Puri tech quiet heat 127 000btu pool heat pump with optimizer review

In this article, I will provide Puri tech pool heater reviews. Puri Tech is one of the renowned and well-reputed pool heater brands which has a good reputation in the market to manufacture long-lasting and powerful heaters for swimming pools. However, today, I will provide the Puri tech quiet heat 127 000btu pool heat pump with optimizer review which is one of the desired pool heaters. So, let’s explore the 127,000 btu pool heater

Maybe all the people (who have their own pool) want to spend their free time swimming and jumping in their pool. But honestly speaking, sometimes it seems difficult to enjoy swimming and playing watery games in the pool during cool conditions.

In that case, you need to heat your pool or spa. But it is not an easy task to heat the pool instantly without a heater or pool heat pump. You will be amazed to know that the Puri tech quiet heat 127,000 BTU pool heat pump is available to heat your pool effortlessly.

Top features and benefits of the Puri tech quiet heat 127,000 BTU pool heat pump

The Puri tech quiet heat 127 000 btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer works fine with its innovative features. It works smoothly without leaving any extra noise. Also, it is capable of heating 35,000 gallons of water stress-free.

Undoubtedly, it is not a simple task or often impossible to heat the pool or spa without a pool heat pump. But surprisingly, this pool heat pump will fulfill all your expectations. Let’s enter the deep;

  • Comes with an internal compressor method.
  • Designed with an ATT (Automatic Turbine Testing) titanium tube with an upgradable turbulent function and Enhanced Aluminum Fins (EAF) evaporator coils.
  • It works with 60 Amps maximum circuit breakers and the recommended circuit breaker is 50 Amps.
  • The required voltage is 230/208 voltage which helps to work faster and keep the machine running for a long time.
  • The minimum water flow rate of this heat pump is 25 gallons per minute (GPM) and the highest water flow rate of 80 GPM.
  • The Puri tech quiet heat 127 000 btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer is made with a rigid and hard shell that is weatherproof. Also, protect from abrasion and uncertain (outside) damage.
  • The noticeable feature is it comes with a savings optimizer that saves your money up to $2000 a year.
  • Also, this savings optimizer saves extra energy as much as needed and keeps the unit active while running.
  • The crucial benefit is this pool heat pump not only makes your pool water warmer but also saves your extra currency.
  • It is uncomplicated and painless to use and control.
  • The installation process of this unit is like a breeze because it doesn’t require any hired hands to complete the insertion.

Where do you use Puri tech 127 000 btu pool heat pump?

Puri tech 127 000 btu pool heat pump especially comes for heating the pool or spa to provide pleasant swimming and playing watery games even in the cold conditions. Owning a pool heat pump like the Puri tech quiet heat 117,000 BTU pool heat pump also keeps you swimming for a long time in all seasons. It also saves your swimming pool throughout the winter.

How do you use the Puri Tech 127,000 btu pool heater?

The Puri tech 127 000 btu pool heat pump is easy to use, control, and install. It doesn’t require any extra equipment or staff to complete the installation process. Because it has come lockout safety and a self-acting congenial system that ensures less effort. It is an automatic workable and efficient unit that runs with electricity. You just need to tap the power button to start this function.

How does the Puri tech quiet pool heat pump stand out in the competition?

Puri Tech Quiet Heat 127,000BTU Pool Heat Pump

In the Puri tech quiet heat 127 000btu pool heat pump with optimizer review, do you want to know how the heater is standing out in the competition? Purchasing a pool or spa heat pump is a great consideration to keep your pool or spa enjoyable during the winter.

It is also very handy because it comes with a saving optimizer to help you to save a lot of your energy or utility bills than other normal gas heaters.

Puri Tech 127,000 btu pool heater comes with numerous effective features that are excellent. Here are some of the beneficial things that you should know. Let’s take a look;


It is more efficient and standard to heat a large swimming pool with up to 3500 gallons of water. It comes with a savings optimizer to save your currency up to $2000 a year and prolong the lifetime of the pump.

Also, this savings optimizer will help you to save energy or utility bills and decrease the extra noise of the system as much as it can. It is made of pure trade-grade titanium to ensure its efficiency. Puri tech heat pump not only heats the pool but also filtrates and pumps the water spontaneously. The used technology is QZ quiet technology that ensures smooth operation.


No doubt about it this unit will last longer because it is designed with sturdy weather and a corrosion resistance cabinet. With proper use and utilization, it will last more than 15 years easily. also it is made of authentic mercantile grade ATT titanium tube with enhanced turbulent function.


If you are already a customer of this unit, you might be thinking that it is hard to control and install. But in this case, you’re wrong. The installation and controlling of this unit are easy because it is an automatic machine that comes with an automation-friendly function. Also, Puri tech quiet heat 127 000 btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer is designed with a lockout security function that allows controlling the panels easily. You just need to connect with the electricity and press the power button to start.

How does the Puri heat pump improve? –Puri Tech VS Hayward

The Puri tech pool or spa heat pump is a unique pump that is used to heat the pool during winter. Also, it can balance the water to convert heat to cool. It comes with some real game-changing features that you never see in other heat pumps.

  • The Puri heat pump has a transparent display that shows the result of temperature clearly but the Hayward has a display but not as big as Puri Tech.
  • The Puri tech heat pump has QZ quiet technology that provides smooth and peaceful operation. But Hayward doesn’t have such technology.
  • The puri tech comes with a savings optimizer that adds real value but Hayward doesn’t have this feature.

Is the Puri tech quiet 127,000 btu pool heater suitable for your needs?

127,000 btu pool heater will be very handy for every pool owner. Because it makes the pool warmer during winter and helps you to enjoy lots of time even in the worst conditions. It is more efficient to heat the pool or spa because it comes with an internal compressor function that adds an ATT titanium tube with an improved turbulent system.

In addition, it comes with a savings optimizer that makes sure to save money and reduces energy bills. Also, it is much more portable than other heavy gas heat pumps. After reading the Puri tech quiet heat 127 000btu pool heat pump with optimizer review, I hope you come up with a conclusion that the machine is suitable for you or not.


  • QZ quiet technology for smooth and peaceful operation.
  • User-friendly and more convenient.
  • Durable and long-lasting unit.
  • Lockout security and automatic system.


  • It heats the water slowly compared to Gas heat pumps.

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