Detailed Guide: How to Brush Algae From Pool?

As a pool owner I know it well everyone wants to dive into the refreshing waters of a sparkling clean pool to enjoy summer. However, when those unsightly green invaders known as algae decide to crash your pool party, the fun can quickly turn into frustration. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through the steps to brush away the algae menace and restore your oasis to its former glory. Let’s explore the ways on how to brush algae from the pool. 

How to Brush Algae From a Pool?

Brushing algae from a pool is an essential part of pool maintenance to keep your pool water clean and safe. Algae can grow on the pool’s surfaces, making them slippery and unattractive. 

Here are the steps to brush algae from a pool:

  1. Note: Before you begin, ensure that your pool’s filtration system is running, and the water chemistry is balanced as per your pool’s requirements.
  2. Safety First: Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves and goggles, when working with pool chemicals and algae.
  3. Identify the Algae: Determine the type of algae in your pool. There are different types, including green, yellow/mustard, and black algae. The treatment process can vary based on the type.
  4. Use the Right Brush: Use a pool brush appropriate for your pool’s surface (concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, etc.). Nylon brushes are generally safe for all pool surfaces. Stainless steel brushes should only be used on concrete and plaster pools, as they can damage other surfaces. Here, you’ll find 10 best algae brushes for swimming pools. 
  5. Loosen Algae: Start at the deep end of the pool and work your way toward the shallow end. Gently scrub the affected areas with the brush. Apply moderate pressure, but avoid excessive force, as it can damage the pool surface.
  6. Brush All Surfaces: Brush the walls, steps, and the pool floor where algae is present. Algae can hide in corners and crevices, so make sure to brush these areas thoroughly.
  7. Regular Brushing: Brush the pool regularly, not just when you notice algae growth. Routine brushing helps prevent algae from taking hold in the first place.
  8. Filtration: While brushing, run the pool’s filtration system to help remove the loosened algae from the water.
  9. Backwash or Clean the Filter: Check and clean or backwash your pool’s filter as needed. Algae particles may clog the filter.
  10. Shock Treatment: After brushing, consider adding a pool shock treatment to kill any remaining algae and prevent its return. The type of shock treatment and the quantity needed will depend on the size of your pool and the severity of the algae problem. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific shock treatment you are using.
  11. Water Testing and Balancing: Test the pool water for pH, chlorine levels, and other chemical parameters. Also, balance the water chemistry to ensure that it’s in the proper range for swimming and algae prevention.
  12. Prevent Future Growth: Regularly maintain your pool by cleaning debris, adjusting chemical levels, and brushing the pool to prevent future algae growth. If you own an above ground pool, then check out these 10 best algae brushes for above ground pools
  13. Consider Algaecides: If you have recurring algae problems, consult a pool professional about using algaecides to help control and prevent algae growth.

Remember that pool maintenance is an ongoing process. Regular brushing and chemical balance are key to keeping your pool clean and clear. If you’re unsure about any aspect of pool maintenance, consider consulting a professional or hiring a pool maintenance service for help. Or, you can get this pool maintenance guide


With the sun dancing on the water’s surface and the pool inviting you for a refreshing dip, there’s nothing quite like the allure of a well-maintained pool. By following these steps to brush away algae and maintain your pool’s health, you’re not just preserving its beauty. But, also ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for all. 

So, whether you’re gearing up for a summer splash or just want to admire your pool’s shimmering elegance, remember that with regular care and a trusty brush. You hold the power to keep algae at bay. Embrace the magic of a sparkling pool – it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Happy swimming!