Natural Gas Valve Replacement for Zodiac Jandy Lite2

Are you seeking the Natural Gas Valve Replacement for Zodiac Jandy Lite2? Well, in this article, I will provide the information about the Zodiac pool heater gas valve replacement. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the Zodiac R0317100 gas valve review.

A large number of harmful elements – fire, natural gas, and electricity are contained in your pool heater. You can only use your pool heater securely thanks to several built-in sensors and switches, which ensure that your pool heater is safe and efficient.

This tiny, lightweight design bundles quite a lot. However, it is more powerful than with the higher heating output that reduces heating time to practically half.

The Zodiac comes with high-quality ASME-certified copper tubes. The Jandy Zodiac pool heater valve is also fitted with special technology that ensures that no heat can escape out of your pool and all is used for the heating process. Let’s have a look below to know more about this Zodiac R0317100 Natural Gas Valve Replacement pool heater.

Zodiac Jandy Lite2 pool heater valve Specifications

  • Item Dimensions: 6.55 x 4.9 x 4.4 inches
  • Type: Valve
  • Power Source: Natural Gass
  • Weight: I lb.
  • Brand: Zodiac
  • Model Number: R0317100
  • Operating Electricity: 24 volt
  • Features and Functions of Jandy Zodiac pool heater valve
  • ASME certified Copper Tubes

The Zodiac Jandy Lite2 pool heater valve has all the proper ingredients to live up to its promises. It’s also resistant to corrosion. Copper tubes are easy-to-operate and digital approved as ASME. They are produced according to high-quality standards to meet their strict needs.

Powerful Heating Capacity

Heating in the Zodiac natural gas heater is supported by the clever heating technology included in its long-term, solid, corrosion-free outdoor panels. This is your ideal natural gas heater for your indoor and outdoor pool. It has a strong healing capacity that would heat your pool in minutes.

Digital Control

To ensure no thermal heat is not lost to the environment and to heat your pool, the finest pool heater uses suitable technology. The computerized controls are readily modified to provide the pool and spa with optimal setup if needed.

Corrosion-free Outer Panel

The sturdy external corrosion-free panel protects this best natural gas heater against any kind of natural gas that can therefore preserve maximum performance for a long time.

This is the ideal gas heater for heating your swimming pool or spa as soon as it becomes cold outdoors. This excellent heater to provide you with comfort and warmth best deals with the lowering ambient temperature.

Installation Guide of Zodiac pool heater gas valve replacement

For outdoor installations, the placement of the heater is determined by exhaust ventilation factors. The heater can be fitted with a vent pipe and a cover to shift the exhaust vent aperture to the position that fulfills the requirements. If the heater is mounted in high wind areas or is inexorably mounted near a vertical blockage, where drainage may occur, the vent cap can be added directly to the top of the heater. In all cases, ventilator pipes and caps must have the same diameter as the heater exhaust outlet.

  1. Avoid long horizontal runs and 90° elbows, reductions, and limits in the ventilation pipe. Horizontal runs should have an increment of at least 1/4 inch every foot towards flow. Avoid heat winds close to air conditioning or air supply fans.
  2. The supporters might collect exhaust flue products from the heater and return them to the building, causing a health concern. Don’t put the ventilation terminal where flue products can impact building materials and cause damage.
  3. Vent opening must be far away from trees or other obstacles preventing the free air movement to and from the vent terminal. Do not stop the vent below decks, stairways, or carports. Make sure that all loops are supported so that connections do not separate and the weight of the loop does not sit on the heater draught hood.
  4. All joints using rustproof metal sheet screws should be manufactured. Do not soften or attach the fan pipe to the heater drain hood. For typical heater servicing and inspection, the draft hood and heater top must be freely removable.
  5. Set the sediment trap in front of the gas controls. Put a threaded cap on the trap and can be removed for cleaning. 5. Install a service and security manual gas shutdown valve. Don’t use a gas cock restrictive.
  6. Dismantle the gas supply system during pressures of more than 1/2 pounds per square inch from the heater and its shut-off valve. When the pressure for the test is equal to or below 1/2 psi, close the manual valve for the shut-off of the heater during the pressure test.
  7. Check for underlying pipes between the meter and the heater, restricting connectome, or an undersized gas meter if the gas supply pressure is less than required.

