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Are you seeking the best pH meter for swimming pools? Well, in this article, I will provide the best digital ph tester for pools review. So, let’s explore the best pH meter for inground swimming pool review. I hope you’ll find this article useful as well as you’ll get you desired one.

Checking the pH of your pool water, aquarium, or hydroponic garden is essential to maintain optimal conditions, so choosing a reliable, accurate pH meter is important.

With a pH meter at your side, you’re able to determine alkalinity or acidity within seconds. This means you’re able to adjust chemicals swiftly or schedule expedited service if you feel it requires specific treatment.

The best pH meter for swimming pools is user-friendly for the average homeowner, and many of them have a single-button operation and other convenience features. You should keep reading this content to know about some of the best ph meter for pools.

8 Best pH meter for inground swimming pool

1. Apera Instruments AI209 Value Series PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit

In the best digital ph tester for pools review, at first, I am going to provide the Apera instruments ai209 ph20 review. The PH20 Value PH Tester Kit, which is known for its rapid and dependable PH measurements, is one of the best ph meter for pools. It has technology in place that can identify a smiley face to help make your lives easier concerning collecting standard measures. This device functions reliably when used with a single catch in a thin body.

Apera instruments ai209 ph20 review

While it can be used in a variety of water solutions, such as pool and spa water, hydroponics, aquarium and aquaculture, horticulture, beverage production, water treatment, environmental monitoring, etc., it is ideally used in general water solutions.

A revolutionary automatic three-point calibration system, in which intelligent functions take part, enables one to three-point calibration. You can buy this pH meter without any further hesitation because AI209 is one of the best digital pH meter for pools.

Features and Benefits:

  • PH20 Value Pocket pH Tester features an ultra-clear 180˚ viewing angle screen with both temperature and pH value readings on a single screen. The product is outfitted with auto-calibration, calibrated, and calibrated, and stable readings signals.
  • Apera instruments ai209 ph20 value waterproof pH pocket tester includes AAA batteries, calibration solutions, and a sturdy lanyard all packaged in a durable carrying bag.
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter features one to three-point auto-calibration and a zero to 50˚C temperature adjustment accuracy, with a pH measurement range of 0 to 14.
  • PH20 Value Pocket pH Meter offers out-of-range and erroneous calibration alerts as well as self-diagnosis features which makes it the best pool water tester.
  • The PH20 Value Pocket pH Tester is IP67 Waterproof and dust-proof, meaning you no longer have to worry if you drop it in the water accidentally because it can float on water.
  • In addition to the auto power-off option, which automatically powers off the device after eight minutes of inactivity, the machine also uses a low battery indicator and the ability to toggle between normal PH series and temperature unit Fahrenheit or Celsius.


  • One-to-three-point automatic calibration.
  • This glass covering keeps the sensors safe.
  • Apera instruments ai209 ph20 value waterproof pH pocket tester has a lithium glass PH sensor with a high sensitive characteristic.
  • Accurate, quick, and dependable PH measurements.
  • A wide and clear LCD offers rock-steady readability.
  • It includes a premix calibration solution and a case for carrying it.


  • The instructions included in the manual were difficult to understand.
  • This cannot be immersed in water.

2. Bluelab PENPH pH Pen Fully Waterproof Pocket Tester

People that want pH, temperature, CF, and EC all in one box tend to favor the Bluelab combination meter. The Bluelab PENPH pH Pen Fully Waterproof Pocket Tester is equipped with a two-point calibration and Automatic Temperature Compensation.

Bluelab PENPH pH Pen Fully Waterproof Pocket Tester

Accurate measurements allow you to monitor your garden’s nutrition levels. It’s a no-brainer to spot the lighted LCD panel and the dramatic calibration reminders.

The Bluelab pen ph pen fully waterproof pocket tester has a “low battery” warning as well as an auto-off mechanism. The result is a fully functional product that does the job and is budget-friendly.

Features and Benefits

  • It makes sure your nutrients levels are up to maximize your growth, and also to make sure plants do not suffer.
  • The Bluelab pen ph pen fully waterproof pocket tester fast, quick, and accurate computation, with a user-friendly interface, makes it ideal for design and graphics applications.
  • It features an excellent backlit display, a sensor for measuring the temperature, an on/off switch, and a sturdy overall feel. If you’re using an AAA battery with your pH pen, it’s better than if you’re using watch batteries.
  • Though it came with a dry sponge glued to it, soaking it and calibrating it will make it operate well.
  • Calibration is simple at 4 and 7.


  • The probe is interchangeable.
  • Waterproof and portable.
  • This product does not require calibration.
  • The two-point calibration procedure delivers even more accuracy.


  • The pH probe can be faulty.

