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Are you looking for the best robotic pool cleaner? If you are finding the best-automated pool cleaner, then the Dolphin E10 Pool Cleaner will be the best choice for you. You may ask how then, I will suggest you go through the entire article and compare it with other robotic pool cleaners in the market. I am sure you will agree with me that it is one of the high-performing robotic pool cleaners. 

On the other hand, it is said by many that cleaning the swimming pool is one of the most robust work. Yes, it is, but if you have the Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner, then it will appear to you like fun because you do not have to do anything.

You just will plug the robot, and then it will take all of your cleaning responsibility. Isn’t it sound amazing? I know it is.

There are a staggering number of people who are struggling to get them sparkling clean, soft, and refreshing pool water, but they are not using the right cleaning machine.

As a result, their dream is fading day by day.

What is the solution to this situation? The solution is quite simple. When a high-performing and energy-efficient Dolphin E10 pool cleaner is available in the market, then still, what are you looking for? 

Best features of the Dolphin E10 pool cleaner

Dolphin e10 pool cleaner

There is no way to downplay the importance of robotic pool features. You must have to consider the features carefully while buying it.

In that case, the Dolphin E10 offers a bunch of useful and effective features, which made it one of the most desirable robotic pool cleaner in the market.

Even though the unit comes with many additional features, but I am going to mention only the top features of this unit.

If you are thinking of buying a robotic pool cleaner which equips with user-friendly and powerful features, then it would be Dolphin E10.


When it comes to robotic pool cleaner, a massive number of people think that it cost a lot, things are not totally wrong in many cases, but the Dolphin E10 pool cleaner is. This unit is energy-efficient at the same time, a high-performing unit. 

Even though there has been no information about how much vitality this robot can expend, I can at present remain this cost less contrasted with others due to its insightful route and inventive filtering programming.

The cleaner makes its own products and quickest course, henceforth, not consuming much of its time cleaning the pool.

To include, the robot can finish its cleaning cycle in pretty much 1.5 hours, this guarantees low vitality utilization.

Advanced CleaverClean scanning technology

The Dolphin is one of the renowned brand across the world because of their greatest innovation and advanced technology.

What’s extraordinary about the reasonable E10 is that it accompanies a similar navigation software as its very good quality sibling, the Triton Plus.

The CleverClean Scanning framework comprises of different sensors that make an advanced format of your pool to compute the most effective cleaning way.

Fundamentally, the E10 requires less time to finish a whole cleaning cycle while contacting most, if not all, of the floor of your pool. Less vitality is utilized without yielding execution.

Lengthy tangle-free swivel cable

It is one of the great features of this unit that I like most. Like the entirety of Maytronics’ robotic pool cleaners, the E10 accompanies the protected Tangle-Free Swivel Cord that permits it to turn openly without danger of destroying the cable’s wires.

This is critical since the robot needs to go without restriction so as to finish its undertaking without object.


The Dolphin E10 pool cleaner is a lightweight robotic pool cleaner, it weighs only 13.8Ibs which can be used easily and comfortably.

If you are looking for a lightweight robotic pool cleaner for easy lifting and carry then it would be a great options for you.

Simple to use

In the full scale of 10 we give it a 9 because of its satisfying performance and easy usability. In the event that it had a remote control, week after week scheduler and home automation bolster this robot would effortlessly score a 10.

By the by, the top-mounted filter incubate quickly makes it one of our top picks. Simply push the discharge tab and the spring-stacked bring forth will bust open for you.

Dolphin e10 pool cleaner

This uncovers the bin style filter which utilizes cartridges rather than sacks. Which implies, you should simply take out the container and hose it down for two or three minutes to dispose of the considerable number of leaves and soil.

However, the issue we and numerous clients have with the cable is its length; at just 40 feet in length, this robot is planned solely for little pools of about 30 feet in length. In the event that your pool is bigger, the E10 won’t be capable.

Active Brushroll

To get the maximum clean pool water, it is one of the best features of this unit. The E10 utilizes a solitary dynamic brush roll that turns twice as fast as the robot moves to remove soil and green growth from the base of your pool progressively.

The brush-roll and suction conveyance of the E10 is planned to remove as much garbage from all edges of your pool’s base, deserting nothing afterward.

