Dolphin Escape robotic pool cleaner reviews | SmartNav 2.0 Scanning

You need an efficient automated above-ground pool cleaner, isn’t it? By the way, in this article, I will provide a Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool cleaner reviews, which has a very positive vibe in the market. And, at the end of this article, you will able to get to know the unit is suitable for you or not. So, let’s dive into the Dolphin escape robotic pool cleaner reviews.

However, cleaning the pool wasn’t easy until the robotic pool cleaner comes. The automated pool cleaner played a role as a game-changer in the swimming pool industry because you do not have to follow the traditional cleaning method to clean your above pool, which is time-consuming at the same time difficult.

Most importantly, if you spend all of your time only cleaning then when you will enjoy it? In other words, if you are a busy person like me, then I am sure you do not have much time to clean and maintain your pool day to day basis.

That is why in the middle of the last year I was looking for an automated robotic pool cleaner for my Intex 32 ft above ground pool because I hadn’t much time to clean and maintain the pool manually. I was looking for a magical solution. 

That’s why I started to find the best robotic pool cleaner in the market because I knew that if I fail to pick the right one according to my needs, then it will be a worse investment and experience for me.

That is why I was so cautious about finding the best one.

Fortunately, I found the Dolphin Escape robotic above-ground pool cleaner, which surpasses my wildest experience. Its elegant look, performance, cleaning efficiency, and energy efficiency won my heart within a week.

Is the Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool cleaner right for you?

Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner

In this area of the Dolphin escape robotic pool cleaner reviews you’ll get to know the unit is the right choice for you or not. I know it well; it is one of the most common queries for those people who are thinking of buying the automated pool cleaner.

By the way, if you own an above-ground swimming pool and looking for a robotic pool cleaner that works like a charm then surely it is one of the best options for you.

Its smart navigation and scanning technology play a pivotal role to clean every corner of the pool, and there is no chance to skip any area. Before start cleaning the pool, the robot maps the entire pool floors then it goes for cleaning. As a result, it doesn’t repeat at the same time it doesn’t skip any areas of the pool.

Besides, many people think that the robotic pool cleaner may be complicated to use, but things are quite different in the case of the Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vac.

It just a plug N play pool cleaner where you will not encounter any trouble operating the machine. You just have to connect the robot with power; then it will take its responsibility.

Most importantly, the Dolphin Escape automated pool cleaner is a one-stop solution for cleaning, vacuuming, and scrubbing.

Resultantly, you will experience a new level of cleaning and getting the sparkling pool water is not a dream if you have the right cleaning machine.

Best features of the Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vacuum

In the Dolphin escape review, let’s discover the top features of the unit that it equips with. Because there is no chance to downplay the importance of the features while buying any robotic pool cleaner. You must have to consider the features that come with the cleaner.

In that case, the Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vacuum comes with a series of extraordinary features which made it a more desirable pool cleaner in the market at this time.

If you are glancing at a pool cleaner that offers a range of effective and useful features, then the Dolphin Escape is the ideal choice for everyone. There is no complexity. It’s user-friendly but straightforward.

Even though the robot comes with many striking features, but I am going to mention only the top features of this robotic pool cleaner. To to the top features of the unit keep reading the Dolphin escape robotic pool cleaner reviews;


Are you eagerly waiting to know the performance of the unit in the Dolphin Escape robotic above ground pool cleaner reviews? The performance of this robotic pool cleaner is quite impressive. Its latest cleaning technology plays a key role to provide optimum performance. If you are looking for an efficient performance robotic pool cleaner, then it will be a fantastic option for you. 

The Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vacuum is intended to clean the above-ground pools as it were. It comes with a 40 ft cable that reaches at every single corner, subsequently cleaning the pool with no issues.

During its activity, the robot pool cleaner begins examining the entire surface with the utilization of the SmartNav include.

During its development, the scanner gives direction to the device to cover every single corner of the pool and guarantees that it doesn’t come back to the areas that have been cleaned as of now—these aides in cleaning the pool in a progressively intensive and quicker cycle. 

This automated pool cleaner utilizes the quickly spinning brush, known as HyperBrush for guaranteeing that no soil or flotsam and jetsam is available in the pool.

Large filter cartridge

In the Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool cleaner reviews now I will break down the filter capacity of the unit. Filter cartridge size is one of the crucial factors when it comes to the robotic pool cleaner. Otherwise, you have to lift the robot often from the water to clean it, which is painful.

The Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vacuum accompanies a filter cartridge of an extra-huge size which can remove a wide cluster of flotsam and jetsam in contrast with the other automated cleaners, accessible in the market.

Cleaning this filter is entirely free from problems. The robot accompanies the top access entryway using which it is conceivable to lift out the cartridge to discharge it.

HyperGrip rubber tracks

One of the biggest disadvantages of other robotic pool cleaners which are available in the market at this time is the lack of traction. As a result, they often slip and not able to clean the pool waterline and floors properly.

In that case, things are entirely different in the case of the Escape robotic pool cleaner. To ensure thorough cleaning, the Dolphin escape comes with hyper grip technology.

Water may cause a decrease in the traction, in this manner, causing the slipping and sliding of the unit. It may make a ton of vitality get squandered as the cleaner attempts to explore around the pool. This may likewise prompt poor cleaning.

To determine the issue, the Dolphin pool cleaner is outfitted with the HyperGrip Continuous elastic tracks. By deciding for a reliable track rather than the wheels, the unit of the pool cleaner is fit for battling the loss of footing while at the same time moving in the water.

