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Well, you have reached there which means you are looking for the upgraded and advanced quality robotic pool cleaner. By the way, today I am going to give you a diagnostic report of the Dolphin Premier Robotic pool cleaner which is one of the desired robotic pool cleaners on the market because of its supreme quality and unbelievable performance.

It will play a key role to clean your in-ground swimming pool effectively without any hassle that everyone looking for.

Moreover, when the latest technology available then following the traditional ways to clean your pool definitely a terrible idea because it consumes a huge amount of precious time. More importantly, you will not get your desired cleaning performance.

In that case, a robotic pool cleaner will live up to wildest expectation to get crystal clear and sparkling water in your pool without any efforts which are really amazing.

However, there are much robotic pool cleaner is available on the market at this time but you have to find the right one according to your work.

From this perspective, I would say that if you are looking for a high-performing robotic pool cleaner which offers all the modern opportunities to work more efficiently then I would you must have to place a high priority on the dolphin premier.

It comes with everything that you need to enjoy your cleaning time with your favorite music. Dolphin Premier ensures work less fun more.

More importantly, it is specially engineered to make it user-friendly. You will not encounter any trouble to control the cleaner. Moreover, it’s a plug and plays a robotic pool cleaner. That comes with a bunch of amazing features and benefits.

Is the dolphin premier worth buying?

It is one of the biggest consideration while you are planning to buy the robotic pool cleaner because it is a little bit expensive.

If you have an in-ground swimming pool which size is not more than 50 feet then it is an ideal choice for you.

Surprisingly, you will get an unbelievable cleaning performance without any effort that you have ever experienced in the past.

Dolphin robotic pool cleaner

In addition, if you own an in-ground pool and looking for incredible quality and performing robotic pool cleaner then I would say surely buying the dolphin premier is a safe and secure investment.

Its incredible cleaning performance and eye-catching outlook will blow your mind.

More importantly, I just want to tell you that more than 70% of people gave it 4.5-5 star review on AMAZON. That means it ensures high quality and efficient performance.

If you are looking for an advanced method to clean your pool automatically. I am sure you will not find a better alternative than the dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner.

It compact and stunning design, as well as performance, will force you to fall in love with it.

Is the dolphin premier perfect for you?

It depends on people to people, person to person. If you do not want to waste your precious time only for cleaning and searching the most advanced cleaning technology. Surely, it would be a perfect choice for you. It is easy to use robotic pool cleaner.

Dolphin Premier

You just need to connect the cleaner with power then your duty is over. It will take all of the responsibility and within a moment you will get crystal cleaner water which is really amazing.

To be honest it is a fantastic robotic pool cleaner which is crucial to get sparkling clean water.

More importantly, if you do not want to follow so-called cleaning method to clean your pool and want to enjoy sparkling cleaning water with your friends and family in the summer then definitely the dolphin premier is a one-stop solution for you. It’s ideal, it’s cool.

Is the dolphin premier comes from a reputed company?

Before buying almost anything a question pops up into our mind that it is a reputed company? We think like that because we know it well-reputed company manufactures high-quality products to satisfy their customer and keep their goodwill on the market.

In that case, I would say the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner comes from a reputed company namely Maytronics the US. Which is a well-known and reputed company to manufacture high-quality swimming pool products?

They have many years of experience to make the most advanced robotic pool cleaner.

Top features of the dolphin premier?

Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner

The Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner comes with a series of incredible features which is really effective to get efficient performance.

Maytronics always place a high priority on their customer needs and they love to introduce the latest technology with the customer.

That is why the Dolphin Premier comes with some advanced and modern features to make your cleaning task simple and effective. Let’s see the top features of the Dolphin Premier.


It is one of the advanced features of this cleaner because it comes with three different types of filter to give the highest cleaning performance.

It comes with three media types such as micro-cartridges, standard cartridge and over-sized leaf or debris cover which is a really astonishing thing.

Easy to use

By the way, the Dolphin Premier is a plug and plays pool cleaner. You just need to connect the pool cleaner with the electricity and drop in water. You do not have to install any additional tools or attachment with the cleaner. That is really impressive.

Tile line scrubbing

Surprisingly, the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner is specially manufactured to clean pool floor, wall, tile, waterline effectively.

Which means if you want to get complete cleaning performance from a cleaner. It would be a fantastic solution for you.

If you install this advanced robotic pool cleaner you do not have to clean any part of your pool manually because it reaches each and every part of the pool.

Ultra-efficient dual DC motor

The motor is one of the biggest consideration in the case of the robotic pool cleaner because without efficient and powerful motor you will not get your desired performance.

In that case, the Dolphin Premier comes with dual 24 DC motor and twin scrubbing brushes to clean each and every part of the pool. Its twin powerful motors ensure high efficient performance.

Besides, if you are an energy conscious person then I would say you have nothing to worry because it consumes 90% less energy than the other types of robotic pool cleaner which is really amazing.

Smart Navigation

Most importantly, the Dolphin Premier Pool cleaner comes with smart navigation technology. It comes with smart navigation software which gives highly optimized scanning and coverage to ensure a new level of cleaning. It provides entire pool coverage which is really astonishing.

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Its advanced algorithms clean 100% of the pool without any delay or error. If you are looking for a robotic pool cleaner which can clean floor, wall, tile, water-line and so on automatically then the Dolphin Premier pool cleaner is waiting for you.

Smart control

In other words, it comes with a smart control system to make your work more comfortable and convenient. You can schedule to automatically clean your pool regularly, every other day, every third day or weekly which is a really impressive feature.

You just need to set the schedule cleaning time then it will do everything automatically which is really incredible. Besides, it comes with a full filter indicator that will let you know on time when you need to clean your filter. Isn’t it amazing?

No tangle No hassle

The Dolphin Premier comes with tangle-free swivel which is one of the effective and helpful features of this robotic pool cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaner

Its anti-tangled technology plays a key role to get non-stop and hassle-free cleaning. Its anti-tangled swivel allows your pool cleaner to move one place to another place with ease.

If you do not like tangling then I am sure the Dolphin Premier will be the best for you.


  • High-quality
  • Outstanding performance
  • Ultra-efficient dual DC motor
  • Tile line scrubbing
  • Smart Navigation & control
  • Anti-tangle patented swivel
  • 3-year warranty


  • The instruction guide is a little bit confusing
  • A little bit expensive


Definitely, the Dolphin Premier Pool cleaner is one of the best and perfect choices for anyone to clean the pool effectively without any effort.

If you are looking for an advanced cleaning method for your in-ground pool to get crystal clear and sparkling water without any effort. In that case, I would say you will not find the better alternative than the Dolphin Premier Pool cleaner.

It is one of the best and efficient pool cleaner on the market which is made by Maytronics.

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