Swim, Relax, Repeat: Explore Dolphin Explorer E70 Review

Experience hassle-free pool maintenance and crystal-clear waters with the Dolphin Explorer E70 robotic pool cleaner. This powerhouse gadget isn’t just a cleaner; it’s your ticket to more time splashing and less time cleaning. 

Let’s Dive into the Dolphin Explorer E70 review, and explore the details of its performance, ease of use, and the transformative impact it can bring to your pool maintenance routine.

Is The Dolphin Explorer E70  Pool Cleaner Ideal for Me?

What do you think is an ideal selection for you? In this Maytronics Dolphin Explorer E70 review, let’s explore how it is suited for a specific pool owner profile:

  • Owners of Small to Medium-Sized Pools: If you have an above-ground or smaller in-ground pool (up to 30′ officially but adaptable for larger pools), the E70 is well-suited for efficient cleaning.
  • Convenience Seekers: Individuals looking for convenience and ease of use might appreciate the E70’s Wi-Fi connectivity for remote scheduling and its tangle-free cable holder, simplifying operation and maintenance.
  • Users Valuing Quality and Efficiency: Those who prioritize efficient cleaning performance and durability would find the E70 appealing due to its efficient wall-climbing capabilities, simple maintenance with pop-out screens, and positive user feedback regarding its cleaning prowess.
  • Users with Moderate Debris Concerns: Pool owners dealing with standard debris like leaves, bugs, and general dirt accumulation would benefit from the E70’s ability to handle these types of debris effectively.
  • Adaptable Pool Owners: Individuals willing to work around specified limitations (such as adapting the cleaner for larger pools with strategic placement of the power supply) could find the E70 a reliable and adaptable cleaning solution.

Key feature of the Dolphin Explorer E70 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin Explorer E70 review

It comes with tons of high-efficient features that make it stand out in the competition. Let’s find the more notable features in the Dolphin E70 review. 

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

This cutting-edge feature allows you to take control of your pool cleaning regimen from anywhere with internet access. The ability to schedule cleanings remotely means you can ensure your pool is pristine whenever it suits your schedule. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just relaxing at home, this Wi-Fi connectivity ensures your pool maintenance is effortless and timely.

2. Universal Caddy and Classic Caddy Cover

The inclusion of these accessories significantly enhances the overall experience of owning the Dolphin Explorer E70. The Universal Caddy not only serves as a practical way to transport the cleaner around the pool area but also aids in easy storage. 

The Classic Caddy Cover, crafted from high-quality vinyl, is a game-changer in terms of protecting the Dolphin from the elements. Its durability means your investment is safeguarded against harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

3. Efficient Cleaning Performance

Now let’s find how efficient it is in this Maytronics Dolphin Explorer E70 review. It is more than just a pool floor cleaner. Its robust wall-climbing capabilities mean it thoroughly scrubs not only the pool floor but also the walls and waterline. 

This comprehensive cleaning ability ensures every nook and cranny of your pool receives the attention it needs, leaving you with a sparklingly clean pool.

4. Tangle-Free Cable Holder

Dealing with tangled cables can be frustrating, but the Dolphin’s design includes a tangle-free cable holder that keeps the robot’s cable organized during operation. This feature not only adds to the convenience of using the cleaner but also minimizes the hassle often associated with managing cables in other pool cleaning solutions.

5. Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the filter box has never been easier, thanks to the Dolphin’s thoughtfully designed pop-out screens. These screens make routine maintenance a quick and simple task. By easily accessing and cleaning the filter, you ensure the cleaner operates at its peak efficiency, prolonging its lifespan and maintaining its optimal cleaning performance.

6. Adaptability

While officially specified for pools up to 30′, users have discovered the cleaner’s adaptability in handling larger pools by leveraging the ample cable length and strategically placing the power supply. This adaptability is a testament to the Dolphin’s functionality beyond its stated specifications, offering users flexibility in cleaning various pool sizes.

7. Particle Filtration Add-On

The optional small particles filter add-on is designed to handle fine debris, such as powdered residue after shocking the pool. However, some users have experienced issues with cloudiness after using this add-on. This feedback indicates potential limitations or compatibility concerns that might need consideration before opting for this feature.

