Intex rectangular pool 32ft Ultra Frame Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump

Are you waiting for the Intex rectangular pool reviews? In this article, we are going to provide the most desired Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool review. I’m damn sure you’ve heard a lot about it. Now it’s time to explore this popular above-ground pool set. I would love to mention that this XTR pool set comes with Sand Filter Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth, and Pool Cover. That means it’s a complete package.

I hope you will agree with me that summer is not enjoyable without the best swimming pool. But the in-ground swimming pool is expensive and it is really hard for many people to afford and maintain. What can be the solution?

No worry, my dear friend. An above-ground can be the best choice to enjoy the summer because it is cheaper and easy to maintenance. I think there is nothing better than swimming in a pool with cool and crystal clear water with friends and family. It blows the mind and plays a key role to remove monotony from regular life.

A staggering number of people have a dream to own a stunning and astonishing swimming pool in the middle of their backyard but sometimes it’s not affordable for many people.

However, the in-ground pool is very expensive, and it’s really hard to maintain. In addition, it takes a big space which is completely unavailable in many houses. To fix this problem in the best way above ground pool is constructed where you have a dream to afford it.

Intex rectangular pool 32ft Ultra Frame Pool

Undoubtedly, nowadays above ground pools are becoming popular because of its cheap maintenance and cost. I highly recommended buying above ground pool because it’s affordable and durable which means if you want to spend a great time with family this summer the above ground pool will be the best choice. It’s a complete package of happiness.

If you have a cherished dream to own a pool in the center of your backyard, why not above ground pool which is affordable for the majority of people.

What you need to consider before buying an above ground pool?

More importantly, at the time of buying a perfect above ground pool, you have to consider a series of things.

Plus, a perfect quality swimming pool comes with strong frames and walls, a powerful pump to fill the pool, an effective filtration system to clean the water, a strong ladder, base plates, etc. These are the things that you have to consider before buying an above-ground pool.

By the way, do you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family this summer? If your answer is yes, I have good news for you. I am going to introduce one of the best above-ground swimming pools. It will make your life easy, comfortable and joyful all the time.

If you are dreaming about a swimming pool to buy but you cannot find the right one for you. This article will help you a lot to make the right decision.

In addition, Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool is constructed for those who are highly interested to enjoy their summer in their backyards and want to enjoy their summer vacation full of joyfully.

It is one of the great innovations of modern technology in this modern era. This incredible and awesome pool will feel you luxurious.

Fortunately, the Intex ultra frame pool set meets everyone’s expectations. It is one of the coolest swimming pools at this time on the market. If you want to make your summer joyful with your friends and family then the Intex 32ft Rectangular Pool will live up to your wildest expectation.

Intex Ultra Frame VS Metal & Prism Frame

Intex’s ultra-frame above-ground pools are their top-level version in comparison to their metal frame and prism frame swimming pools.

Ultra frame pools are generally made with more robust, extremely durable that were created to last longer than the other types. Including:

  • A thicker, more durable liner.
  • Stronger, far more rust-resistant support frames and legs.
  • Greater size alternatives.

Is the Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool worth buying?

As a matter of fact, if you are looking for a cool and spacious swimming pool at an affordable price then definitely it is worth buying. It is one of the popular above-ground pools so far because of its superior design and supreme quality. It gives a luxurious feel.

In addition, Intex Rectangular Pool is a portable pool that means you can store the pool during the off-season extend the life of the pool which is really astonishing because you can use the pool for a long time. It is absolutely a budget-friendly above-ground pool which comes with a series of advantages.

What are the top features of the Intex 16×32 pool?

The Intex 16×32 pool comes with some astonishing features. Surely, it will blow your mind. Intex always places a high priority to include its latest technology with its products because it is a big brand name. I am hungry to demonstrate the top features of the Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool come. let’s see.

Removable ladder

The Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool comes with remove able ladder that really easy to set up without facing any hassle. It will not take a long time to set up which is really cool and you can set the ladder with the pool conveniently.

Intex rectangular pool 32ft Ultra Frame Pool

The remove able ladder is completely slip-resistance which means there is no way to slip and you can walk on the ladder comfortably. In addition, the ladder is only designed for the Intex Ultra Frame Pool and its maximum capacity is 300 Ib (136 kg). The ladder is constructed with stainless steel.

