Pentair Intellichlor IC60 Salt Chlorine Generator Review

Are you struggling to find the best chlorine system for the saltwater pool? Do you want to step into the future of pool maintenance? With the Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 you can transform pool water into crystal-clear.

This ingenious system harnesses the simplicity of table salt to generate the chlorine your pool craves, minus the handling headaches. In this Pentair IntelliChlor IC60, we’ll reveal the magic of IntelliChlor, offering not just pristine pool waters, but a smarter, safer, and chlorine-free solution that elevates your pool experience to new depths of relaxation.

Who Needs The Pentair Intellichlor IC60 Salt Chlorine Generator?

The Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 Salt Chlorine Generator is a game-changer for anyone seeking a smarter, hassle-free approach to pool maintenance.

Here’s who can benefit from this innovative system:

  1. Pool Owners Tired of Chlorine Handling: If you’re weary of buying, carrying, and storing chlorine, the IntelliChlor IC60 is your solution. It eliminates the need for traditional chlorine additives, offering a safer, more convenient alternative.
  2. Those Seeking Effortless Pool Sanitation: If you desire crystal-clear pool water without the hassle of constant monitoring and chemical additions, IntelliChlor IC60 is the answer. It automates chlorine production, ensuring your pool stays sanitized without daily maintenance.
  3. Individuals Embracing Technology: For tech-savvy pool owners, the IntelliChlor IC60 integrates diagnostic capabilities and push-button controls, offering ease of use and real-time monitoring of system status and chlorine output.
  4. Owners Prioritizing Longevity: If you value equipment longevity, IntelliChlor IC60’s automatic shut-off feature under low-water-temperature conditions and on-time cycling to prevent scale buildup maximize the system’s lifespan.
  5. Pentair Automation System Users: Owners with Pentair automation systems, such as the IntelliCenter® Pool Control System, can seamlessly integrate the IntelliChlor IC60, enhancing overall pool control and management.
  6. Those Seeking Environmentally-Friendly Solutions: For individuals aiming to reduce chemical handling, spills, and environmental impact associated with chlorine, the IntelliChlor IC60’s salt-based system is a greener alternative.
  7. Pool Enthusiasts Wanting Control: Whether you have a residential or commercial pool, the IntelliChlor IC60 offers flexibility with five chlorine output levels, allowing customization based on your pool’s needs and usage.

Top Features of Pentair Intellichlor IC60?

Pentair intellichlor salt chlorine generator 60,000 gallon complete system

You cannot deny the fact that the feature is one of the crucial things to work more efficiently and effectively. The IntelliChlor IC60 is more than just a chlorine generator; it’s a smart, efficient, and user-friendly system that simplifies pool sanitation.

It provides a sustainable, convenient, and effective alternative to traditional chlorine treatment, offering pool owners an elevated experience in maintaining crystal-clear, sanitized waters. Let’s explore its more notable features

1. Salt-Based Chlorine Production

Utilizes ordinary table salt to generate chlorine, ensuring consistent pool sanitation without the need for traditional chlorine additives. You can convert salt through electrolysis into chlorine, offering a continuous supply for effective pool sanitation.

2. Automatic Shut Off Technology

The Pentair IntellichlorIC60 complete salt chlorine generator system comes with an auto shut-off technology which I like most because it plays a key role to extend the life of the cell in harsh weather condition, especially in low water temperatures.

When the water temperature falls dramatically, it automatically shut off the units which is a really astonishing thing. If you want to enjoy your pool water safely, securely then surely it is one of the greatest choices.

3. Automated Operation

It has a push-button controls and easy-to-view displays enable effortless monitoring of salt levels, system status, and chlorine output. Offers five different chlorine output levels, allowing customization based on pool size, usage, and environmental conditions.

4. Familiar with Automation System

There are many automation systems to control the sanitizer automatically namely SunTouch, ComPool, EasyTouch, IntelliChlor, etc.

If you use any automation system to control your pool then I have good news for you because the Pentair intellichlor ic60 complete salt chlorine generator system can be used automatically with the automation system. You just need to attach the sanitizer with the system and it requires 2-inch PVC plumbing to connect.

5. On-time Cycling

Plus, the IntelliChlor sanitizer comes with on-time cycling which basically works to block calcium as well as scale build-up to increase the life of the cell as much as possible which is one of the greatest and effective features of the sanitizer.

6. Diagnostic Capabilities

Provides full diagnostic capabilities, including cell-life tracking, allowing real-time monitoring of remaining hours of cell life. Enables proactive maintenance and replacement planning, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the system.

