10 Best shock treatment for swimming pools review

Are you seeking the best pool shock for inground pools? Awesome, in this article, I will review the 10 best shock treatment for swimming pools which are awesome and effective. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the swimming pool chemicals reviews.

You may feel intimidated when you consider the process of shocking your pool regularly, but it is a very effective way to maintain your pool clean and safe for your family to swim in.

If you own a swimming pool, you’ll want to shock the water before and after heavy use, but it’s best to shock the water each time you use the pool for the same duration of time. When it comes to the frequency of shocking your pool, our recommendation is to do it every other week or every week, as part of your regular pool care.

Your pool will be shocked by a wide variety of goods, ranging from more effective and more economical options to those that are simply novelties. You should find the best pool shock treatment to help you keep your pool clean, clear, and healthy for swimming with this complete information.

1. Rx Clear Calcium Hypochlorite Swimming Pools Sanitizer Clarifier and Algicide 

Rx Clear Mega Shock

To begin with the swimming pool chemicals reviews, I will introduce one of the best pool shock for green algae from a renowned brand. The Rx Clear improves the swimming experience for a safer, cleaner, and more enjoyable swim. Crystal clear water is the result of using Rx Clear for addressing pool issues.

Before spraying Mega Shock throughout the pool, mix it in a bucket of water beforehand to help avoid liner discoloration and hazy water. Use Mega Shock at night to avoid sun damage. After application, do not swim for eight to ten hours.

Features & Benefits

Great Power: Since Mega Shock contains a high percentage of chlorine, it is a very effective way to boost chlorine levels quickly. With this Rx Clear Mega Shock packet, the supplements are fully chlorinated.

Suitable for Multi-task: This shock keeps water crystal clear, while also disinfecting, clarifying, and suppressing algae.

Pre-dissolved and Need Mixing before Applying: Before beginning to dissolve the granular powder in your pool, you must add a bucket of water with this granular powder added to it.

Remove Algae Effectively:  Shock treatment is recommended for maintaining an algae-free pool. Shock treatment should be added to a pool with approximately 14,000 gallons of water in it to avoid an algae problem. This product serves as an algae remediation agent if your pool needs cleaning, or if you’re ready to open for the season.


  • This pool sanitizer works very fast and effectively.
  • Don’t harm pool accessories.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It is pre-dissolved and needs less product to get good results.


  • For using it, you need pre-dissolving.
  • You have to use it manually.

2. DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools

DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatment

The DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Shock Treatments a result-driven solution for swimming pool. It is one of the best pool shock for green algae.

This may be a little too intensive for just routine pool maintenance. In my opinion, about 2 to 3 bags every month of this, and a handful of chlorine tablets are all it takes to keep it going.

However, where it shines is in recovering creatures who have previously been blue but have become green seemingly irreversibly. You must have a balanced pool so that this product works.

Features and Benefits

Made with Coarse Grain Particles: While the grains used in the DryTec pool shock treatment are significantly coarser, the impact this has on the water’s solubility remains present.

Effective use of Calcium Hypochlorite: It gives 65% of the available chlorine, one of the greatest amounts available in any of the pool shock options in our list. The greatest benefit of buying in bulk is that each package contains a single pound of product, which is handy to utilize.

Ensures Balance Mixture: I like it most since there are no additives in the pool to disrupt the equilibrium, but it is a powerful and fast-acting treatment for algae and germs.


  • Effectively control algae growth.
  • Bacteria and organic substances could remove easily by using this product.
  • Contains a high chlorine level to fix any problem with your pool.


  • It might not dissolve properly.

3. HTH 52014-06 Ultimate 7-in-1 Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools

HTH 52014-06 Ultimate 7-in-1 Shock Treatment

The HTH is one of the best shock treatment for swimming pools. It is very effective to get crystal clear pool water. HTH Ultimate Shock is an easy-to-use and practical solution that supplies your pool with a significant dose of chlorine in just 24 hours. It’s straightforward to use, won’t alter the chemistry of your pool, and it’s also simple to adjust. For every 13,500 gallons of pool water, you can treat one large tank of water. 

The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8, and you should test and adjust as needed. To apply the shock treatment, you should first ensure your pump is functioning, and then you must trim the corner of the shock product.