Debris cover

Interestingly, the debris cover is made of durable material that ensures the highest quality and long-lasting. Rope tie is kept in the right place to cover up the pool to avoid debris.

In other words, now you can set your pool somewhere in your garden, rooftop, or another side of your house and you have nothing to worry about the debris because the Intex 16x32x52 pool comes with a debris cover which prevents dust, rubbish, etc.

Pool Liner

The Intex 16x32x52 pool has a stunning blue tile print liner and a classy grey exterior that improve the backyard of the swimming pool.

Ground cloth

To ensure the highest protection of the pool bottom, it has a cool ground cloth that protects the bottom of the swimming pool. The ground cloth is made of durable material to complete the procedures perfectly.

Sand filter pump

Sand is annoying in the swimming pool. The Intex ultra frame pool has a powerful sand filter to remove the sand from pool water and give it a crystal clear look.

Intex rectangular pool 32ft Ultra Frame Pool

The sand filter requires 110-120v to complete its operation. It has a 14’’ diameter corrosion resistance tank and its water flow rate at pump 280 GPH and water flow rate at pool 2150 GPH which means within a short time it will clear your pool water.

In addition, one of the effective and coolest features of this pump is its GFCI technology. Plus, if the electricity exposes the water, it automatically shuts off to avoid any injury or serious electric shock.

The pump is faster and it takes very little time to remove the sand from the water and its big capacity tank ensures long-time operation.

Pool frame

Its lightweight frame can do heavy-duty and surprisingly, its uncommon and stylish shape can fit anywhere even if in the tiny yards. These swimming pool frames are constructed with firm and extra-strength tubing that ensures supreme quality.

Easy setup procedure

If you are worried about the setting process of the pool, the reality is you have nothing to worry about. You will get a DVD where you can watch the full setup step by step.

It takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete the full setup. So there are no worries. Set the pool in your backyard and enjoy the summer with your friends and family.

Hydro Aeration technology

Fortunately, Intex introduced its latest creative Hydro Aeration technology that is really helpful to enhance circulation and filtration. At the time of the aeration process, it removes fine particles and makes the job easy. In addition, it mixes the air with the water properly that sparks the pool water and it will feel fantastic.

Safety Information of the Intex 32ft Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

More importantly, Children should supervise before using the pool and keep their eyes always open when they swim in the pool. To avoid any accident learn them swimming and teach them properly very basic water safety measurement.

Unavoidably, it will be the best idea to train them to learn basic life-saving techniques. However, at the time of swimming in the pool always avoid the drain because its suction is much powerful. It can trap you underwater.

Why you should buy Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool?

Luckily, if you are looking for an above-ground pool for the whole family or if you live in an extended family then you should place a high priority on the Intex ultra xtr rectangular pool.

It’s dimension 32ftX16ftX52 which means it is a giant size above-ground pool where many people can swim together. Otherwise, you can easily spend some joyful time with your friends and family in the summer. Enjoy your time with the Intex Ultra Pool.

Is the Intex is a reputed Brand?

By the way, Intex has a great reputation and a long experience in manufacturing ground pools. You can rely on them completely without any doubt because they always place a high priority to produce a quality product. Plus, Intex is one of the popular brands because of its above-ground pool.

What people are saying about Intex 32 ft ultra frame rectangular pool?

Incredibly, around 67% of people gave it a 5-star review and they are happy with this above-ground pool. The frame of the pool is easy to set up. The pool is very spacious where many people use the pool together, although the majority of people complained about the ladder of the pool it is not a major issue.


  • All necessary set up and maintenance attached with the pool
  • Large pool area
  • Easy installation
  • The strongest part of the pool is its durability that ensures supreme quality
  • Free DVD to install the pool
  • Included all necessary tools
  • A powerful sand filter that works perfectly
  • Portable means you can store the pool during the offseason


  • The ladder is not compatible with the pool
  • Assembly can take much time
  • Some quality control issues


To summarise, this pool is robust and durable and its installation is relatively easy than the other types of above-ground pools.

Intex 16×32 pool is one of the best above the ground swimming pool at this time, if you are familiar with the rectangular shape of the pool then it will be a fantastic choice for you.

Otherwise, Intex has a great reputation to manufacture the supreme quality swimming pool filter and other accessories. Intex ultra rectangular pool set USA is attached with laminated PVC sidewalls that ensure the higher class materials for the swimming pool.

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