How much a solar pool heater cost and how to buy the best one?

Are you finding the information to know the solar pool heater cost? Well, you have got the right the article. In this comprehensive buying guide I am going to mention a solar pool heater cost at the end of the content.

And you will able to know all the required information to buy the best and high-performing solar pool heating for above ground or in-ground pool.

Solar pool heaters use solar thermal energy to heat the water in your pool. Solar energy collectors are typically mounted on your roof, similar to photovoltaic solar (PV) panels.

Water from the pool is pumped to the reservoirs with a filter and up to the solar collectors on the roof.

These solar collectors appear identical to photovoltaic panels but have tubing all along the inside to filter water. Solar pool heaters are usually operated in one of three ways.

Some are electric and use solar power as their supply, which is the best way to consume heat.

This relies on a lot of direct sunlight as well as a battery array to store the power for continuing overnight functioning.

Heating a pool with solar energy is environmentally conscious and will save your money as well as you can focus on free electricity from the sun rather than paying the fuel.

Here are 10 Best Solar Pool Heater For Above Ground

The sum you would save switching to a solar pool heater would rely on your pool’s current heat source, device capacity, upfront expense, and more.

Types of Solar Pool Heater

Solar pool heater cost

      i) Thermal Solar Collectors

This is a simple and easy and cost-effective solar pool heating system. Solar collectors, often referred to as solar panels, are typically mounted on the house’s roof, but they may often be positioned nearer to the pool.

Reasonable and user friendly solar collectors are made of rubber or plastic matting.

Water is passed through a series of pipes over them. These solar collectors are perfect if you live in a dry, sunny environment but in cooler climates, they are typically not as useful.

      ii) Evacuated Glass Collector Tube Device

The most efficient heating method for swimming pools is considered as an evacuated tube collector system, though it is more expensive than a thermal system. An evacuated collector tube device includes a network of small glass tubes within larger glass tubes and produce a niche between the two.

The warmth becomes stored within the vacuum and passed to a device as sunlight heats the window. Such systems are suitable for environments that get little sunshine because their insulation mechanism allows them much more effective at storing heat.

      iii) Solar Pool Covers

A solar pool cover is one of the best solution for people who purchase a pool with a swimming bath cover. Solar pool covers are usually made of the polyethylene thick bubble layer. They allow you to save more of the sun’s radiance.

Benefits of Using Solar Pool Heater

       i) Reasonable operation: The heater is cheaper for long-term service. You do not need an additional heater if your home gets regular sunshine and may save more energy. Solar power is usually far and away from the foremost cost-effective thanks to heat the water in your shower.

As gas and electricity prices are rising all the time, so installing a solar heating plant in your pool will prevent a substantial amount of cash on your energy bills.

      ii) Eco-friendly system: Forget about feeling ashamed of air pollution; solar array heater is certainly the simplest option for clean energy that’s available. This technique still releases less pollution than heaters with a more traditional system, even with a further heater.

      iii) Long-lasting: Heater is ideal if you’re getting to sleep in a property permanently, or a minimum of for long years. The best solar pool heater, perfect for a permanent residence or commercial building, can last between 15 and 20 years after installation.

      iv) Fast heating process in warm areas: If you stay during a warm place, with a heater you’ll cool your pool faster. Fast heating saves energy besides warmth, particularly if you’ve got a further heater connected to the solar one.

Things Needs to be Considered before Buying Solar Pool Heater

i) The Size of the Pool

Solar pool heaters are available in various shapes and sizes, very similar to the    pools they represent. If you opt to heat an out sized pool, a much bigger heater would wish to be built. Bigger pools require more power, so your solar dish scale will match the dimensions of your pool.

Ideally, your solar collector area should cover at least 80 to 100 percent of your pool size in square meters.

ii) Preparation of enough space

Approximately 75 percent of your pool capacity is a suitable area capacity for typical heater installations. It refers to a seasonally open pool. If the pool is out there all year long, it must be elevated to one hundred pc.

iii) Consideration of the geographical and climate factors

Your collector should be positioned in an environment where he or she will get full sunlight exposure. However, confirm that your solar dish isn’t mounted within the shade of trees or tall buildings because this may reduce the quantity of warmth that it’ll generate.

If you stay during a super sunny location then a solar pool heater would be perfect for you. The places within the cold region receive a lot of sunlight that the system can store until you would like to use it to heat your pool.

Although it’s normally sunny, you need some kind of heating during the winter months to stay using your pool, and a solar pool heater is right.

iv) Choose cost-effective one

Btu is measurement of solar heater efficiency. You would apply the method for measuring the sum of Btu expended on each dollar by using it.

When buy a solar pool heater, you  must compare different product prices, and see which one is best for your family.

v) Choose the well-recognized installation of the solar array company

A trustworthy firm is for not just good deployment but also maintenance. The solar pool heater will last 15-20 years, so selecting an installment business that will be around for several years is safest.

