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Are you looking for an effective heater to heat your pool water comfortably? Well, in this article, I will provide a brief insight into one of the best pool water you can buy today from PuriTech. So, let’s dive into the Puri Tech Quiet Heat 112000 BTU Pool Heat Pump review.  

In cold weather, it is hard to enjoy a swimming pool for a long time, isn’t it? But your worries will disappear because there are lots of pool heat pumps that exist right now to heat your pool during winter. If you’re seeking the best pool heat pump, then the Puri Tech 112000 BTU Pool Heat Pump will be a fantastic option.

Generally, a pool heat pump captures ultimate heat by using electricity. It also moves the heat from one place to another. The Puri Tech Quiet heat pump is a sensational and long-lived pool heater that heated the pool water efficiently.

In addition, it can control the temperature of pool water and saves energy while running. It is made of 100% standard titanium. This unit maintains smooth operation and keeps the water warm at a cool temperature. Without any doubt, it is an exceptional way to heat your pool or spa with this heat pump.

Top features and benefits of the Puri tech quiet heat 112 000btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer

The Puri tech quiet heat 112 000btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer is designed with lots of eye-catching features and benefits to heat the pool or spa easily. When it comes to a pool heat pump, surprisingly, it can heat the pool properly, no matter what temperature is in there (outside).

In the Puri Tech Quiet Heat 112000 BTU Pool Heat Pump review, now its time to look at their sensational and result-driven features and benefits;

  • This pool heat pump is made with an inner compressor method including a 100% standard ATT (Automatic Turbine Testing) titanium tube with an ultra-modern turbulent flowing system.
  • Made with a long-lived and durable weatherproof case or container that protects the unit from uncertain damage and corrosion.
  • It is constructed with accuracy and upgradable control.
  • The Puri tech heat pump is a sensational and enduring pool heater for all types of swimming pools –be it an in-ground or above-ground pool.
  • The most exceptional and noteworthy thing is, it can filtrate and heat up to 28,000 gallons of pool water.
  • The Puri tech quiet heat 112 000btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer is designed with the savings optimizer system that saves your currency (more than 2,000 US Dollars) a year.
  • The savings optimizer keeps the machine cool while running and helps to lessen the extra noise which makes sound pollution.
  • It is an environmentally friendly heater that works smoothly and quietly.
  • This unit includes EAF (Enhanced Aluminum Fins) evaporating coils that help to transfer the uncertain heat and absorb the heat from the air.
  • It comes with 112,000 BTU (British Thermal Unit) which means it requires a little amount of time to heat or cool 1 pound of water even if the water is at ground level.
  • Easy to use and control because it comes with both lockout security and mechanization congenial systems.
  • Its working current is 50 Amps that is perfect to work efficiently and save much energy.

Where do you use the Puri tech quiet heat 112 000btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer?

Well, Puri tech quiet heat 112 000btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer is specially used for heating or cooling off the swimming pool water while the water is cold or excessively warm.

In another word, it can balance the water temperature so that you can enjoy quality time in your pool. It doesn’t produce heat, it only filtrates and heats the water to suit your suitability. It is the energy effectual resolve that heats your pool in the hot climate.

How do you use or control the Puri tech quiet heat 112 000 BTU?

Controlling any kind of pool heat pump is like a breeze. Puri tech quiet heat 112 000 BTU doesn’t require any additional staff to set up and maintain.

It comes with simultaneously a lockout security and a high-tech mechanization congenial system that allows you to use this pump spontaneously.

As it is an electronic-based system so it works by using current. You just need to plug it out and it automatically works gently.

How does the Puri tech quiet heat pump (112,000 BTU) stand out in the competition?

Puri tech quiet heat 112 000btu pool heat pump with savings optimizer

The puri tech quiet heat 112000 BTU pool heat pump is a convenient and essential unit to heat the pool spontaneously whenever you need to heat (suitable for the body) the pool water.

It works at a stretch until the pool water is perfectly heated. This unit comes with some innovative and latest overwhelming technologies and features that make it out of the ordinary. Here are few impeccable characteristics of the heater you are going to discover in the Puri Tech Quiet Heat 112000 BTU Pool Heat Pump review.


The most eye-catching feature of this instrument is it is well efficient to do its work properly with an upgradable turbulent system. Constructed with full-grade titanium that ensures proper heat. It is suitable for a pool that contains more than 28,000 gallons of water.

Manufactured with QZ quiet technology to make sure that it runs smoothly and peacefully. The noticeable thing is it comes with a savings optimizer that saves more than 2000 Dollars a year and helps to reduce extra noise.


Puri tech quiet heat 112 000 BTU is made with sturdy weather and a corrosion-resistant case that ensures this machine will last long. It depends on you how long your pool heat pump will last.

If you are a cautious user, you can use this machine for a long time. If you use it with actual installation and maintenance, it will last for about 10 to 15 years easily.


Not too much extra equipment or stuff is needed to install and maintain it. That’s why it is easy to install and maintain. Also, it comes with a savings optimizer that keeps your utility bill minimum and you can save extra money.

How does the Puri tech quiet 112,000 BUT pool heat pump improve? –Puri Tech vs Raypak

Puri tech is an outstanding company that produces quality products. It comes with lots of exceptional features that are enough to keep your pool water warm. Here are some extra benefits of this pool heat pump.

  1. The Puri tech 112,000 BTU works efficiently and quietly as it is made of quality grade titanium. On the other hand, Raypak is good but it is made of polymer.
  2. Puri tech is coated with durable weather-resistant material but Raypak is a high-wind resistance.
  3. Puri tech is lighter than Raypak.

Is the Puri tech quiet heat 112 000 BTU suitable for your needs?

Surprisingly, it is essential equipment to heat and pumps the water. Puri tech quiet heat 112 000 BTU helps you to enjoy your pool even in the cool weather by heating the water. It is a convenient and efficient unit that works smoothly.

The QZ quiet technology helps to operate quietly and peacefully. Also, its lightweight design helps you to carry and replace it from one place to another.

It comes with a savings optimizer that saves your money and energy. So it is a real heat pump that will be the best part for you and your pool.


  • Weather and corrosion-resistant cabinet.
  • Sensational and durable products.
  • Convenient and easy to utilize control units.


  • A little bit expensive in its class.

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