2 Best above ground pool vacuum for Intex – Reviews and Top Picks

Are you looking for the best above ground pool vacuum for Intex? Well, without swimming pool summer is totally incomplete, but cleaning the pool in one of the hard work for many people.

In that case, a pool cleaner vacuum can be an excellent solution to clean the pool without much struggle.

However, it is quite challenging to find the best pool cleaner in the market because there are many pool vacuum is available.

Don’t worry, and we are going to narrow down the list and help you to find the best above ground pool vacuum for Intex.

Most importantly, we have tested a bunch of pool vacuum, but we found only two pool vacuums that met our expectations as well as passed our examination.

We have considered price, performance, quality, durability, and user-friendliness.

In this blog, I am going to show that. I think you will get your desired one from here. Let’s dive in;

1. Intex auto pool cleaner

I think nobody will disagree with me that Intex is one of the leading pool vacuum cleaner manufacturer company in the world. The Intex auto pool cleaner is appended by screwing the hose connector to the hose association in your Intex pool.

The cleaner disposes of garbage and residue by utilizing the weight of the water that is pumped once more into the pool. This cleaner is a weight side cleaner instead of a suction-side pool cleaner.

If you are looking for the best above ground pool vacuum for Intex pool, then it is a great option for you.

Besides, if you are looking for a magical pool cleaning solution, then it must be an excellent choice for every above-ground pool owner.

Best above ground pool vacuum for Intex, Auto pool cleaner features

best above ground pool vacuum for Intex

Intex is well-known throughout the world because of their innovative technology. The Intex auto pool cleaner comes with a range of effective and helpful features that play a key role in cleaning the pool easily, simply, and comfortably.

Getting the sparkling clean pool water is not a dream now. It’s time to come to your dream true by the Intex auto pool cleaner.

Compatible with swimming pool system

The greatest thing about this pool cleaner is it is completely compatible with the pool system. You don’t need to replace your filter pump to utilize this cleaner.

All regular filter pumps with stream paces of somewhere in the range of 1,600 and 4,000 GPH are a great idea to go.

That range is like a rating of somewhere in the range of 6,056 and 15,140 liters for each hour.

Would you like to vacuum the whole zone of the floor of your enormous residential pool? This is the pool cleaner that you ought to go for. It switches the course of the vacuum to clean the floor productively.

This makes it perfect for cleaning pools with littler widths.


It’s a medium size pool cleaner which is considered lightweight. The weighs of the pool cleaner are 15.3 pounds, which are easy to store or transport.

I think the weight of the pool cleaner might not be a problem for you. You can work with it more conveniently.

Luckily, since it is a programmed pool cleaner, you won’t have to stress over moving it around as it cleans. Simply connect it, and the cleaner will wrap up.

Easy assemble

It is quite an important thing for many pool owners. If your pool cleaner is not easy to assemble or disassemble, then you might struggle to clean pool water.

Intex Auto pool cleaner

In that case, things are completely different for the Intex automatic pool cleaner.

Remembered for the bundle is a straightforward instructional manual for your utilization. It has pictures of the different parts of the cleaner and how they all work together.

It tells you where and the best way to curve, turn, push, and pull to guarantee that everything works.

Since it accompanies just 24 feet and 7 inches of hose, it will just deal with little distance across pools.

On the off chance that you have a bigger pool, you are better with an alternate model.

Why should you buy the Intex auto pool cleaner?

  1. If you are searching for a reasonable option to manually vacuuming your pool’s floor, then it is going to be one of the best options for you.
  2. For the highlights of this cleaner offers, the general cost is truly sensible. So you are getting a lot. If you are looking for a solely at the appearance, the Intex automatic pool cleaner looks nothing lack of a robotic pool cleaner.
  3. The Intex automatic pool vacuum is relatively compact than different cleaners. So you can lend it to your friends or relatives on the off chance that they additionally have an Intex above the ground pool.
  4. Intex items are well-known for their reasonableness and long life. So this speculation will keep going you quite a while.


  • Portable
  • Compact and durable
  • Affordable
  • Fully automated pool cleaner
  • It removes debris and sand


  • Not for in-ground pool
  • Not for non-Intex pool
  • It is not suitable for rough surfaces

2. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum 

If you are looking for the best above ground pool vacuum for Intex, then the Intex handheld rechargeable vacuum is going to be a fantastic solution for you.

The vacuum is very sturdy and lightweight that allows you to clean the pool more conveniently. It comes with a powerful battery that stands out the vacuum for a long time.

As a result, you will be able to clean the pool very easily and effectively.

I have heard from many people that cleaning the pool is one of the laborious work.

If you are encountering this problem and looking for an effective method to clean your above pool astonishingly, then the Intex handheld vacuum is going to be your true friend.

Getting the crystal clear pool water will not be hard for you now.

Best above ground pool vacuum for Intex, Handheld vacuum

Best above ground pool vacuum for Intex

It additionally has an IPX8 waterproof switch for included security against water submersion. The cleaner highlighting two compatible brush heads and a pole connector; the Handheld vacuum is incredibly adaptable.

This vacuum accompanies a 94-inch lightweight extending aluminum shaft. You can broaden or withdraw the pole contingent upon what the circumstance calls for.

The vacuum is successful in pools with an 18-foot measurement or littler, and a USB link is incorporated for helpful charging.

If you are finding the best above ground pool vacuum for Intex, which offers many useful features to clean the pool without any hassle, then it can be a great option for you.

Built-in battery

Like I already mentioned that the Intex Handheld Vacuum comes with built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries that conduct a powerful suction for a long time.

Resultantly, you will able to clean the pool until you get done.


To clean the pool conveniently, you need a lightweight pool vacuum cleaner; either cleaning will be stressful for you.

In that case, I would say that this pool vacuum is constructed, lightweight.

It weighs only 4.7 pounds. Therefore, you will clean the pool easily and comfortably and also easy to store.

Automatic shutoff technology

The Intex handheld vacuum features with automatic shutoff technology, which means when the vacuum isn’t submerged in water.

The IPX8 waterproof switch for included assurance against water submersion.

Why should you buy the Intex Handheld pool vacuum?

  1. It incorporates solid implicit Ni MH rechargeable batteries for incredible suction ability.
  2. A battery-powered manual handheld pool vacuum includes a cordless structure.
  3. IPX8 waterproof switch for included security against water submersion.
  4. Has programmed stopped element when the vacuum isn’t submerged in water.
  5. It incorporates two exchangeable brush heads.


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Affordable


  • Only for Intex above ground pool

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