Amp Up Pool’s Circulation: BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump Review

Looking for a pool pump that delivers power, efficiency, and reliability without breaking the bank? Take a look at the BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump. It offers effortless operation, customizable schedules, and a unit that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Finding the perfect balance of performance and affordability can be a challenge. But with the BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump, you might just have struck gold.

In a market flooded with options and varying opinions, this BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump review aims to shed light on why it stands out from the crowd. From its integrated timer for hassle-free scheduling to its ability to handle larger distances without compromising performance. This pump seems to have garnered attention for all the right reasons.

Why BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump?

Choosing the right pool pump is pivotal for maintaining a crystal-clear oasis without the hassle of constant upkeep. The BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump offers a compelling solution to this age-old concern. Here’s why it might just be the ideal choice for your pool:

1. Effortless Operation with Integrated Timer

The BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pump simplifies your routine with its integrated timer. Plug it in, set your schedule once, and let it handle the rest.

This intelligent pump kicks in automatically, runs its cycle, and shuts down as scheduled. The result? Energy efficiency, reduced electricity costs, and ultimate convenience.

2. Customizable Pump Schedule

Take control of your pool’s maintenance. With a built-in 24-hour programmable timer, this pump grants you the power to customize activation times. Choose from nine different time slots. It tailors the pump’s operation to suit your specific needs. Whether it’s a 2-hour cycle or a 24-hour one, the flexibility is in your hands.

3. User-Friendly Design and Minimal Maintenance

Designed for ease, this pump features standard 1-1/2″ NPT inlet and outlet, allowing seamless hose connections. Perfect for in-ground pools, its spacious filter basket efficiently collects debris and leaves, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.

The transparent cover lets you monitor the filter’s condition effortlessly, ensuring cleaning happens exactly when needed.

4. Durability that Lasts

The BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump boasts a high-performance copper wire motor and impeller, optimizing flow and extending its lifespan. With its engineering-grade plastic components, this pump ensures exceptional strength and durability. Experience continuous operation with confidence, maintaining your pool’s water clarity with top-notch circulation.

5. Peace of Mind with Premium Support

At BOMGIE, customer satisfaction takes precedence. Enjoy the assurance of a two-year warranty on all products. With dedicated customer support, any queries or concerns are met with responsive and reliable assistance, promising 100% satisfaction through their post-sale service.

Key Features of BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump

BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump

The BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump stands out due to its array of standout features designed to enhance performance, ease of use, and durability:

1. Integrated Programmable Timer

This pump takes the hassle out of scheduling pool maintenance. With an integrated 24-hour programmable timer, you gain complete control over when the pump activates. Choose from nine different time slots, spanning 2 to 24 hours. It enables customized operation suited to your specific pool needs.

2. Efficient and Powerful Motor

Featuring a high-performance copper wire motor, this pump maximizes flow while extending its operational life. Its 2.2 HP capacity ensures robust water movement, enabling effective pool circulation and filtration.

3. User-Friendly Design

The pump boasts a standard 1-1/2″ NPT inlet and outlet, facilitating seamless hose connection. Suitable for in-ground pools, it includes a spacious filter basket that adeptly collects debris, leaves, and larger particles, significantly reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Moreover, its transparent cover allows for easy inspection of the filter, simplifying cleaning scheduling.

4. Durability and Longevity

The BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pump employs engineering-grade plastic components that ensure exceptional strength. This, coupled with the high-performance motor and impeller, guarantees continuous operation (S1 rated). While withstanding the rigors of regular pool use.

5. Enhanced Water Circulation

The pump’s design optimizes water flow, effectively maintaining your pool’s crystal-clear waters. It’s capable of creating noticeable ripples across the pool surface, showcasing its robust circulation capability.

6. Versatile Connectivity

The package includes both a 2″ and a 1.5″ connector, making it adaptable to various plumbing configurations. This versatility streamlines the installation process, easily connecting to existing pipes without major modifications.



  1. The integrated timer simplifies scheduling, automating the pump’s activation and shutdown, saving energy and adding convenience to maintenance routines.
  2. The programmable timer offers nine different time slots, allowing tailored activation times for varied pool maintenance needs.
  3. With a 2.2 HP motor, it delivers robust water movement, effectively circulating and filtering pool water, even creating noticeable ripples across the surface.
  4. Features a standard 1-1/2″ NPT inlet and outlet, along with a spacious filter basket and transparent cover, enabling easy maintenance and monitoring of filter condition.
  5. Built with high-performance copper wire motor, impeller, and engineering-grade plastic components, ensuring longevity and continuous operation even under regular use.
  6. Includes both 2″ and 1.5″ connectors, allowing easy adaptation to various plumbing configurations without extensive modifications.
  7. Backed by a two-year warranty and dedicated customer support, providing assurance and assistance post-purchase.


  1. The pump’s higher efficiency might require more frequent backwashing compared to previous pumps, necessitating slightly increased maintenance efforts.
  2. Though generally quiet, some users might find the noise levels marginally higher compared to certain other models, especially when operating at maximum capacity.


The BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump is a choice for pool owners seeking efficiency, durability, and convenience in their maintenance routines. Its integrated timer streamlines operation, automating cycles and saving energy. While offering customizable scheduling options. Sporting a potent 2.2 HP motor, this pump delivers robust water movement. It maintains crystal-clear pool waters and showcasing its power with noticeable surface ripples.

Its user-friendly design, featuring standard inlet and outlet sizes, a spacious filter basket, and a transparent cover. It simplifies maintenance by easing debris collection and allowing effortless monitoring of the filter’s condition. However, users might encounter slightly increased backwashing needs due to its efficiency. Some may find its noise levels marginally higher than expected. Additionally, its high power might necessitate adequate installation space.

To conclude the BOMGIE 2.2 HP Pool Pump review, we must say it balances power, efficiency, and ease of use. Making it an appealing choice for those seeking a reliable, high-performance pump for their pool maintenance needs.