Single-button start

Like I already mentioned above the user-friendliness of this robotic pool cleaner. It is very simple to use, even if you are beginner or haven’t use any robotic pool cleaner before.

The effortlessness of the E10 is the thing that draws in some first-time purchasers. The control module just has a solitary ON/OFF button to send the robot on its way.

There’s actually nothing else there – no programmable scheduler, no channel pointer, no clockwork, nothing. This can be viewed as an or more on the off chance that you plan on utilizing the robot just during your downtime.

Top loaded filter for easy cleaning

The Dolphin E10 robotic pool cleaner allows you to clean the pool easily, simply, and comfortably. You do not have to any struggle to clean the pool.

After the robot has finished its cleaning task, you should simply lift it up and out of your pool from its convey handle. The filter is situated on the top robot for simple access and can be removed for snappy cleaning.

In addition, dump the substance into a refuse container or composter and splash the filter with a hose to remove the entirety of the rest of the particles. Spot it back in the robot and you’re finished!

Note that the E10 utilizes a solitary filter that gathers both fine and coarse particles; the fine filter is sold independently.

Why should you buy the Dolphin E10 pool cleaner?

1. The E-10 will do the cleaning while you kick back and relax. Made by Maytronics, the pioneer in mechanical pool cleaners, you’re guaranteed a tough, solid pool more clean.

2. The E10 utilizes an active brush which turns double the speed of a robot and expands the cleaning limit by removing live green growth and dirt. With the simple clean net canister, the E10 has top access for simple evacuation and cleaning.

3. The Maytronics Dolphin automated pool cleaner E10 is ideal for in-ground pools up to 40′ long. The Dolphin E10 has a 1.5 hours cleaning cycle and will leave your pool’s floor, cover, dividers, and waterline clean. With its low weight, it is extremely simple to deal with it! 

4. Advanced scanning software and route framework guarantee floors and dividers and water lines are completely secured utilizing the most proficient course. The Dolphin consequently explores around impediments and rapidly comes back to its cleaning pattern.

5. It pares vitality with each pool cleaning. Dolphins are super vitality proficient and are sponsored by 35 years of cleaning the world’s private pools.

6. No extra pumps or hoses are expected to take care of business. 40 ft cable. Top access filter. One year limited guarantee.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Simple to use
  • Plug and play
  • Touch screen control
  • Energy efficient
  • Effective cleaning performance
  • Quiet operation


  • It doesn’t come with a caddy
  • No full filter indicator

Who needs the Dolphin E10 pool cleaner?

It appears the Dolphin E10 can clean both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. Be that as it may, it can’t perfect huge in-ground pools since it just has a 40-foot cable. For instance, the Dolphin Nautilus Plus has a 60-foot power cable!

The E10 is a lightweight mechanical pool cleaner that doesn’t climb dividers or steps; it can just clean the base of the pool. It presumably plays out the best in above ground pools.

In the event that you have an in-ground pool, at that point, you are going to require a greater pool cleaner. You may attempt another Dolphin pool robot, for example, the exceptionally mainstream Nautilus pool cleaner series.

How often should I run my Dolphin pool cleaner?

If you’re swimming in your pool regularly, at that point utilizing the automated pool cleaner once per day or each other day is a perfect decision. Presently, if you aren’t swimming in your pool a daily, at that point, you should just run it once every one-to about fourteen days.

How do you get the dolphin robot out of the pool?

To remove the Dolphin Cleaner, pull the Pool Cleaner to the pool’s edge, get the handle, turn the Cleaner 90 degrees, and pull the cleaner up out of the water. Try not to pull the pool cleaner up by its capacity string.

Are robotic pool cleaners worth it?

Automated pool cleaners are the best by all standards. Notwithstanding, they are likewise the most costly. Automated cleaners are successful at cleaning huge and little flotsam and jetsam. They additionally circle the pool water when your filter isn’t running and clean your tile lines and pool divider.

How long should a robotic pool cleaner last?

A robotic pool cleaner would be expected to last between 3 to 5 years and may last as long as eight years. There would be no substitution of parts.

Even though upkeep is required for an automated pool cleaner, particularly to clear out the flotsam and jetsam, there is no expensive year support. When it is finished with, you basically supplant it.