Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner review | Gyro & 3-motors

It is needless to say that finding a superior and efficient robotic pool cleaner is a challenging task for any individual. Do you feel the same? In this article, I will give a diagnostic report and a Dolphin Odyssey Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner review. It is one of the most desired cleaning units for the pool cleaners to get a hassle-free performance as well as sparkling clean water automatically. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with gyro and triple motors.

There are several automated pool cleaners available in the market at this time. But the top quality, satisfying customer care support, warranty, efficiency, and ability are just not efficient at all.

Is cleaning the pool your biggest concern?

Cleaning is not an easy task to do. This is so boring and laborious. Before inventing this innovative automated pool cleaner, it was never easy to get them sparkling clean pool water.

Many people were worried about cleaning their pool faster and lavishly. When they go to clean their pool, they got disappointed and looked for a better option to clean their pool easily and shortly. This automated robotic pool reduces their hardship and time. Then people take Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with caddy and remote, which took their all cleaning responsibility.

However, when the Dolphin Odyssey Pool cleaner has been launched for the first time, every person thinks they have to pay extra utility bills, which costs a lot. However, the real scenarios are totally different. So now you ask why this really is so different and why this really is significantly dependable to work with? Being quite transparent makes use of less energy compared to the other self-driven pool solution in the market.

Best functions for this cleaning unit in relation to programmed pool cleaner, there is absolutely no way to disregard the Features. It is among the crucial attention.

Maytronics dolphin odyssey packaging list:

  • Coverage Area: This robotic pool covers 50 feet and the full coverage area smoothly.
  • It has an anti-Tangle cable, a powerful suction motor, and waterline cleaning. With the help of this unit, it can clean water more effectively and make your pool as same as new. The water becomes transparent and clean. With this suction motor, it runs quickly, and the cleaning tasks are completed quickly.
  • Filter Type: a massive size top-loading cartridge filter. This basket helps to carry trash if the cartridge filter fulfills with trash.
  • Cleaning time: If you have lots of tasks and are busy with another duty, you need to quickly clean your pool. Then you give this unit a Quick mood, and you get your work done within 1 hour. If you are free, you set up a standard mood to get your work m done within 2 hours. It’s totally up to you.
  • Scrubber Brushes: It has two Scrubbing brushes: a Front high-speed scrubber with a standard back scrubber.
  • Smartphone connected: It has connectivity in WiFi with My Dolphin plus Mobile App and REMOTE.
  • Smart Phone capabilities: On/Off remote steering.
  • Cable Length: About 60 feet tangle-free cable.
  • Suction rate: around 4000 GPH

How the Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with caddy and remote stands out in the competition?

It’s the very best Dolphin commercial pool cleaner ever made. And it’s easy to see why the newest Dolphin Odyssey is the solution to the shifting needs of commercial pool owners everywhere – it’s a one-stop solution for luxury hotels to public swim centers.

The unit comes with ground-breaking gyroscope technologies, commercial-grade triple motors, and a level of performance never seen before. In addition, the latest Dolphin features not one, not two but 3 highly energy-efficient, Commercial DC motors.

Its 24-Volt Triple high RPM DC Motors ULTRA-efficient uses 87% less energy renowned for getting a high torque ratio to inertia. In addition, the DC motor provides approximately five times its ranked torque without stalling. The Odyssey Dolphin swimming pool cleaner for commercial swimming pools works not two but three on-board DC motors.

Incorporating the Odyssey commercial swimming pool area robot into the pool’s cleaning team implies forever changing how you will look at a nice and clean pool. Experience the reassurance the Dolphin Odyssey can bring you with its 2-year warranty backed by the world leader in robotic pool area cleaners.

Top Features of the Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with caddy and remote.

Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with gyro and triple motors

Surprisingly, Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with caddy and remote equips with a series of popular and practical features that happen to be quite definitely simple to operate.

However, this automatic swimming pool arrives with much different originality and contains a lot of characteristics; I will recognize a number of the top-rated functions for sale in this system. So make your eyes ready to accept start to see the optimum attributes of the robot.

It has some outstanding features and uniqueness.

Simple installation process

You don’t need to face any hardship to completely clean your swimming pool using Dolphin odyssey pool cleaner with gyro and triple motors. No added materials are necessary to get your job done. Instead, you can easily use and simply wash. Plug it in, dive it in, and leave.

Within a little window of time, this automatic unit is going to do the washing job instantly. Exactly how amazing and useful this unit is! Without going through any difficulty, your unclean swimming pool turned sparkling clean?

This unit does this cleaning job for you without any payment. After that, you can swim in your pool with ease.

Power spinning and scrubbing

Most importantly, this unit has a spinning brush that scrubs floor walls and waterlines. It removes the film of algae and an incredibly tiny organism that stays outside the swimming pool. The brushes transfer at higher RPM to depart obstinate biography-movie shops.

As it possesses a Razor-sharp washing brush, therefore it can clean up all of your pool areas gorgeously. Also, this scrubbing clean doesn’t leave any individual unneeded particles and trash. The system functions smoothly and works faster without any sort of disruption.

A large filter 

This robotic pool has a massive top load cartridge filtration system that utilizes an additional ample primer filter bin. The four sides of the primer filter box can be rising up in and from the place.

Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with gyro and triple motors has a strong filtration system that filtrates every single nanoparticle and object. It’s exceptional filtration effectiveness that really works so beautifully. Also, this system features an okay filtration system basket. After accomplishing cleansing junk, this basket enables you to bring the garbage. That’s why cleansing is usually to be convenient and washes the pool very neatly.

