Dunnrite Pool Basketball B950 Review

A scorching summer day, your friends and family gathered around the pool, and the perfect slam dunk contest unfolding right before your eyes. Now, what’s missing from this summertime dream scenario? The Dunnrite Pool Basketball B950, that’s what!

In today’s review, we’re diving deep into the world of poolside slam dunks and H2O hoops to find out if the B950 lives up to the hype. If you’re ready to elevate your aquatic fun to a whole new level, stay tuned, because this review is about to make a splash!

So, what are you waiitng for? Let’s explore the Sunnrite pool basketball b950 review.

Is The Dunnrite Pool Basketball B950 Perfect For You?

I found it one of the best Pool basketball which fits in every swimming pool. If you love water games and want to have fun in the pool then surely it is suitable for you.

Dunnrite pool basketball B950

The Dunnrite basketball B950 is a portable basketball that comes with a color-matched basketball, a 13.5-inch stainless steel rim, and a solid 31w X 22’’ poly backboard. If you are looking for an incredible quality pool basketball then it is yours.

Top Features of the Dunnrite Pool Basketball B950

If you are looking for the best PoolSport basketball which comes with many helpful and effective features. Then the Dunnrite B950 will meet your wildest expectation. Let’s see what are the top features of it.

1. Premium Quality

This portable poolside basketball unit is crafted with quality in mind. It features stainless steel hardware and vinyl-coated stainless steel rims, ensuring durability and resistance to rust, even in a poolside environment. The polycarbonate-reinforced backboard is virtually indestructible, so you can play without worrying about wear and tear.

2. Versatile 2-in-1 Option

For those who love variety, the B950 is available as a Basketball & Volleyball Combo Unit (BV700, sold separately). This means you can enjoy not just basketball but also volleyball, all within one package. It’s a fantastic way to cater to different interests and switch between sports seamlessly.

3. Portable

It is a portable basketball that can be stored after finishing the water game to extend the life of the hardware. Let’s have a look at the dimensions of it. The base of the Dunnrite pool basketball is 17-inch wide x 19-inch deep x 38-inch height and the base weight is 115 Ibs when filled with the water.

4. Durability

The Dunnrite pool basketball comes with the highest durability because it is crucial to extend the life of the accessories. Plastics and metals have to face harsh weather conditions. That is why it needs extra durability than the other types of accessories to prevent any damage.

In addition, If your pool isn’t indoor then you must pay extra attention to those accessories that are constructed with durable materials to extend the life of it.

In that case, the Dunnrite pool basketball is made with stainless steel to provide you highest durability.

5. Great for All Skill Levels

The B950 is designed to be inclusive and accessible for players of all skill levels. Its midsize 7 3/4″ basketball is perfect for those with smaller hands, providing a comfortable grip. Additionally, the rim is strategically extended out over the water, eliminating the need for players to get too close to the pool’s edge. With a rim height of 36″ above the deck, more shooters can reach the hoop, making it an ideal choice for both kids and adults

6. Backboard and Rim

Even though the backboard can look small to you it is very effective to play decent games on it. You will get astonishing gaming performance from it. It is manufactured from high-quality plastic which plays a key role in getting the perfect rebound.

Dunnrite pool basketball B950

Surprisingly, the Dunnrite is shatter-proof and it can tolerate heavy forces without any movement. When the ball hits hard, it just vibrates a little because it is a little size but that’s not a problem.

Plus, the Rim of the Dunnrite (B950) pool basketball is rust-proof and it is perfect to play the game on a daily basis. I think you will not find a better hoop than this at this price which is really an astonishing thing.

7. Playability

The Dunnrite B950 is specially designed for both adults and kids. Which means if you want to enjoy the water game with your whole family then it would be a great solution for you.

However, when adults will play the size can appear a little bit small that is you need extra care while shooting the ball.

8. 3-year warranty

To keep you tension-free the Dunnrite comes with 3-year warranty. Which is really amazing. If you are looking for a pool basketball that comes with a long warranty then it will be a great choice for you.


  • Shatter-proof backboard which is constructed from high-quality plastic
  • Rust-free and suitable in harsh weather conditions
  • Portable and durable
  • Easy to install
  • 3-year warranty


  • The rim height is fixed


The Dunnrite B950 PoolSport Stainless Basketball Unit is built to last with its premium quality construction, offers versatility with its 2-in-1 combo option, and ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game without compromising on safety or fun.

It’s the perfect addition to any poolside setting, bringing hours of entertainment and excitement to your outdoor space.