Benefits of Natural Gas Valve Replacement for Zodiac Jandy Lite2

pool heater gas valve replacement
  • The gas valve in your heater controls the gas flow, ensuring that your pond is at the appropriate temperature and does not overheat your device. Over time, this gas has been used extensively and can be damaged or corrosive, especially during hard winters. If you have a Zodiac brand swimming pool heater, you can discover the gas replacement valve you require.
  • Zodiac R0317100 Gas Valve is designed for natural gas heaters and natural gas heaters in Lite2LD, Lite2LG, and Lite2LJ. This little item serves an important function in keeping your heater working and can alleviate gas flow problems. It is vital to remember that gas valves will differ between models and manufacturers and that the part you purchase will fit your current heater.
  • For a gas or pool heater, it’s one of the easiest parts of the week to change a broken gas valve and that can be done within minutes. Make sure the R0317100 Zodiac Gas Valve fits your existing model, and you can back up your heater to enjoy the summer.


  • Works great for all types of outdoor pools and spas.
  • Has great heating efficiency.
  • Great heat exchange capacity.
  • Eco-friendly and easy to control.
  • Compact design and corrosion-free panel.


  • Noisy to operate.
  • Only work on natural gas.

What to look for when you buy the best natural gas pool heater?

Controlling Feature

The ideal way for your heater is to utilize the controls conveniently and easily. The majority of heaters are equipped with a knob to adjust the temperature desired.

Others have a touchscreen and other characteristics of an LCD screen; others may include a timer, the monitoring process, and an efficient display. However, they will certainly cost you a few more bucks. If you are within a budget and do not require anything specific, then a simple adjustment system like a button is more than sufficient.

Maintenance Cost

Gas pool heaters generally cost less than electric pool heaters. However, their operational costs may differ according to your status.

Heaters in gas pools commonly use natural gas or propane as fuel. If your house has a gas line, natural gas is surely the way to go here because it would be cheaper and easier to find. Propane is more versatile, on the other hand, because it does not depend on your gas connection but is more expensive and must be delivered frequently. There are, however, additional aspects that affect the operating cost of your gas heater that you should consider when choosing to purchase a gas pool heater.

Various efficiencies also affect your running costs. You can now readily buy versions with an efficiency of 85% to 95% as mentioned on the label.

Durability and Flexibility

If you are seeking a product that undoubtedly offers quality, selects very durable models constructed of resistant material. Ensure the unit you buy is supplied with a heat exchanger. Headers made of polymer or resin are vital to make your gas pool heater more smooth and adjust well under different situations.

 Appropriate maintenance also plays a vital part in ensuring the proper operation of your item. You may need to tune your pool once a year and clean it properly. If you care about your heater, it can endure for up to many years.


The gas heaters run on propane or gas burned in a heating chamber. The pool water is heated as this chamber comes into contact. A heat pump uses electricity to collect heat and transfer it into cold water from outside the air. Solar heating systems flow water from collectors that use the sun as a heat source.


Up to 20 years should be a well-maintained solar pool heating system. The actual life span of any pool heater can be reduced by exposure to harsh weather, inconsistent power supplies, overuse, or inappropriate operation. Manufacturers normally give each unit a guide on proper use and maintenance.

Zodiac R0317100 Natural Gas Valve Replacement heater is a wonderful natural gas heater at a mid-level price. It offers all the useful features in this pricing. Zodiac R0317100 Natural Gas Valve Replacement offers such remarkable qualities, making it currently available more than other natural gas swimming pool heaters.

You won’t be frustrated by buying this pool heater. You would be able to enjoy your outdoor swimming activities properly with this amazing gas pool heater.

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