8. Compatibility with Fine Basket

Users highly recommend pairing the Dolphin with a Fine Basket accessory to effectively tackle finer debris. This add-on complements the cleaner’s standard filtration system, ensuring a more comprehensive cleaning performance, especially for debris that might escape other cleaning methods.

The Dolphin Explorer E70 excels in convenience, adaptability, and efficiency, addressing various pool cleaning needs. However, it’s crucial to consider specific factors like additional attachments and their effectiveness based on individual pool conditions before making a purchase decision.

Dolphin Explorer E70 Vs Premier

In the Maytronics Dolphin Explorer E70 review, let’s compare Dolphin Explorer vs Premier. Both are remarkable robotic pool cleaners, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Dolphin Explorer E70

  • Features: Offers Wi-Fi connectivity, a Universal Caddy, Classic Caddy Cover, wall-climbing capabilities, tangle-free cable holder, and efficient cleaning performance.
  • Filter System: Standard filter system with pop-out screens for easy cleaning.
  • Adaptability: Adaptable for larger pools by strategically placing the power supply despite being specified for pools up to 30′.
  • Feedback: Users appreciate its ease of use, efficiency in picking up debris, and overall quality. Some limitations reported with fine debris and algae.

Dolphin Premier

  • Features: Easy-to-use single-button operation, CleverClean technology for smart cleaning, anti-tangle swivel cable, powerful dual scrubbing brushes, and multiple filter options (fine cartridge, ultra-fine cartridge, oversized fine filter bag).
  • Filter System: Dolphin Premier offers multiple filter options for tailored cleaning needs.
  • Convenience: Includes a weekly scheduler for automated cleanings and a full filter indicator for maintenance reminders.
  • Feedback: Users praise its efficiency, multiple filter options, and the ability to handle larger pools up to 50 feet. Some mention occasional issues with the full indicator’s accuracy.


  • Pool Size: The Premier is specified for larger pools, up to 50 feet, compared to the E70’s specification of pools up to 30′. If you have a larger pool, the Premier might offer better coverage.
  • Filter Options: The Premier provides more versatility with its multiple filter options, allowing users to customize the cleaning process based on their specific needs. This can be advantageous in handling various debris types.
  • Automated Cleaning: Both models offer scheduling features, but the Premier’s weekly scheduler provides more frequency options (daily, every other day, or every third day), adding convenience.
  • Feedback: Users seem generally satisfied with both models, praising their efficiency and cleaning performance. However, there are occasional limitations reported with both concerning fine debris and cloudiness in the pool water after use.

While the Dolphin Premier offers advantages for larger pools and more filter options, the Dolphin Explorer E70 focuses on efficient cleaning, adaptability, and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Your choice might depend on your pool size, specific cleaning needs, and preferences for additional features like Wi-Fi connectivity or multiple filter options.

Maytronics  Explorer E70 review.jpg


  • Efficient Cleaning: Offers thorough cleaning of pool floors, walls, and waterline, ensuring a sparklingly clean pool.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enables remote scheduling, making pool maintenance convenient and adaptable to your schedule.
  • Tangle-Free Cable Holder: Minimizes cable management issues, ensuring hassle-free operation during cleaning cycles.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple and quick filter box cleaning, enhancing overall usability and prolonging the cleaner’s lifespan.
  • Adaptability: Demonstrates flexibility in handling larger pools than the specified size through strategic cable placement.


  • Limited Filtration Add-On Performance: Some users have reported issues with the small particles filter add-on, resulting in cloudiness after use.
  • Compatibility Considerations: While adaptable, certain pool conditions or debris types might challenge the cleaner’s efficiency.


At the end of the Dolphin E70 review, we want to address you that it is a versatile and efficient robotic pool cleaner designed for small to medium-sized pools, offering convenience, adaptability, and top-notch cleaning performance. 

With its Wi-Fi connectivity, tangle-free cable holder, and wall-climbing capabilities, this cleaner ensures hassle-free operation and maintenance. Despite being specified for pools up to 30 feet, its adaptability allows it to handle larger pools with strategic placement of the power supply. 

Users praise its ease of use and the ability to effectively pick up common debris like leaves and dirt. However, there might be limitations with fine debris or algae. 

To conclude the Dolphin Explorer E70 review we must say it caters to pool owners seeking convenience, efficiency, and adaptability for standard cleaning needs.