Broadcast coverage is good all around the pool because the receiver is located in the deepest portion of the pool. Use a brush to spread the granules if they settle towards the bottom.

Features and Benefits

Increase Chlorine Level: It adds chlorine to pool water to keep it clear all season, killing off algae and germs so that your pool water is ready for fun all year long.

Protect Eye from Harmful Substances: Additionally, the chemical composition of the pool water alleviates the symptoms of eye irritation from the water and will help to avoid the creation of calcium deposits.

Keeps the Water Blue: To create the illusion of a blue substance being present, this product utilizes the Visible Blue action. The blue color is helpful when it comes to demonstrating the distribution of the substance as well as demonstrating that the shock treatment is at the action.


  • Compatible with all types of ponds.
  • Removes the substances causes eye irritation and is harmful to the skin.
  • Dissolved fast into water.
  • It won’t fade liners.


Not works well for big area.

4. HTH 22009 Ultimate Mineral Brilliance Chlorinating Granules

Ultima 40542-24 24-Pack T.K.O. Chlorinating Shock Treatment

HTH 22009 Ultimate Mineral Brilliance Chlorinating Granules contains a high chlorine concentration, and even more crucially, does not contain cyanic acid, which might increase the chlorine’s tendency to become unstable. We have been able to eliminate the summer-long algae problem caused by the 10,000-gallon pool water. Regardless of how hard we tried, it seemed as though the green algae was constantly waiting on the periphery.

This is one of the best pool shock treatment. The pool would look shiny and clear of algae. To dilute the powder in a jug, I first poured two scoops into the pool. The water was completely clear within four and a half hours.

The next morning, the water was entirely transparent. Even when we worked to open the bucket, there was no odor. This has worked rather well.

Features and Benefits

Greater Chlorine Supplement: One notable benefit is that it is inexpensive and provides you with a shock of 70% accessible chlorine.

Ensures Proper Balance: It’s enormous and weighs about 50 pounds. It is well designed for in-pool use, but it is not very friendly to use by the poolside.

Protects Pool Liner: Because of this, calcium is needed to keep the plaster lining in place. This means that we don’t have to vacuum our carpets at all because it does not leave a film behind.


  • It cleans algae and other harmful substances within 24 hours.
  • The powder is very fine and dissolves easily in water.
  • Provides extra-cleaning effect.
  • Great for maintaining the pool’s longevity.


  • Sometimes it causes stains and stays too long in the pool.

5. LeisureQuip BioGuard Smart Shock

BioGuard Smart Shock treatment

The LesisureQuip Bioguard is one of the best shock treatment for swimming pools. It provides shock treatment while you’re working out during the day, and you can go swimming within 15 minutes of using it. A vigorous burst of sanitation and oxidizing power is used to clean the pool through the addition of bacteria and other organics, as usual.

This mixture works quickly, so it is safe to use on any pool surface, even vinyl, and painted surfaces. If you have a pool with a chlorine and/or bromine-sanitizing system, no frustrating and unnecessary pre-dissolving is necessary.

This exclusive mixture incorporates intense oxidation with an algae killer and a clarifier. Both are included to provide clear, clean water, but they are activated by the time you need them.

Features & Benefits

Quick dissolving formula: It also allows pool surfaces of all kinds, even vinyl, and painted ones, to stay stain-free.

Comes with LeisureQuip Pool Care Log Book: This resource offers an easy-to-follow pool maintenance checklist, chemical dose tables, troubleshooting advice, as well as a pool care journal.

Use in Multi-purpose:  Shock is a sophisticated multi-functional product that does all of those things. It also combats algae, eliminates germs, and has an application that is simple to use, with no mixing or dissolving required.


  • Compatible with both chlorine and bromine sanitizing system.
  • Directly dissolve in pool water.
  • Easy to use.
  • Resist algae and bacterial growth.


  • Quality is not so good.
  • Sometimes irritate to skin.

6. Nava Chemicals StarPlus Chlorinating Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools

Nava Chemicals StarPlus Chlorinating Shock Treatment

In the swimming pool chemicals reviews now I will demonstrate another great chemical for the pool. This can be used to clear up all types of pools, such as swimming pools or spas. This is the ideal product for maintaining the right chemical balance in your pool. This pool shock treatment from Nava Chemicals has numerous practical applications.

