Meet the Raypak 336k BTU Pool Heater to Enjoy More, Freeze Less

Just think for a minute that it’s a crisp autumn evening, the leaves rustling gently in the breeze, and you’re craving a dip in your pool. But wait, isn’t it too chilly? Not anymore. You should enter the Raypak 336k BTU pool heater to extend swimming seasons and uninterrupted aquatic enjoyment.

It is crafted to withstand the whims of Mother Nature, this pool heater is more than just a gadget. It’s a testament to durability, efficiency, and convenience. With its intermittent spark ignition pilot safety controls, you can rest assured that heat is only generated when needed. It will keep your energy bills in check while prioritizing safety.

So, if you’re ready to take your pool experience to the next level, look no further than the Raypak 336k BTU pool heater. With its unbeatable blend of performance, reliability, and innovation. It’s the ultimate solution for turning your backyard oasis into a year-round retreat.

Key Benefits of Raypak 336k BTU Pool Heater

  • The design is first-rate, with feature-rich devices that provide you with an attractive, sturdy, streamlined, and effortless performance. A robust heating system versus a water-borne heating system because of the polyester-coated material and non-corrosive cabinet.
  • The device is made to withstand wind resistance, which is great for eliminating drafting concerns. This heater is engineered to control the flow rate without human intervention. You can increase the heat exchanger temperature above 105oF helps to keep the water temperature stable. One of the best in the market when it comes to heating capacities is capable of handling flow rates of up to 125GPM.
  • To suit customer requirements, this product provides two control alternatives. Digital electronic ignition is another way to describe a millivolt design.
  • These construction materials are 100% non-corrosive and rust-resistant and will be in service for a lifetime. This is a very dependable and long-term system, helping to keep overall ownership costs down.
  • It is simple to use. To alter the temperature and mode, press the three buttons on the control panel. On the display screen, you can see the current temperature of the heater, which might be the amount of oil in the tank, the air pressure in the system, the fuel pressure, or a mix of all three. With this information at your disposal, you won’t have any problems figuring out the performance of the water.

Most Prominent Features of Raypak 336K BTU Pool Heater

Raypak 336k BTU pool heater

1. Remote Compatible

Most of the control and remote systems for pools in the market today are compatible with Raypak Digital. To incorporate your two- or three-wire remote with your pool control system, any two- or three-wire remote will do.

2. Wind Resistant Design

Raypak Digital boasts the most beautiful design among current outdoor products. This natural gas pool heater is built with a special low-profile design for outdoor applications.

In designing this pool and spa heater, the designer went beyond to make it virtually unstoppable. The Raypak 336k BTU pool heater defends itself from leaves falling, wind, flying debris, rain, downdrafts, updrafts, sleet, snow, etc.

On the other hand, it is well constructed and is perfectly capable of performing continuously, no matter what the conditions. Built to last Raypak.

3. Polytuff Finished Powder Coating

Raypak 336k BTU pool heater is constructed of polyester-coated, non-corrosive, solvent- and water-resistant metal. To ensure the powder paint adheres perfectly, all-metal pieces are washed in a seven-stage wash technique.

You will find galvanized metal that offers improved rust prevention and years of enduring service underneath the rugged and beautiful coating.

4. Copper Fin Tube Heat Exchanger

The standard feature of all Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Pool Heater is a copper-finned tube. In other words, the fin tubing is a single extruded piece of copper tubing.

Heat transfer is maximized since the fins are integrated with the tube. The durable design tube bundle is standard in all Raypak Digital boilers.

5. High Flow Rates

An automatic bypass is built into the header of the Raypak gas heater. To handle a flow rate of up to 125 GPM, the heater is equipped.

6. Fire Tile

An excellent way to maintain your heater while also keeping the outer jacket cool is by using a ceramic fiber combustion box.

The Raypak 336 000 BTU pool heater is protected from the remaining heat after it is turned off because it uses the space-age material that prevents heat absorption. It may be put without the use of costly metal heat sinks.

7. Control Options

This system comes with two control options to match your specific needs. Both digital electronic ignition and a millivolt design are available.

To make the digital system operational, the room needs power and produces a pilot only when a need for heat is made. It makes setting up straightforward and providing clear diagnostics and easy connections to remote controls a breeze.

8. Wind-Resistant Design

The Raypak 336 000 BTU pool heater has a unique low-profile design that assists in the drafting process when it is used in an outside environment. The elements that typically strangle ordinary pool and spa heaters are included in this product’s design to protect it.

Raypak 336,000 BTU


  • You will have no trouble installing this on your own, even if you have no prior plumbing knowledge.
  • It is ludicrously effective about the copper fin tube heat exchanger.
  • This versatile pool and spa heater are both durable and sturdy.
  • Non-rusting materials are used in the outside areas.
  • It runs at decibel levels much lower than comparable heaters.


  • It’s difficult to get the system set up.
  • The warranty comes with a short guarantee period.


The Raypak 336k BTU pool heater is for anyone seeking to extend their swim season and enhance their poolside experience.

With its advanced technology, durability, and eco-friendly design. This heater offers unmatched performance and convenience.