7. Full-diagnostic Report

The Pentair Intellichlor IC60 complete salt chlorine generator system provides a real-time diagnostic system. It can track capacity, operation time, chlorine level, salt level, cleaning cycles, water flow rate, and cell life tracking information which means you can see cell life remaining hours.

Additionally, you will get a diagnostic report of the entire system which is really effective and helpful. You will get a complete idea about your system that what is happening.

8. Push-button Operation

To make the chlorinator user-friendly Pentair Intellichlor IC60 salt water system comes with push-button and easy to view display to operate the sanitizer conveniently and comfortably. You can check all the necessary information here easily and you can control the system from here easily.

The Pentair Intellichlor IC60 salt water system is one of the sanitizers which is really easy to use. You do not have to face any difficulty to operate the chlorinator. Plus, it comes with a user instruction guide where everything is demonstrated easily to operate it comfortably.

9. Durability

In addition, the Pentair Intellichlor IC60 salt water system is a durable chlorine generator because it is constructed with titanium electrode cell blades. Which are coated with ruthenium oxide to give the highest durability. Plus, its waterproof electronics confirm the safe and secure operation.

10. Easy Installation

If you compare the Pentair Intellichlor salt chlorine generator with another chlorine model. It is relatively easy to install because it comes with an external power center, salt cell, as well as threaded couplings.

You can install the generator by yourself but if you are an amateur then I highly prefer to hire a professional to protect the full warranty. Most importantly, you can install the generator vertically and horizontally.

11. UL and NSF Approved

Safety is one of the biggest considerations. To keep you safe and relax Pentair intellichlor salt chlorine generator comes with a standard safety.

The Pentair Intellichlor salt chlorine generator is certified to UL 1081 for standard safety. I think now you have no doubt about the safety issue of the chlorinator. Plus, is also certified by NSF.

Is the Pentair Intellichlor IC60 Worth the Money?

Pentair intellichlor ic60 complete salt chlorine generator system

The Pentair IntelliChlor IC60 Salt Chlorine Generator offers significant value for those seeking a convenient, efficient, and chlorine-free approach to pool maintenance. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  1. Convenience and Automation: The IC60 streamlines pool maintenance by automatically generating chlorine from table salt, eliminating the need for frequent manual chlorine additions. This automation saves time and effort in managing pool sanitation.
  2. Long-Term Cost Savings: While the initial investment might be higher than traditional chlorine treatments, the IC60 can potentially save money in the long run by reducing the ongoing costs associated with purchasing chlorine additives.
  3. Ease of Use and Monitoring: With user-friendly controls and diagnostic capabilities, monitoring salt levels, system status, and chlorine output becomes hassle-free, providing a convenient and efficient pool management experience.
  4. Enhanced System Longevity: When properly maintained, the IC60 is designed for durability, potentially offering extended service life compared to other chlorine systems, reducing replacement costs over time.
  5. Environmentally-Friendly Approach: By utilizing salt and eliminating the need for traditional chlorine handling, the IC60 presents a greener, more eco-friendly option for pool sanitation, reducing the environmental impact.


  • Utilizes common table salt to automatically produce chlorine for pool sanitation, eliminating the need for purchasing and handling traditional chlorine additives.
  • Offers push-button operation and clear displays for convenient monitoring of salt levels, system status, and chlorine output, providing user-friendly control.
  • Full diagnostic features, including cell-life tracking, allow real-time monitoring of remaining cell life, enabling proactive maintenance planning for optimal system performance.
  • Automatic shut-off under low-water-temperature conditions safeguards the unit, prolonging cell life, while on-time cycling prevents calcium and scale buildup, maximizing longevity.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Pentair automation systems, enhancing overall pool control capabilities, and synchronizes with other Pentair products, creating a cohesive pool ecosystem.


  • The initial investment for the IntelliChlor IC60 system might be higher compared to traditional chlorine treatment methods.
  • Relies on adequate salt levels in the pool water for chlorine production, requiring periodic monitoring and salt additions if levels drop.


To conclude the Pentair Intellichlor IC60 review, we must say that if you are looking for the best chlorine generator for your pool then the Pentair IC60 chlorine generator will be a perfect solution for you. Because it comes with many effective and helpful features. It is constructed with durable materials to prolong the life of the sanitizer.

Most importantly, if you want to enjoy sparkling clean and safe water in your pool. Then Pentair IC60 chlorine generator would be a one-stop solution for you.