Get Elite Performance: TTI FAB Stratos Heat Pump Review

Are you ready to turn your pool into the hottest spot in town with the TTI FAB Stratos Heat Pump! Just think of a minute, you’re enjoying a cozy swim even when the morning chill hits 45 degrees or basking in the warmth as temperatures soar to the mid-80s.

If you want to smart pool heating solution and swim in the coldest weather then the TTI FAB heat pump is a perfect choice for you. This heating unit is ideal for both in-ground and above-ground pool.

Let’s dive into the TTI FAB stratos heat pump review, and discover why this heat pump is turning heads and making a big splash among pool enthusiasts!

Why You Need the TTI FAB Heat Pump?

Choosing the TTI FAB Heat Pump isn’t just about elevating your pool experience; it’s a strategic decision that transforms the way you enjoy your aquatic haven. Here’s why you need the TTI FAB Heat Pump:

  1. The TTI FAB Heat Pump allows you to enjoy your pool throughout the year, turning chilly mornings and cooler evenings into opportunities for a relaxing swim.
  2. It is calibrated to perform optimally in lower temperatures, ensuring that your pool stays comfortably warm, regardless of the outdoor climate.
  3. With multiple size options, the Stratos caters to pools of various dimensions. Whether you have a compact above-ground pool or a larger in-ground oasis, there’s a Stratos model perfectly suited to your pool size.
  4. The Stratos doesn’t just warm your pool; it does so with efficiency in mind. The energy-efficient fan motor and calibrated systems contribute to reduced power consumption, translating to lower operational costs and a greener footprint.
  5. The Stratos responds promptly to the thermostat’s call for heat, delivering consistent and reliable temperature maintenance. No more worrying about sudden drops in water temperature.

Key Features of TTI FAB Stratos Heat Pump

TTI FAB Stratos Heat Pump

The TTI FAB Stratos Heat Pump boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart as a top-tier choice for pool owners seeking efficient and reliable temperature control. Let’s dive into the in-depth description of its key features:

1. Rotary Compressor with Injection System

The heart of the Stratos is its rotary compressor and precision-engineered injection system. Calibrated to perform optimally at lower temperatures, this dynamic duo ensures efficient heat exchange even when the mercury drops, making it ideal for regions with diverse temperature ranges.

2. Multiple Size Options

The TTI FAB heat pump caters to pools of varying sizes, offering three different configurations to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a modest pool of up to 18 feet round or a larger one up to 24 feet round, there’s a Stratos model perfectly suited to your pool dimensions.

3. Elite In-Ground Option

For in-ground pool owners, the Elite series takes the performance up a notch. Featuring a state-of-the-art compressor designed for reduced power consumption and silent operation, the Elite ensures that your in-ground pool stays comfortably warm without breaking the sound barrier.

4. Energy-Efficient Fan Motor

The Elite series goes above and beyond with a unique fan motor that not only contributes to silent operation but also reduces overall electrical consumption. This eco-friendly design enhances performance while keeping operational costs in check.

5. Versatility with Circulation Pumps

The Stratos doesn’t discriminate when it comes to compatibility. It seamlessly works with any type of circulation pump, giving you the flexibility to integrate it into your existing pool setup without any hassle.

6. Adaptable to Various Sanitization Systems

Whether you prefer chlorine, saltwater, or another sanitization method, the Stratos plays well with all types. Its adaptability ensures that you can maintain your preferred water treatment system without compromise.

7. Efficiency at Low Outdoor Temperatures

Tailored for maximum efficiency, especially during cooler outdoor conditions, the Stratos excels at maintaining your pool’s temperature when you need it most. Perfect for those spring mornings in Central Jersey when the thermometer hovers around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. User-Friendly Operation

Installing and operating the Stratos is a breeze. This user-friendly heat pump eliminates unnecessary learning curves, ensuring a smooth transition to a climate-controlled pool paradise.

9. Reliable Temperature Maintenance

Users report consistent and reliable temperature maintenance, even in the face of variable weather. The Stratos responds seamlessly to the thermostat’s call for heat, guaranteeing that your pool remains at the desired temperature without any hiccups.

10. Space-Saving Design

The overall compact size of the Stratos makes it an excellent choice for pool owners with limited space. It fits snugly into small areas, offering a powerful heating solution without compromising on aesthetics or practicality.

TTI FAB heat pump


  1. TTI FAB heat pump extends the swim season, allowing you to enjoy your pool even in cooler temperatures.
  2. Calibrated for efficiency in diverse temperatures, ensuring consistent heating.
  3. Available in multiple sizes to suit various pool dimensions, accommodating both above-ground and in-ground pools.
  4. Premium features for in-ground pools, including a state-of-the-art compressor and energy-efficient fan motor.
  5. Reduces power consumption, contributing to lower operational costs and environmental sustainability.
  6. Works seamlessly with different circulation pumps and water sanitization systems, providing versatility.


  1. Higher upfront investment compared to some traditional heating methods.
  2. While generally user-friendly, plumbing installation may require professional assistance for those unfamiliar with pool systems.


In summary, the TTI FAB Stratos Heat Pump emerges as a standout choice for pool owners seeking year-round swimming comfort. Calibrated for optimal performance in diverse temperatures, it offers versatility with multiple size options, catering to both above-ground and in-ground pools.

The Elite In-Ground model introduces premium features, such as an advanced compressor and energy-efficient fan motor. Energy efficiency, compatibility with various systems, and reliable temperature maintenance make it a compelling option.

While the upfront cost and installation complexity may be considerations, users praise its contribution to an extended swim season, starting as early as May. The Stratos, with its user-friendly design and space-saving form factor, represents a poolside revolution, providing a lifestyle upgrade for pool enthusiasts.