Hayward FDXLGSV0002 FD Propane Gas Valve Replacement

Do you have a Hayward pool heat pump? Are you looking for the best replacement parts like the gas valve for your heater? Then, Hayward FDXLGSV0002 FD Propane Gas Valve Replacement would be the best option. A gas valve is an important part of any pool heat pump.

Replacing a gas valve is necessary. It causes damage while it gets old. Having a pool heater is great. If you love to have some fun in your pool during winter, you need a pool heater. But, to keep the gas flow rate of the pool heater, you need to replace the gas valve.

Top features and benefits of Hayward FDXLGSV0002 FD Propane Gas Valve Replacement

Undoubtedly, Hayward produces long-lasting and high-quality pool accessories for a long time. Hayward FDXLGSV0002 FD Propane Gas Valve Replacement is a high-quality gas valve. To keep the gases flowing right, it has no alternative. But, before buying you need to know the available features of this equipment.

Hayward FD propane gas valve replacement
  • It is suitable for a pool heat pump with low NOx.
  • Especially, fits with the Hayward universal H – Series models h150fdn, h150fdp, h200fdn, h200fdp, h250fdn, h250fdp.
  • Also, you can set up this gas valve with the Hayward models like h300fdn, h300fdp, h350fdn, h350fdp, h400fdn, h400fdp.
  • It is an FD propane gas valve that works great while operating.
  • It comes with a chemical-proof and corrosion-resistant metal.
  • Not too hard to install. You can set it manually by yourself.
  • The item weight is 2.05 Pounds. You can carry it easily while installing.
  • Don’t have any leakage, and it fits perfectly.
  • You can get genuine Hayward gas valve replacement.
  • It can control the gas flow rate and runs with electromagnetic power.
  • It also helps to balance the pool temperature and quick sense function to find quickly whether the pool is heated or not.

Where do you use Hayward FDXLGSV0002 FD Propane Gas Valve Replacement?

The Hayward pool heater propane gas valve is especially designed for the Hayward universal H-series models h150fdn, h150fdp, h200fdn, h200fdp, h250fdn, h250fdp. It reduces gas overflowing and pressure. Also, it balances the flow of the gas as well.

How to replace the Hayward FD propane gas valve replacement?

It is easy to install. You need to follow some guide from the manufacturer. You can use Teflon tape and threaded pipe to screw the valve back. But you have to make sure first that there is no leakage in the gas valve.

How does the Hayward pool heater propane gas valve stand out in the competition?

To keep your pool heater well, make sure the gas valve is ok. A gas valve matters a lot because the flow of the gas depends on it. It is designed for the Hayward H-series Low NOx pool heater. Here are some of the highly appreciated features that make it fantastic.


This is a propane gas valve replacement and control valve that controls the gas flow. It is made of corrosion-resistant material. Hayward pool heater propane gas valve is more convenient and reliable to regulate and balance the gas flow. It can easily recognize where gas is needed. The Hayward Gas valve replacement makes steady and smooth flow without allowing any gas leaking.


Unlike every gas valve kit, the Hayward pool heater propane gas valve is durable enough to last more than 5 years. It is made by a company named Hayward that is known for delivering high-quality products. It is made of cast Iron that is anti-corrosive and rust-resistant. You need to replace a gas valve after 5 years.


This gas valve replacement is convenient and useful for every pool owner. You can install it effortlessly. Also, it comes with a rotatable button. When you need to operate this, you can simply rotate the button on the right side. In addition, when you need to close the function, you need to rotate it to the left side.

How does this gas valve improve? -Hayward FDXLGSV0002 vs. Hayward FDXLGSV0001

The Hayward FDXLGSV0002 is the latest version of Hayward FDXLGSV0001. Both are almost the same. But FDXLGSV0002 is a propane gas heater, and FDXLGSV0001 is a natural gas heater. Also, Hayward FDXLGSV0002 is made of cast Iron, but Hayward FDXLGSV0001 is made of Copper.


  • Perfect replacement.
  • Affordable and reasonable price.
  • More convenient and provide long service without any leakage.


  • It fits with only Hayward H-series models.

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