3. RCYAGO 7 in 1 ph Temperature Water Quality Tester with Electrode Replaceable C-600 PH Meter

The latest water quality tester is the RCYAGO C-600, which has seven functions and a single product for numerous usage. It is capable of measuring pH, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity, seawater specific gravity, and temperature. If you are looking for the best pH meter for inground swimming pool then it can be an ideal solution for you.

RCYAGO Digital PH Meter PH Tester

RCYAGO Digital PH Meter PH Tester is rather large and versatile and can monitor salinity levels ranging from freshwater to marine. This water filter works well in homes, swimming pools, drinking water, and aquariums. RCYAGO products accompany you, so you can make your life better.

Features and Benefits

  • This device can measure all of these properties: PH, TDS, EC, ORP, S.G, seawater specific gravity, and temperature. This meter is great for testing water salinity, including freshwater salinity, and for testing sea salt content.
  • This product may test for edible salt salinity. It can detect the salinity of saltwater, but it can also measure it. 
  • The IP67 certification is a seal of approval for being dust and waterproof. It is designed to resist dust incursion, with short-term exposure in water.
  • Portable TDS meters are light and compact and may be carried about the house to test tap water, RO system water, or even aquarium or seawater.
  • The 5-minute power-off timer is implemented to save energy. The LCD screen is entirely clear so that you can see 4-digit numbers and the units used to measure physical quantities.


  • Using this meter works well for measuring salinity.
  • It is simple to use and is completely accurate.
  • It includes everything you’ll need.
  • Quality is excellent.


  • After a short period, the backlight will switch off.

4. Apera Instruments AI316 Premium Series PC60 5-in-1 Waterproof pH Tester Kit

Now let’s explore the Apera instruments ai316 premium series pc60 5-in-1 review. This set includes a multi-parameter tester pen, calibration, and soaking solutions, and bottles. The Apera instruments ai316 premium series pc60 includes a plastic box with molded foam for safely transporting and working in your lab.

Apera instruments ai316 premium series pc60 5-in-1 review

Apera Instruments developed a Brush-Resistant Platinum Black sensor for this product only. You need the best ph meter for swimming pools then you can buy this high-quality tester without any further confusion.

Features and Benefits

  • It can measure pH, EC, TDS, salinity, and temperature all at once, quickly, accurately, and reliably.
  • Installing is simple. The multi-parameter probe has a single-tap measuring mode switch that can be replaced.
  • To help you know when to hold your measurement, the auto-recognition of stable values along with an auto-hold feature will increase consistency, ensuring that you don’t have to guess when to hold your measurement.
  • It has a monitor that displays a large-angle, clear image with dual brightness, calibration completion, and steady readings.
  • Includes a calibrated solutions kit, bottle, and accessories in a portable carrying case, as well as AAA batteries and a lanyard.


  • The device is easy to calibrate
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It incorporates a big LCD screen with illuminated colors for three different settings.


  • Its precision doesn’t remain constant with each parameterAfter often using the goods, there are complaints concerning the product efficiency.

5. Apera Instruments AI311 Premium Series PH60 Waterproof pH Pocket Tester Kit

The Apera instruments ai311 premium series ph60 is specially tailored for experts who do frequent PH tests for a variety of purposes. And it is one of the best digital ph meter for pools. With the advanced self-diagnosis feature in the tester, if something is wrong during calibration, the red LED lights up and suggests a remedy.

Apera instruments ai311 premium series ph60

You can lock Apera instruments ai311 premium ph test kit so it doesn’t take your hand off to keep the manual reading going at the same time. An accurate and stable analysis is guaranteed by the sensitive lithium glass membrane, which offers a fast response.

Features & Benefits

  • Using a buffer and Auto Temp simplifies the Auto Calibration process. To ensure the accurate rendition of varied temperatures, compensation is required.
  • Replacement probes that are compatible with four different testing needs.
  • You don’t have to guess when to manually hold measurements using the built-in auto-recognition of steady results.
  • Reliability and excellent stability. Durable and good-looking. Saves you money on costly maintenance, service, and repairs.
  • The smiley icon shows that stable readings are being detected, which means you will no longer have to estimate when is the best moment to take measurements.


  • A replaceable pH probe is sent together with the tester.
  • Suitable for working in combination with the other three types of PH electrodes.
  • There are three colors on the screen to signify that three modes are available.
  • Battery life: up to 2000 hours.
  • It is waterproof and durable.
  • Auto temperature adjustment is supported by this.


  • Don’t expect this tool to be ideal for long-term use.
  • This bulb’s guard is poor.

6. Apera LLC-AI3719 PC60-Z Bluetooth Multi-Parameter Smart Tester Powered by ZenTest Mobile App

Now I am going to provide Apera pc60-z review which is the best digital ph tester for pools.