1. How much a solar pool heater cost?

The cost for solar pool heating differs for many features, for example the dimensions of the pool, installation procedure, the dimensions of heating device and therefore the sort of system.  

A solar pool heater costs usually between $3,000 and $4,500 for buying and installing that must have a also lasting for a long period of time than other pool heaters. 

Another feature of solar pool heaters is you will get energy to pump water into the solar pool heater mounted on the rooftops.

This ensures that if your home isn’t even completely solar-driven, the energy bill will increase, you get relaxation to ensure that it can pass via the solar panels to warmth your shower.

So it will be a wise decision if you pay $50 to $170 a month on energy to feed your solar pool somewhere.

2. Does solar pool heating work?

Solar pool heating is something which is considered as a vital element for more people, especially within south where sunshine is out there all year round. Sunshine abundance makes this region an ideal candidate for this sustainable and renewable source of energy.

And after inclement weather, it can put your pool back to a comfort zone for bath for several sunshine days during a string. The solar package is a collection of panels, typically on the deck, which collects electricity from the sun to power up the swimming pool. Those panels contain a set of narrow holes.

Before floating to the pool, water is pumped through these tubes or collectors and is warmed by the sun’s heat. The mean heat output is about 1,000-1,500 Btus.

Best Solar Pool Heater For In Ground Pool!

The machine can also be able to cool water in hot conditions by pushing it through the collectors in the dark. 

The collector tubes can often be vitrified or powdered. This provides them more productivity as they hold more of the warmth. 

3. What is the solar pool heater installation process? 

Installing a Solar Pool Heater is simple and it takes around each day to finish a mean crew of two. Solar pool heating collectors are usually located on the wall, but could also be mounted however sufficient sunlight is getting. The steps are given below:

      i) Confirm proper match initially survey region. a) Designing the piping design while building multi-bank structures.

        ii) Lay the first panel down and make sure that certain roof is straight and square. Just lay the substrate under each panel.

       iii) Couple all panels together in one bank.

       iv) Make sure the panel orientation is straight on the wall. To make sure drainage, the panel bottom header should be inclined approximately 1⁄4″ every 10 feet towards the top cap.

       v) Secure 3 or 4 top ties in situ for holding panel banks.

       vi) Then protect the remaining tops, bases, and braces for the frames.

      vii) The vacuum safety valve and therefore the end caps are installed. Then connect the supply to panels and return pipes. These pipes should be routed, so that when the pump shuts down the system will drain completely. Solar pool heaters are installed by applying these ways.

4. Is solar pool heating worth it?

A solar pool heater cost depends on its size and capacity. Buying it worth or not, it also depends on your requirements or necessity.

It’s an eco-friendly system to heat your pool or simply if you want to add a little amount for your monthly pool heating cost, solar pool heaters would be your choice.

The feature of these heaters is very simple and you needn’t follow any guide to run it. It’ll provide you with many benefits, many of which you almost certainly didn’t even consider. 

You’ll easily reduce the heating and operating costs for the swimming pool by buying and installing a perfect solar pool heater. A solar pool heater is better than both gas and warmth pump heaters and have small operating costs annually. 

The solar pool heating device usually costs between $3000 and $4000 to buy, install and maintain.

These solar pool heaters have more potentiality than other pool heaters like gas and warmth pumps.  May a solar pool heater cost a bit much, but it saves for you and the environment.

 5. How does solar pool heater work?

 Solar pool heating systems are operated by absorbing significant amount of daylight by using this energy to flow water into the tank and out into the pool.    

The water flows through a number of solar collectors and warmth them up along the way. A solar heater consumes ultraviolet radiance from the sun and then utilize it to generate heat to the swimming pool water.

The unstable pool water firstly transfers to the tank. It flows through a filter until water enters in the collector to remove seeds, algae, and sand. The water being heated by the sun into the solar panel until it’s floating to the pool water.

If you stay in a warm climatic region, in the summer season, the collector is often wont to cool the pool water.

This would be possible if you pump water through the collector in the dark.

The reservoir temperature becomes greater than that of the stream when water is transferred to the reservoir, through a flow generating device.

The filtered pool water just bypasses the collector before floating to the pool, until the temperature of the collector becomes like the temperature of the reservoir. 

You can use unglazed collectors for getting best results when the temperature is above the melting point. 

6. What is the solar pool heater installation cost?

There is a broad sort of costs involved building a solar pool heater, supported the type of heater, how deep the pool is, and wherever it’s situated.

Many households pay on the average between $3,000 and $8,500, with most owners paying $4,000 on glazed pool heaters with solar panels.


I would like to tell you that solar pool heaters are one of the simplest investments that you simply can make in your pool.

As an environmentally conscious solution, how well a solar pool heater depends on a variety of variables, like the dimensions of your pool, the dimensions of your heating unit, and most significantly, how bright the sun shines.

If you are going to mount the solar collectors on the roof, contacting a solar construction company or roofing specialist is certainly a sensible option to get the work completed properly and securely.

10 Best Solar Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool And In Ground Pool!