automatic in ground pool cleaner reviews. It’s not a simple task to keep your pool immaculate. It appears as though every time you turn away there are leaves, dirt, and other garbage gathered in the base.

Yet, there’s a more effective solution than a ceaseless fight equipped with a monster pool rake. It’s known as a suction pool cleaner. Seemingly one of the most helpful pieces of pool innovation, it’s your answer to keep the base of your pool superbly spotless and leave-free all the time.

If you are looking for the best suction pool cleaner for leaves then surely the Zodiac MX6 suction pool cleaner will be an ideal choice for you. The cleaner is designed to remove the leaves from the pool perfectly.

As a result, you will experience super clean pool water without any hassle.

Why the Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner?

You may be wondering why the Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner when there are many suction pool cleaners, is available in the market? In this case, I would ask you a series of questions.

Are you looking for the best suction pool cleaner? Do you need optimum cleaning performance without spending a lot? Do you want to clean the pool within a short time? What is the best suction pool cleaner from Zodiac? Just think for a minute?

If your answer is yes, for all the questions then I highly prefer to buy the Zodiac mx6 automatic pool cleaner. Because this suction pool cleaner answers all of your questions. Besides, the Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Pool Cleaner is a peaceful and incredible suctions cleaner that works with low-speed siphons to clean with the most extreme effectiveness.

It is keenly intended to expand attachment to the pool surface and abstain from getting hung-up on lights, filters spread, fittings, and other pool highlights.

I think you got the answer that why the MX6 is one of the best suction pool cleaners that stands out in the crowd? Do have more questions, comments below, I will answer shortly. 

Is the Zodiac mx6 suction automatic pool vacuum worth buying?

Do you want to know this question’s answer? Stay focus on the Zodiac mx6 review and move on. Compared to the robotic pool cleaner, buying the Zodiac mx6 suction automatic pool vacuum is a safe investment. You do not have to spend a lot to keep your pool clean and shiny all the time. 

The cleaner is super quiet, ground-breaking, and all-around associated, the Zodiac is certifiably not substantial with your nearby sorted-out wrongdoing ring however the grit and grime at the base of your pool probably won’t get that.

This suction-side pool cleaner continues ahead, not making an object about the garbage in the base of your pool except if it hits a major leaf or some other vent or filter at the base of your pool.

It’s not muddled and it’s completely quiet, yet it is strong and it has quite a great pull. It likewise won’t set you back a ton of cash. Most importantly, if you see the reviews on Amazon from the current user of the cleaner, then you will see that it has more than 60 % 5-star reviews which ensure the performance of the cleaner.

In the end, I would if you are looking for a hassle-free and performance-oriented pool cleaner then it would be the best choice for you.

What others are saying about the Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner?

The Zodiac MX6 depends on online surveys, a well-known swimming pool cleaner. It merits going into this understanding two or three things, beginning with the way that pool cleaners as an apparatus will, in general, be truly disagreeable.

Individuals spend a great deal of cash on them and do it trusting that it will address a ton of issues. At last, a great deal of frustration is the outcome.

The Zodiac mx6 suction automatic pool vacuum is, among pool cleaners, extremely reasonable. This makes the potential for unreasonable desires in wording from underspending and over expecting. Be that as it may, this one works superbly in coordinating speculation with desire. Individuals don’t spend an excessively high price to get it, however, get a decent cleaning from it in any case.

Around seventy-five percent of individuals who leave online surveys state they had positive encounters with it. That is a great rate. The vast majority of the positive reviews were as simple as the cleaner itself. It simply works superbly of cleaning without making a ton of related show.

There were a few people discontent with their experience. A ton of these individuals said they couldn’t get it to fit the floor to make it work appropriately.

Others said that it didn’t make total showing cleaning pools. For the most part, it involved getting this present cleaner’s suction properties to work effectively for their pool.

For most users, in any case, the Zodiac MX6 was an exceptionally positive encounter. In any event, representing the way that pool cleaners will, in general, be disliked items, it is dearest by individuals who get it.