It treats all pool and spa systems with dichloride shock. The Nava Chemicals StarPlus Chlorinating Shock Treatment product will remove algae while maintaining a neutral pH. If you are looking for the best pool chemicals for inground pools then it can be a great choice for you.

Features and Benefits

Contains High Amount of Chlorine: Chlorine has a high dosage, and thus intensifies the effect by removing any foreign materials from the water.

Resist Scale Build Up: To prevent scale build-up in your pool, you should use this product. Scale occurs because of using certain chemicals in your pool, which causes calcium and mineral accumulation.

pH Neutral Feature: Because of its pH-neutral characteristic, the pH of your pool may now be properly maintained when you add it.

Comes with Instructions: The manufacturer made sure you have all the necessary information on the package to help you use the product correctly.


  • Useful for all pool types.
  • Fast cleaning capacity.
  • Contain all efficient chemicals to clean up the pool.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful substances.


  • The price is high.

7. DryTec 23224-24 Extra Treatment Pool Shock

DryTec 23224-24 Extra Treatment Pool Shock

Having had a hot summer, one needs to shock their pool. Are you still seeking the best pool shock for inground pools? As far as I can tell, this brand is more cost-effective than others of a similar cost are because it contains 5% more active chlorine. I have saved two bags of this and used one less when I put it in my pool. I stay around a level of 5-10 PPM every day. Without this trauma, I would have perished. This pool is maintenance-free this summer since we have been able to keep it clean with minimal effort.

Shock should not be added to the pool directly. It’s only a matter of time before your vinyl liner gets damaged, the solution dissolves, and it sinks to the bottom, all of which is very bad news for your pool.

To make clear water, it is necessary to balance the water chemistry and to avoid mixing chlorine and shock treatments. Before just putting something into your pool, do some study and find out what you’re doing.

Features and Benefits

Provides Powerful Shock: This device gives you an additional powerful shock to assist keep your pool clear of algae and other debris.

Perfectly clean Organic Waste: Dry Tec Extra Shock is meant to be used according to the directions. The usage instructions state that it will eliminate organic waste and raise the chlorine level, resulting in sparkling, clean swimming pool water. This formula has an excellent ability to eliminate germs, inhibit algae, eliminate organic pollutants, and restore crystal purity.

Fast Acting Chloride: This is an excellent product for giving your pool startling clarity with a chlorine boost.


  • Act as a water purifier.
  • It doesn’t break down.
  • It dissolves easily into the water.
  • Maintain proper water chemistry.


  • Sometimes the water looks quite white.
  • It causes staining on the pool surface.

8. PoolBrand 1-1301-5-06 Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools

PoolBrand 1-1301-5 Quick Dissolving Shock Treatment

In the swimming pool chemicals reviews let’s talk about the PoolBrand 1-1301-5-06 Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools which is another great product you can buy today.

PoolBrand shock is useful for all pool kinds is manufactured from a material that swiftly dissolves when exposed to water. No fillers or additives are used in this product. It’s a safe and effective method of removing bacteria from your pool water. This product is formulated to reduce chlorine odors.

This pool water-disinfecting product is effective when used as indicated. Pool dosage depends on numerous variables that affect the pool’s disinfection system.

After using this product, a weekly algae treatment should be used. For Super chlorination, use one pound of this product for every 10,000 gallons of water you’re going to chlorinate. To avoid overflow, do not add more than one pound of this product to every three gallons of water. 

Features and Benefits

Fast Dissolving Capacity: Let the pump run for four ounces of this product and broadcast it evenly in 10,000 gallons of water. The undissolved product should not remain in touch with a pool surface that can be bleached.

Works Best at Fixed Ratio: Using a test kit regularly is vital to keep track of the current level of accessible chlorine in the pool water, which should be maintained between 1 and 3 ppm. A 2 – 3 osprey 10,000-gallon water per day needs to be added to the habitat.

Maintain all Pool Equipment: The dosages required will vary based on several different conditions, including water temperature, the number of bathers, exposure to debris, and periods of thunder or rainstorms. For good maintenance, this pool treatment guarantees all your pool equipment is operational. 


  • By removing chlorine odor, it ensures cleanliness.
  • No fillers are needed.
  • It stabilizes pool water.
  • Kills all types of bacteria.


