Hayward W3HP21404T Review: Increase Your Swim Season!

Do you want a heat pump to turn your pool water cold to comfortable? Are you seeking a reliable and hassle-free pool heating pump? Let’s take a look at the Hayward W3HP21404T, a reliable, high-performing and efficient pool heater.

The Hayward 140k Btu Heat Pump is an economical and environmentally-friendly heater that works smoothly and tirelessly. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the Hayward W3HP21404T review, and get to know what it has to offer.

Key Features of Hayward W3HP21404T HeatPro Pump

The Hayward W3HP21404T HeatPro Heat Pump stands out as an exceptional choice for in-ground pools, particularly those in coastal environments where durability against corrosion is crucial. In this Hayward W3HP21404T review, let’s find its key features:

1. Efficient Heating Technology

The Hayward 140k Btu Heat Pump utilizes the surrounding air to efficiently heat the pool, making it a cost-effective alternative to propane, natural gas, and electric heaters. By harnessing ambient air, it maintains the pool’s temperature while minimizing energy consumption, making it an economical choice for regular pool users.

2. Ultra Gold Corrosion-Resistant Technology

Hayward’s Ultra Gold corrosion-resistant technology ensures exceptional durability, even in harsh coastal environments. The heat pump is designed to withstand saltwater and chemical corrosion, providing long-lasting performance and reliability. This feature is crucial for coastal regions where traditional heaters may degrade rapidly due to exposure to salt and other corrosive elements.

3. Titanium Heat Exchanger

The heat pump is equipped with a titanium heat exchanger, which facilitates maximum heat transfer and provides excellent resistance to saltwater and chemical corrosion. This ensures efficient heating performance and extends the lifespan of the equipment, even in challenging pool environments.

4. UV-Resistant Body Panels

The heat pump features UV-resistant body panels that are impervious to corrosion and deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. This further enhances the durability of the unit, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition for years to come.

5. Compact Design

The compact design of the Hayward 140k Btu Heat Pump allows for easy installation and service on both new and existing pools. Its streamlined profile minimizes space requirements and simplifies maintenance tasks, making it a convenient choice for pool owners.

6. Trusted Brand

With over 80 years of experience, Hayward is a trusted industry leader in manufacturing advanced pool equipment. The brand’s reputation for quality and reliability instills confidence in consumers, ensuring that the HeatPro heat pump is backed by superior craftsmanship and customer support.

Hayward W3HP21404T Specification

Hayward w3hp21404t heatpro 140 000 btu pool heat pump for in-ground pools

the Hayward 140k Btu Heat pump offers high performance, energy efficiency, and unparalleled durability. It is an excellent investment for pool owners seeking to maintain optimal water temperature year-round. Especially in coastal environments. Now find the Hayward W3HP21404T specs.

  • The Hayward heatpro btu comes with 140k BTU that is enough to get the utmost output and heat the pool within a very short time.
  • Specially designed for a large in-ground pool.
  • With this heater, you can easily maintain the temperature ideally.
  • Comes with a 100% commercial grade Titanium heat exchanger to ensure the highest heat transfer.
  • Titanium heat exchanger features help to work in saltwater and are chemical abrasion-resistant.
  • For consistent use and to heat the pool naturally Hayward is best overall.
  • The Hayward heatpro is made with anti-corrosion and rust-resistant metal to ensure its highest viability and protect from any damage.
  • More compatible and works with high intensity even in the worst and adverse conditions.
  • The Hayward W3HP21404T is economical and more effective than other natural gas, propane, and electric gas heaters because it uses surrounding air to complete the heating task.
  • It can perfectly manage the water temperatures and balance the temperatures very diligently.
  • The heater is coated with an ultra-gold abrasion-resistant technology. It allows protecting the machine from uncertain damage. Also, deliver ultimate performance till the end.
  • The Hayward W3HP21404T offers the highest durability and maximum performance with its innovative features.
  • The outer body is sealed with UV-protected material that protects from the Sun heat.
  • Hayward is one of the trusty and well-known brands which produces durable and reliable pool accessories.
  • Abrasion-protected evaporator pin delivers utmost viability.
  • The weight of this product is not more than 320 Pounds.

How Does Hayward Heatpro Stand Out?

In the Hayward W3HP21404T review now we will tell you how this heater stands out in the competition. According to its outstanding features, you may easily understand why Hayward Heatpro is the best equipment for your pool. Significantly, it comes with some exceptional features that make it the best pool heater for every pool owner.

Let’s look at the unbelievable features that make it unique.

1. Specialty

The Hayward W3HP21404T is standard for any in-ground pool of more than 15,000 gallons of the water swimming pool. It incorporates the advanced titanium heat exchanger to provide maximum heat transfer tirelessly.

The Hayward HeatPro pool heat pump is an economical and environmentally-friendly heater. It heats the pool or spa effortlessly. The most enticing feature of this unit is it uses surrounding air to heat the pool.

It is more than good compared with other natural gas heaters and electric heaters. It provides excellent and powerful heating and cooling performance till the end.

2. Durability

This pool heater is made by the renowned and reputed brand named Hayward. Hayward is one of the well-known brands known for providing and producing quality products for a long time.

Also, Hayward heatpro is made of ultra-gold corrosion-resistant material that ensures maximum durability even in adverse climates. With proper use and utilization, a pool heat pump like the HeatPro 140,000 BTU pool heat pump will last up to 10 years easily.

3. User-friendly

Undoubtedly, this pool heat pump is convenient, easy to use and a very handheld heater for every pool owner. In addition, it is a computerizing pool heat pump that heats the whole pool using the surrounding air.

Hayward heat pump has a temperature controlling function that allows you to set the temperature easily.

Hayward 140k Btu Heat Pump


  • Energy-efficient and reliable.
  • More compatible and durable enough to last long.
  • More economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Rust-resistant and UV-protected Body.


  • Slightly heavy makes it hard to exchange and replace from one place to another.


To conclude the Hayward W3HP21404T review, we must say that the it is a top-tier choice for in-ground pools. It offers efficient heating, durability against corrosion, and easy installation. Its key features include ultra gold corrosion-resistant technology, a titanium heat exchanger, UV-resistant body panels, and a compact design.

Ideal for coastal environments, Hayward 140k Btu Heat Pump is an economical and reliable solution for maintaining optimal water temperature throughout the swim season.