The next-generation water tester, the Apera PC60-Z Smart Multi-parameter Pocket Tester, is designed to deliver a seamless water test experience. Based on the calibration solutions, Apera instruments llc-ai 3719 pc60-z appears to be extremely accurate.

Apera instruments llc-ai 3719 pc60-z

With the ZenTest software installed, my iPhone’s Bluetooth connection was swift and automatic. Everything in the app is simplified and customized to make things easier.

Features and Benefits

  • The base model delivers measurement values, such as pH values, slope, offset, and the date of the last calibration, with the additional features of calibration points, calibration slope, offset, and date and time of the last calibration.
  • The pc60 z smart multiparameter pocket tester dial mode gives you a visual representation of measurements, letting you spot any short-term fluctuations.
  • When using the PC60-DE water solution tester, the default conductivity/pH probe is suited for all kinds of water solutions, such as swimming pools, spas, hydroponics, water treatment, brewing, aquarium, fish farming, and more.
  • The pH electrode with the blue sensor and the double-junction structure has a unique design and manufacturing process, which increases the lifespan and minimizes the likelihood of clogging in solutions with both unclean and complex chemical make-ups.
  • A hybrid design exists, making it possible to utilize this tester whether or not it’s connected to a smartphone.


  • A serious hydroponic gardener must have this tester on hand.
  • The instrument is the ability to set the pH and EC to specific values.
  • This gadget takes the reading for the temperature into consideration as well.
  • It is completely accurate and provides you with something to track your results.


  • It can cause water damage.
  • The pH test from the API master kit did not match the meter reading.

7. Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter for pH, Temperature, and Conductivity Measures

The Bluelab metcom combo meter for ph temperature and conductivity measures easy calibration is a handy combo meter, and it measures pH, conductivity, and temperature in a solution.  The right levels of pH, conductivity, and temperature are required for successful and healthy growth. These qualities make it one of the best digital ph meter for pools.

Bluelab metcom combo meter for ph

A Bluelab pH Probe and a Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature Probe are incorporated into the Bluelab Combo Meter. There are two probes that you can use for taking a reading. Simply put the probes into the solution and your reading will appear on the screen.

Features and Benefits

  • Bluelab offers two probes with the Combo Meter: a pH probe and a conductivity/temperature probe. The Conductivity / Temperature probe is permanently affixed to the Meter, but the pH probe is removable. As a result, pH probes will only last a certain amount of time and age if used in an average way.
  • The Bluelab metcom combo meter for ph is a useful tool, with backlit LCD and calibration reminders, is obtained by incorporating two-point calibration and auto temperature compensation into the design.
  • The quick monitoring of nutrient levels maximizes your crop’s growth while also assuring that plants are provided with a balanced nutrition supply.


  • Allows you to do three tests, each on three distinct necessary readings.
  • Testable and interchangeable probes.
  • When the whole equipment is broken, you don’t have to buy a replacement.
  • Accurate to the point of extreme.
  • Simple and easy-to-read screen.


  • Probing may require considerable caution.
  • Regular cleaning and regular maintenance are necessary

8. Gain Express Store 6-in-1 Waterproof pH/ORP/TDS/EC /Salinity/Temp Meter Tester Kit

It’s time to introduce one of the best pool water tester. It is a useful piece of equipment for monitoring my pool and hot tub. This measuring tool monitors all water characteristics of significance. This product’s price is a bit higher than what you may expect, but the quality is rather good, and I believe the dimensions are accurate. This is a tremendous bargain, and well worth the money.

best pH meter for inground swimming pool

Features and Benefits

  • It is a pen combo tester with a smart feature. It is self-contained, so it may be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Compact housing IP57 waterproof, temperature correction, and floating in the water.
  • It’s a quick and accurate digital display made possible by microprocessor technology.
  • Regardless of the sensor used, the temperature reading is always presented on pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, or Salinity.
  • The monitor displays the temperature as well as other measures like pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, and salinity all at the same time.


  • The salt monitor is great and does an amazing job.
  • Auto adjustment for salinity and temperature.
  • The calibration is easy. 
  • This feedback measures how repeatable the readings are.


  • Using this pH sensor may be inaccurate.
  • When you place three electrodes in the device, it never stabilizes and continues to drift.

Final Words

At the end of the best pH meter for swimming pools review, I can say that the pH meters can be a very valuable tool, especially if the user is aware of the extensive variety of use. A perfect pH meter is not only effective but also improves performance.

After analyzing all the eight best ph meters, I am suggesting that Apera Instruments AI209 Value Series PH20 Waterproof pH Tester Kit would be best for you among these eight products. This product has excellent batteries, good calibration, and accurate reading amazing temperature settings.

You can use it in all types of water bodies. This article intends to help you make the right decision to choose the best ph meter for the pool.

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