  • If you don’t maintain the proper ratio it can cause harmful effects to the pool surface.
  • You need to apply it regularly for better results.

9. BioGuard Smart Shock

BioGuard Smart Shock (1 lb)

Are you seeking the best pool shock for green algae? Do you need the best pool shock for above ground pool? The BioGuard Smart Shock would be an excellent addition to any swimming pool, whether it is in-ground or aboveground. The Smart Shock suggests that the water will remain crystal clear with use. As well as helping with hydration, it functions as a shock, oxidizes, and buffers, and clarifies the water.

The BioGuard Smart Shock helps to avoid the growth of bacteria and algae by using the Smart Shock. BioGuard recommends making sure all of your pool equipment is in good operating order before using this product. One pound per 12,000 gallons of water is required. You should make sure the pool chemicals are all good before adding Smart Shock. It is one of the best pool chemicals for inground pools and above-ground pools.

To remove algae from your pool, you must vacuum up all the leaves and other debris. The pool pump and the Smart Shock should be combined in this situation. The Smart Shock will be applied where you have the most algae, thus that is where you will have the most algae. If you were looking for the best pool shock for above ground pool then it would be a great solution for you.

Features and Benefits

Multifunctional: Rugged, reliable, economy It can serve as a buffer, oxidizer, clarifier, and shock product, and it weighs one pound.

Remove Algae: The blue algae fighting crystals that kill the algae are one of a kind. BioGuard recommended that you brush off any algae if you see algae stains on the sides of the swimming pool.

No Need to Pre-mix: Pre-mixing is not required with Smart Shock because everything is done for you. One-pound bags, two-pound resalable bottles, and 25-pound buckets of Smart Shock are available.


  • It increases filter efficiency.
  • You can swim just after 15 minutes of applying it.
  • You can directly add it to the pool.
  • After using it, pool water looks clear.


  • Not so great for the removal of bacteria.

10. Rx Clear Super Shock for Synergy Pool Systems

Rx Clear Super Shock for Synergy Pool Systems

At the end of the swimming pool chemicals reviews now I will show you another best shock treatment for swimming pools. The Rx Clear Super Shock provides prescription strength clarity for Synergy Pool Systems. This is more concentrated than Mega Shock, but not as concentrated as high-chlorine bleach.

When diluted, Super Shock doesn’t discolor your pool’s liner, however hazy water can occur if it isn’t diluted before being dispensed around the pool. For regular shocking, you need to add one pound every ten thousand gallons of pool water to kill off algae. 

Super Shock is safe to use on vinyl pool liner due to the lack of potential for bleach build-up. The most effective strategy is to use Super Shock in the evening to protect the shock from exposure to the sun. For best results, wait eight to ten hours after beginning therapy before swimming. It is one of the best pool chemicals for inground pools you can buy today.

Features and Benefits

Great for Enjoying Swimming Experience: Super Shock is particularly effective and efficient because of its high chlorine content. Raising your free chlorine levels, water hardness, and pH levels, while also raising your pH levels, helps give you crystal-clear water.

Maintain pH levels: Chlorine and other free-radical scavengers are drawn into the pool, raising the total chlorine and hardness of the water as well as its pH.

Easily Mix with Water: It has a fine powdery texture and mixes well with the water when you add it to the pool.


  • Made with safe chemicals.
  • It takes proper care of your pool water.
  • The quality of the product is great.
  • It goes with synergy.


  • The price is high.
  • It can irritate your eye if you use it without using goggles.

Final Words

Another vital step in the routine maintenance of your pool is shocking it. While the water may look to be chemically balanced, that does not necessarily guarantee that it is. People use a pool regularly, so their cosmetics, sweat, lotion, and sunscreen will get into the water.

This has the potential to influence the water’s equilibrium. While it may be unavoidable for swimmers to leave behind contaminants when they exit the pool, you must keep up with pool water quality and maintenance to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Based on our research, we have found that HTH 52014-06 Ultimate 7-in-1 Shock Treatment is the best among all of the above-stated products. As it removes all harmful substances, balances ph level keeps the water blue, easily dissolves in the water, and ensures a safe, clean and enjoyable swimming experience.  

To stabilize the water, only the best pool shock treatment is required. All you have to do is find it, and then choose the appropriate things to add.

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