Hayward HAXGSV0005 150-400 Ds Natural Gas Valve Replacement

Are you looking for the best gas valve replacement for your Hayward H-series pool heater? Then, Hayward HAXGSV0005 150-400 Ds Natural Gas Valve will be a perfect choice.

There is no substitute for gas valves to keep the flow of gas in the pool heater. And if you want to swim in the swimming pool with maximum pleasure, there is no alternative to the pool heater. It can be said that one complements the other. In this case, it is important to connect a good-quality gas valve. This gas valve fits all the Hayward H-series models.

Key Features of Hayward HAXGSV0005 150-400 Ds Natural Gas Valve

The Hayward HAXGSV0005 150-400 Ds Natural Gas Valve comes to fit all the Hayward H-series models. Also, it has lots of high-class and exceptional features. With these features, it can perfectly control and regulate the gas. Most importantly, it reduces overflowing and explosions.

Here are its exceptional features.

  • Gas valve replacement part for the Hayward H-series ed1 style pool heater.
  • It is a 150-400 Ds Natural gas valve.
  • It not only balances the gas flow but also balances the pool temperature.
  • Made of corrosion-resistant, anti-rust, and waterproof metal and plastic.
  • It fits only Natural gas pool heater models.
  • The gas valve controls the flow of the natural gas to your Hayward H-series pool heat pump.
  • This gas valve is perfect for the Hayward pool heater models H150ED2, H200ED2, H2500ED2, H300ED2, H350ED2, and H400ED2.
  • It can replace broken, missing, or damaged pool heater gas valves that help the pool heater run smoothly and leak-free.
  • The part number of this gas valve is HAXGSV0005.
  • It is a silver color gas valve and the weight of this valve is 2.8 pounds.
  • The dimensions of this valve are 7.6 x 5.6 x 4.8 inches.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Where do you use this gas valve replacement?

The 250-400 DS gas valve replacement is compatible with all the Hayward natural gas pool heater models H150ED2, H200ED2, H2500ED2, H300ED2, H350ED2, and H400ED2. Remember to make sure it fits with your model number and replace the old one with this natural gas valve replacement.

How to replace this gas valve?

Firstly, remove the old gas valve using a 12-inch or larger adjustable wrench. Then, turn off the power to the furnace and shut off the gas supply unthread retaining knots securing the above access panel. Finally, use pipe wrenches to separate the gas supply.

How does the Hayward gas valve replacement stand out in the competition?

To keep your pool temperature enjoyable, you need a pool heater. But it is necessary to keep your pool heater well. The most important part of the pool heater is a gas valve. Because a gas valve helps the heater run smoothly and flow the gas perfectly.


It is designed especially for the Hayward natural gas pool heat pump. It can control the flow of natural gas in the pool heater. Most importantly, it contributes a lot to keep your pool heater in good shape. In addition, it supplies natural gas through the pool heater and flows the gas leak-free.


This DS gas valve is made by Hayward and Hayward is a brand that produces high-quality pool equipment. It is made of rigid plastic and anti-corrosive, rust and water-resistant material. With proper utilization and maintenance, it works fine after a long time.


It is easy to install and maintain. You can set it up hassle-free. It has an on and off system to operate smoothly. You don’t need to hire an expert to install it. You only need to follow the manufacturer’s guide properly.

Hayward HAXGSV0005 Ds VS Hayward FDXLGSV0001 FD

Hayward HAXGSV0005 Ds is fit for the 150-400 pool heater but Hayward FDXLGSV0001 FD is compatible with a low NOx pool heater.

Is the Hayward HAXGSV0005 Ds suitable for your needs?

Enjoying a summer full of fun in the swimming pool is awesome. In the summer season, cool pool water is enjoyable but chilly pool water is not so good for swimming. In this case, the contribution of a pool heater is the most. But, keeping your pool heater well, replacing a gas valve is necessary.


  • It works great and looks gorgeous.
  • Compatible with all Hayward H-series models.
  • Durable and leakage-free.


  • Slightly expensive considering its quality.

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