Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Metal Frame Review

Here, we are going to provide a Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Metal Frame review, which is one of the most desired above pools in the market. To get a diagnostic report of Coleman 18ft pool goes through the entire article.

If you have decided to buy an above-ground pool to save your space and money as well as within a very short time, then the Coleman 18′ x 48” Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool will be a fantastic choice for you. This Coleman vista series II is the second generation of the first-ever pool built-in portholes back and better than ever.

Honestly speaking, an in-ground pool is better than an above-ground pool because it is more durable and beautiful. But the main theme is, not every house owner has the long space or money to build a beautiful in-ground pool. Now the question is, haven’t they enjoy this summer their very own swimming pool for relaxing and refreshing their mind? Of course, there has a better solution for enjoying summer fun with an above-ground pool like the Coleman vista series II pool set.

The Coleman 18ft pool comes with lots of accessories, features, attributes, and uniqueness. This pool offers a truly unique pool experience and windows. These windows help the parents to easily keep an eye on the kids as they are dip through the water. For this reason, the drowning risk reduces and will do more fun with whole family members.

 Swim vista series comes with

  • Size: 18 feet by 48 inches which is almost 5.49m by 1.22m
  • Water Capacity (90%): 6,092 gallons which are almost 23,062L
  • Swim vista portholes: Reinforced, 4 enhanced double-sealed and fortified swim vista series II portholes built into the liner or sidewalls.
  • Material: included ultra-durable tri-tech material which enhanced 3-ply liner is durable and rust, corrosion, and puncture-resistant.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant metal frame.
  • Equipped with Seal and lock system.
  • Natural-looking cane wicker print on the outside liner.
  • Unique tile print on the inside liner.
  • Easy and simple set up which requires no tools and takedown process.
  • Air-tight portholes and a combination of innovative attributes.

What included with the Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Metal Frame?

  • 1 round-shaped family-sized pool,
  • 1 cartridge filter pump (suitable with Type III cartridge),
  • step ladder,
  • 1 pool cover, and
  • 1 Ground cloth.

Why the Coleman 18′ x 48” Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool to choose?

The summer season has finally arrived. As you know, the summer is the hot season of the year. On this day, a maximum number of people want to get relax and refresh by doing swimming and playing in their swimming pool.

But, some people don’t like going to the beach because they don’t like the sand as well as a mass number of people.

So how do they keep cool? Having a private above-ground pool like the Coleman vista series above-ground pool is enough for spending much time to enjoy. Now the question is, why you opt for this swimming pool for relaxing? Let’s discuss this question;

Coleman 18ft Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool
  • First of all, the Coleman is a family-friendly and well-round-shaped pool. With this pool, you can enjoy lots of fun on hot summer days.
  • As it comes from the renowned brand Coleman, it is a company that is known and famous for making camping equipment in the USA.
  • The Coleman 18′ x 48” Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming pool is designed stunningly well and its outlook is beautiful. It will add more beauty to your backyard.
  • This pool is big enough to fun with 7 or more people together. You can easily and comfortably swim and play in this pool with the whole of your family members.
  • There are windows in this pool that help you to keep an eye on the kids as they dip through the water. That’s why you don’t need to worry to swim and play with your children.
  • The Swim Vista II also features a natural-looking rattan wicker print, which makes this pool beautiful. Also, this natural-looking rattan print wicker making this pool a fantastic and gorgeous addition to your backyard.
  • When you swim in this pool, you can wave and make silly faces. Also, you are able looking other faces underwater as they paddle by.
  • It is easy and simple to install and set up. Also, easy to assemble and maintain. No extra tools or even no labor are required for installing this beautiful pool in your backyard.
  • The accessories that are included with this pool are durable and sturdy. These accessories last longer and give better service.
  • Though it is an above-ground pool it has lightweight. You can easily replace it from one place to another whenever you need to change.

Winning features of Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Metal Frame

The Coleman 18′ x 48” Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming pool is the latest and the 2nd version of the Coleman vista series. In one word, this is the updated and upgradable version of the vista series. It comes with lots of unique and outstanding features. Though it comes with lots of features, I am going to share with you some of its great features. Let’s get started;

Well sized and family-friendly

The Coleman 18ft pool is specially built for a large family which consists of 7 or more members. You can easily swim and play together with your whole family. This pool is unique for using portholes. Back and better than ever, this pool is truly and surely offers a unique swim experience. 

Rugged and durable construction

This Coleman vista series II built to last. The rust and corrosion-resistant metal frame are equipped with a seal and lock system for a sturdy, secure, safe, and simple frame connection. Also, this frame keeps the sidewalls safe from any rock and stones as well as any significant damages.

The liner is built from the ultra-viable, puncture-resistant tri-tech material. Tri-tech material enhanced 3-ply polyester liner and this material provides a strong and powerful pool. The rust-resistant metal frame is held together with the seal and lock system for providing remarkable and significant strength and connection.


The Coleman 18′ x 48” Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool is a beautiful above-ground pool that increases the beauty and loveliness of your house. This pool comes with a natural-looking rattan wicker print that makes this pool unique and gorgeous looking and this rattan wicker print, making this pool a beautiful addition to your backyard.

Installation process of Coleman 18ft pool

The Coleman 18′ x 48′ above-ground pool has simple installation instructions and doesn’t require the use of any tools or even any friends and labor. You can save your precious time and money as well. The pool frame is made with a heavy-duty metal frame, made with a unique power steel technology that resistant to corrosion and rust.

Maintain this pool is easy. This pool is above all others when it comes to maintenance. The filter which is available in this pool keeps the water clean. Another most important consideration for setting this pool is the ground should be plane or level where you set it up.

What Makes Coleman Coleman 18′ x 48′ Stand Out?

Coleman 18ft Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool
  • Power steel frame: The Coleman 18ft pool comes with a power steel frame and rust-resistance 3-ply durable polyester materials that protect sidewalls.
  • Durable and sturdy: It is a durable pool that lasts long without disturbing and you don’t need to worry when many people swim and play all together in this pool.
  • Larger side: Though it comes as an above-ground pool with round-shaped it is large enough to carry a maximum of 7 people at a time. Don’t worry about fun in summer with the whole family altogether.
  • Easy to install and set up: It installation is super easy and you don’t need extra tools for installing this large pool or even hire any of your friends and labor. For this, you can save both your time and money.
  • Flow control drain valve: The draining system of this pool is superb. As it comes with such a good draining system, it easily drained contaminate and old water.


  • Strong and Rugged construction: This Coleman vista Series II comes with a durable and effective steel metal frame that will last longer.
  • Family and Environment Friendly: this pool is made environment friendly which comes with a rust and corrosion-resistant metal frame.
  • 7-person capacity: you can enjoy summer with the whole of your family member and friends easily and will get quick refreshment.
  • Includes durable and sturdy accessories: the company Coleman included with this pool like ground cloth, type II cartridge filter pump, pool cover, and most importantly a ladder.
  • Other maintenance kits like vacuum brush, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Easy to install and assemble: Super easy to install and assemble, no extra tools or even extra labor are required for installing as well. You just need to set this plan yard and install this easily.


  • The ladder is not so good and sturdy. It shakes quite a bit when you want to enter the pool.
  • The customer service department is not easy to reach.

Finally, have to say, the Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Metal Frame overall performance is up to mark than other above ground pool in the market compared to the price, efficiency, durability, installation, and performance. This is a family-friendly and family-sized pool which is enough for summer fun with the whole family together. Buying the Coleman 18′ x 48′ pool is definitely worth it.

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