There’s possess a baseboard, which baseboard is pivoted to indisputably drop the rubbish into an excess box. In addition, it comes with a thing on the push management unit that notifies you as soon as the route primer is full.

There have two types of filter displays. You can swap up anyone to utilize the common primer for the best supreme suction power to get rid of leaves and much more dignified rubbish. Along with another filter that certain slightly small than just before, it can be used to filtrate very little environmentally friendly expansion and microbes from your water.

Gyroscopic Navigation

In the Dolphin Odyssey Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner review, it is high time to introduce the most advanced navigation technology, Gyroscopic Navigation technology, which is considered the game-changing technology in the swimming pool automation industry. Maytronics introduces with Odyssey.

THE ODYSSEY COMMERCIAL POOL CLEANER has Automatic Scanning Software that maps the surface of the pool. Its scanning map picks up data about where it has been cleaned and where it must be thoroughly clean.

This robot swimming pool area features a swift commence guide that computes and navigates inside a simple period. The pool area is messy and messy. After moving this automatic pool, reply quickly and clear filthy areas quickly. It really works automatically after it dives into the pool.

This commercial pool cleaner has an excellent and powerful understanding of the potential and functions without any hassle. It has one power source model; together with this model, this automatic solution operates a restless, nice and clean pool without disruption.

The unit has a quick start guideline that determines and navigates inside a short period. The pool is filthy and untidy. It has one power supply device; together with this model, this auto cleaner operates a stressed and nice and clean total swimming pool without disturbance. It finishes its cleaning duty around over a couple of hours.

Easy to operate

This unit has one power supply unit that provides a couple of cleaning cycle program mode:

(1) Day-by-Day schedule and (2) Weekly Schedule (two or three times each week).

If you are interested in the most effective solution to nice and clean your pool area and set your cleaning schedule, then it will be a wonderful choice for you.

Simple to Use

Before coming to this commercial robotic pool cleaner Odyssey, the cleansing task has never been always easy. This unit gets to be significantly less hardship and more entertaining. It was easier to begin up and utilize.

You need to take your smartphone to connect the Odyssey in your smartphone with all the MY DOLPHIN Software, and it also equips with a REMOTE. Then access features readily available, such as cleaning periods, regular Scheduler, and menu for location cleaning up.


The Dolphin Odyssey Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner is 54 pounds, yet it’s efficient. You don’t need anything to carry this unit from one place to another. Instead, you can easily handle it and carry it with the help of your arm.

Why Maytronics dolphin odyssey is the fastest and reliable solution?

Is this last hour pool party? Will the party start after 1 hour? No tension at all. You may ask, why? The Dolphin Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaner has you covered. Turn on the option of a “QUICK” cleaning cycle; your pool will be ready for fun in just 1 hour. If your pools up to 50 feet in length, let Odyssey in your pool, and it will do all for you! Plug and play for an unconciliating clean.

Dolphin odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with caddy and remote

As the odyssey automatic robotic pool works without outside help from your pool’s system, you don’t need to worry about external factors such as low pressure or a damaged pump impacting the cleaning workability.

Keep your pool beautifully clean from the flat of your hand. Use the My Dolphin Plus App to connect the Odyssey to WiFi to schedule weekly cleanings, choose between the quick or standard cleaning time, and place clean when needed. Pool cleaning has never been easier!

A cleaner for every pool. The Odyssey has exceptional filtering capabilities and is powerfully swift-moving on vertical surfaces for sharp waterline scrubbing. As an equal convenience cleaner, this robot is an ingenious solution for all pools which length is around 50 feet.

In the Maytronics dolphin odyssey review, let’s explore the brand’s reputation now. With more than 35 years of the leading position in the pool industry, Dolphins give pool owners a trouble-free cleaning solution of unrivaled performance and longevity. Then, get back to what genuinely matters; spending time with your family and friends.

What is self-driven pool cleaner exclusively reputable?

This cleaning unit offers the best quality and top-notch performance at a minimal cost? Which pool cleaner gives stress-less service? Which pool cleaners are unique and working smoothly gives the best performance? If these questions are going through in your mind, then the answer is simple.

Yes, many cleaners are available, but one of the best and unique characteristic pools is Dolphin Odyssey, which fulfills all your cleaning needs. So do you want to take the stress out of cleaning your pool with Odyssey?

The odyssey commercial robotic pool cleaner with gyro and triple motors robot delivers an unconciliating clean with its acute scribbling refining. This unit has an original style and satisfaction. It is easy to use and easy to plug out. It constantly will give you much better support. If you need a great-quality floor automatic swimming pool cleaner and would like to buy one, then DOLPHIN MERCURY AUTOMATIC ROBOTIC POOL cleaner will be a spiffy choice for you.

This commercial unit is one of the eminent automatic pool cleaners in the world. The reason is obvious because having its heavy-duty power.

Also, it possesses the high-good quality and initial-amount workability that you would like. This has a distinctive style and a lot more able to do its task. This robot gives you much better services right after a long, and you will be long-lasting for quite a few years. Also, it can be used very simply.

It is needless to say that it is one of the most recent innovations of Maytronics, which is probably the renowned and highly-reputed pool cleaner manufacturer around the world. The brand Maytronics was created on circumspective fame in the market by providing its standard robotic pool cleaner.

How to clean the filters?

It is rather very easy to thoroughly clean the filters. You don’t have to face the irritation of doing this job. Initially, you must remove the filtration systems from your robot, set up free of charge the latch to permit the soil and rubbish to fall out, and thrown away any staying junk.

Don’t permit the filtration to dry before cleaning the garbage. We recommend cleaning your filter systems every sixty days. When you acknowledge this, your filter goes on for some time.

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