With the support of steady, reliable contact between the surface and the tracks, consequently letting the cleaner to move with no issues.

Smart Navigation technology

The greater part of the robot pool cleaners, at past, used arbitrary walk frameworks for crossing the pool. They irregularly moved around the pool floor and utilized insights for superior cleaning.

Dolphin Escape

Whenever utilized for a more extended length of time, the cleaning was not too bad. Nonetheless, the irregular strolling expended an adequate measure of vitality and time.

The producers at Maytronics highlighted their Pool cleaners with the SmartNav checking and mapping framework, which assumes an important job in examining the pool. It moves around the whole surface and guarantees to clean the whole pool cleaner without repeating a single spot.

Easy to use

The Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vac is very easy to use; there is no complexity like any other automated pool cleaner. You can handle it easily and comfortably.

This item has gotten the prime selection of individuals inferable from the simplicity of use. All you require is connecting the cleaner and leaving the equivalent the pool. It will stop in an automated way after cleaning the pool properly.

It will spare a sufficient measure of time as you don’t require sitting around idly in remaining around and observing while the cleaning is finished. The SmartNav innovation of the pool cleaner guarantees that you don’t miss a single spot which is one of the most significant advantages of this robotic pool cleaner. 


When it comes to the robotic pool cleaner, a staggering number of people think it cost a lot,  but things are entirely different in the case of the Escape automated pool cleaner. 

The dolphin escape has reliable elastic tracks. It is fit for keeping in touch while cleaning the tricky surfaces. As it doesn’t slip, there is no wastage of energy.

A hail of gratitude to the sharp pool mapping system which guarantees that the robot knows where it ought to be. It assumes an initial job in diminishing the cleaning time in a successful way alongside energy costs.

Accordingly, this pool cleaner is the best alternative to decrease the energy costs up to very nearly 90 percent in contrast with the AC-powered pool cleaners.

That means if you are worried about energy consumption, then this robotic pool cleaner is going to be your ideal choice. It cuts energy cost at the same time provide top-notch performance.

What makes the Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vac exceptional?

The Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool vac is exceptional from other robotic pool cleaners in the market because of its unique features and performance. Let’s have a look at why it is exceptional;

  • ​The tank-like tracks permit this pool cleaner to explore unpleasant above ground pool surfaces, for example, wrinkled plastic or a branch under the pool base, nor will it slip and slide on plastic pool liners. The track is alright for vinyl pool bottoms.
  • ​It can clean practically any above ground pool in 90 minutes or less. The “Hyper-Brush” rapidly gets flotsam and jetsam without harming the over-the-ground pool liner.
  • ​It runs off a 24-volt motor, so it doesn’t depend on a pool pump to run. The maker portrays it as “plug and plays” since you needn’t bother with an extra force supply.
  • ​The long 40-foot power link lets you utilize most open-air outlets without having the pool excessively near the electrical association without requiring an additional line, what’s more, the line once in a while tangles.
  • ​Coming in at around ten pounds, anybody can lift it into and out of the pool. It has a worked-in convey handle for this precise reason. What’s more, the snappy water discharge valve permits you to dump all the water in the system, so you’re just lifting the ten-pound gadget.
  • The Dolphin is one of the pioneer brands in the swimming pool industry because of its latest technology and most significant innovation and the Dolphin Escape robotic above ground pool cleaner is one of their fabulous pieces.

Why should you buy the Dolphin Escape automated pool cleaner?

  • If you are looking for an advanced cleaning solution to clean your pool automatically and correctly without leaving a single spot.
  • If you find the pool cleaning as boring work.
  • The robot cleans the pool fantastically, which means if you want to get sparkling, soft, and refreshing pool water, then it ideal for you.
  • If you want to work less and fun more.
  • If you are looking for an energy-efficient robotic pool cleaner.


  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Smart navigation and mapping technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Super quiet operation
  • Durable
  • Easy access filter cartridge
  • 40-foot long cable


  • No timer
  • No remote control


At the end of the Dolphin escape pool cleaner reviews, I would like to share my opinion. If you own an above-ground pool and lookin’ for the best cleaning solution at an affordable price then this self-driven cleaning unit is the best. Its top-notch performance and insane durability make it stand out in the competition. I hope you have found the Dolphin escape review useful.

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Frequently asked questions of the Dolphin Escape robotic above ground pool cleaner

​1. Which pools can the Dolphin Escape clean?

The Dolphin escape pool cleaner is intended for above-ground pools. It chips away at most surfaces, for example, solid, fiberglass, and vinyl.

It has a 40-foot long cable. In this manner, it just cleans pools that are under 40 feet in length.

2. How does the Dolphin Escape work?

The power supply unit connects to a 115-volt divider outlet. A 40-foot elastic cable sends the ability to the two 24-volt DC motors inside the pool robot. These vitalities proficient DC engines power the persistent tracks and the turning brush (just uses 180 watts!).

3. How long does the Dolphin Escape clean?

It has an hour and a half cleaning cycle, and it will turn itself off after cleaning for that time length. It is likely long enough for a generally spotless over-the-ground pool. Be that as it may, you may need to run it for an additional cleaning cycle if the pool is messy with flotsam and jetsam.

4. Does it vacuum away algae?

Green growth doesn’t get away from the notification of this pool robot. In any case, the standard filter cartridge it is sent with probably won’t be sufficiently fine to trap all the dead green growth. You will able to upgrade it with an ultra-fine filter to trap better stuff, for example, green growth and sediment.