It’s peaceful, compelling, and best of all-powerful. For a suctions side pool cleaner, that is true as sound support as you can anticipate.

Best features of the Zodiac mx6 suction automatic pool vacuum

Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner reviews

Most probably it is one of the key considerations while buying the best suction pool cleaner. In that case, it can be said that the Zodiac mx6 suction automatic pool vacuum comes with a range of superior features which made it one of the desirable pool cleaners in the market.

However, it comes with a range of effective features but I am going to mention only the top features. I think it will help you a lot to make your decision instant.

Why are we waiting for? let’ see the key features of the cleaner;

Easy hose connection

One waiting headache for each pool owner is getting their cleaner moving in any case. Some portion of that is ensuring they realize how to turn it on and make it move. Some portion of that is the straightforward, yet frequently disturbing, attaching hoses.

The Zodiac mx6 automatic suction side pool cleaner vacuum accompanies simple interfacing hoses that make the arrangement a snap. When associated, they’re intended to turn around rather than hold set up.

This implies less operational mileage on your hoses. It likewise implies the associating teeth don’t get stripped.

Energy efficient

The Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner accompanies a stream control valve to ensure ideal execution without squandering a great deal of vitality. It likewise implies that you can work it with a variable-speed siphon or a siphon working with as meager as 25 gallons for each moment of suction.

That makes it perfect for individuals who own little in-ground pools, where pumps commonly don’t work at elevated levels of suctions.

Cyclonic cleaning

In the Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner reviews, I am going to highlight another exciting feature of the unit. The MX6 accompanies a solitary, incredible turbine that kicks up dirt and flotsam and jetsam from the base of your pool so it can get sucked into more cleaning.

This doesn’t simply help it in forcefully cleaning your pool surfaces, it additionally encourages it to climb dividers and steps and clean those, as well.

Quiet operation

Not only me but also many people consider noise as bothering. If you feel the same then I have good news for you. The device is designed and manufactured to work calmly.

It doesn’t come up with moving parts for the Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner. Interface it to the pull side of your pool’s course system and let it go. That implies a basic, low-bother activity.

As a pool owner, that offers a genuine upside, which hushes up activity. The MX6 will clean your pool as unobtrusively as a mouse in the chapel, permitting you to sit close to it and get some significant downtime for relaxation.

Zodiac mx6 automatic suction side pool cleaner vacuum specifications;

  1. Pool Type: Inground & Aboveground
  2. Cleaner Type: Suction cleaning robot
  3. Connection: Skimmer or 1.5″ Vacuum Line
  4. Warranty: 1 Year
  5. Hose Type: Advanced Twist Lock Hose
  6. Traction: X-Drive Technology with X-Trax
  7. Pool Surface(s): Concrete, Tile, Vinyl, and Fiberglass


  • Affordable
  • Optimum performance
  • Durable
  • Quiet and hassle-free operation
  • Suitable for in-ground pool


  • Sometimes it gets struck
Zodiac mx6 in-ground suction side pool cleaner reviews

Zodiac MX6 Vs Baracuda G3 suction side pool cleaner head to head comparison

Zodiac MX6

  1. MX6 works truly well and does a touch of brushing/disturbance of the surface. Long thin garbage gets trapped in the impeller and stops it (for example stuff that tumbles off palms), sufficiently simple to clear, however significant. Needs indicated flow. I wouldn’t spare a moment to suggest it for a screened pool.
  2. Peaceful, incredible suction cleaner; works with low-speed pumps for greatest effectiveness.
  3. Eats up little and medium-sized flotsam and jetsam and cleans the floor, dividers, and steps of your whole pool.
  4. Flow Keeper Valve consequently manages the water stream to keep up the top clean.

Baracuda G3

  1. G3 will, in general, get captured a portion of the time in corners or against steps. Fine in freestyle with all or for the most part bent surfaces. Pounding impact troubles a few people (irritating commotion when intensified by a glass pool fence!) The large fold does some brushing/disturbance of the surface (beneficial thing). Simple and easy to keep up.
  2. The inventive low-stream configuration makes it perfect for pools with 2-speed or variable speed pumps.
  3. Cyclonic pull for incredible vacuuming and articulating turbine sharp edge for forceful divider climbing.
  4. Turning hoses are fast associate style for simple assembly.

Zodiac mx6 vs mx8

Zodiac mx6 vs mx8 has a great similarity because they both come from the MX series. For your convenience and better understanding, I have compared both suction pool cleaners head to head. I hope you will know the main difference between these pool cleaners.

Zodiac MX6

The Zodiac mx6 automatic suction side pool cleaner vacuum is a minimized adaptation of the MX8. It doesn’t avoid a beat, cleaning your pool’s floor, dividers, and up to the waterline. The cyclonic suctions include gives prevalent vacuum power simply like the MX8.

The implicit X-Drive Navigation functions as the mind of the MX6. Even though this little person doesn’t move backward, the unit can turn it tracks freely, permitting it to change direction quickly to arrive at the corners and cleft of your pool.

MX6 Pool Cleaner

The MX6 offers ideal suction side cleaning, however, it requires less water flow. The MX Flow Regulator controls an abundance stream, killing squandered vitality and permitting it to be productive at lower speeds.

The capacity to run at a lower stream makes this suction side pool cleaner a perfect decision for pool owners with 2-speed or variable speed pumps. This permits users to run their siphons at lower speeds all the more frequently utilizing less vitality and setting aside your cash on a month to month working expenses.

The MX6 accompanies a 30′ hose (contrasted with 36′ with the MX8). Nonetheless, you can buy additional hose segments (sold in 1-meter areas) if you need them for a bigger pool.

Zodiac MX8

The Zodiac MX8 gets dirt and flotsam and jetsam off your in-ground pools floors and dividers up to the waterline keeping your pool clear and solid. Its wide cleaning way permits it to catch more flotsam and jetsam along its way (contrasted with MX6).

The drawback (to both the MX8 and MX6) is that it battles with tacky garbage. This sort of flotsam and jetsam can get stopped up in the propeller, so if you have that kind of garbage in your pool, you could consider different choices here.

The MX8 utilizes a protected Flex Power Turbine innovation which permits the cleaner to perform at flow rates as low as 20 GPM. This implies decreased vitality utilization and less mileage on your pool siphon.

There is a removable filter get together which can be flipped to concentrate on enormous or little flotsam and jetsam. The MX8 associates with your skimmer or devoted suction line, passing the flotsam and jetsam into your skimmer container and pool filter.

The MX8 moves the two advances (forwards and backward) and in reverse to cover each nook and corner of your pool surface – from floors to the waterline.

How does the Zodiac mx6 work?

The MX6 accompanies a solitary, amazing turbine that kicks up soil and flotsam and jetsam from the base of your pool so it can get sucked into the cleaner.

This doesn’t simply help it in forcefully cleaning your pool surfaces, it likewise causes it to climb dividers and steps and clean those, as well.

For what reason is my zodiac pool cleaner not working?

If your cleaner stops and starts: Check the pull stream utilizing your pool beat. Check the pool cleaner hose for any air spills and. Check the diaphragm in your Zodiac pool cleaner.

Do you leave your pool cleaner in the pool?

The suction cleaners are left in the pool constantly as certain individuals decide to swim with them as it is simpler. The issue is, for at least 8 hours every day in summer, the suction cleaner is scouring over the pool surface. If you have a rough surface, this will wear a cleaner skirt and some different parts.

Why the zodiac mx6 not climbing walls?

If Zodiac MX6/MX8 isn’t climbing your dividers, make sure the flow is right by tallying wheel speed. Additionally, ensure the surface of the pool isn’t covered in green growth as this elusive surface will influence the cleaner’s footing.

Why is zodiac mx6 pool cleaner not moving?

If your Zodiac mx6 automatic suction pool cleaner stops and starts, the main thing you should do is check the suction flow getting through the hose. You will require your siphon for this activity.

When we’ve done that and the pool cleaner despite everything isn’t working appropriately, at that point we should check the hose for leaks.