Quality, Compatibility, Efficiency: BlueWorks 20P Review

Do you know you can unlock hassle-free pool maintenance with the Blue Works BLPTC 20P! It’s a high-quality salt cell, engineered for seamless compatibility with the Pentair IntelliChlor Power Center. Discover how its upgraded features, including automatic shut-off and self-cleaning capabilities, redefine convenience and reliability in pool care.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable salt cell then explore the Blueworks 20P review. In this article, we’ll find out what it has to offer to make your pool maintenance routine hassle-free.

Key Features of BLUEWORKS BLPTC 20P Salt Cell

Blueworks 20P review

The BlueWorks BLPTC salt cell boasts several key features that set it apart in the realm of pool maintenance:

1. Compatibility and Integration

Designed to work hand-in-hand with the Pentair IntelliChlor 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center, this salt cell ensures seamless integration, making it easy to incorporate into your existing pool system. It’s important to note it’s not compatible with Pentair automation systems, but its specific compatibility streamlines its use.

2. High-Quality Construction

The cell plates are sourced from an American company, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. This attention to quality materials reflects in its performance and durability.

3. Enhanced Functionality

One of the standout features is its automatic shut-off function. This serves as a protective measure, extending the cell’s lifespan by safeguarding it against extreme salt levels or water temperatures, both high and low. This thoughtful upgrade ensures longevity and consistent performance.

4. User-Friendly Design

The LED display provides easy access to crucial performance metrics such as salt levels, water temperature, and sanitizer output. This intuitive interface empowers users to monitor and adjust settings effortlessly, ensuring optimal pool conditions at all times.

5. Cost-Efficient Maintenance

Through electrolysis, the salt cell efficiently converts salt into chlorine, eliminating the need to constantly purchase, transport, and store expensive chlorine compounds. This not only streamlines maintenance but also reduces overall operating costs.

6. Reliability and Safety

The cell includes an automatic shut-off feature that kicks in under conditions of extreme temperatures or salt levels, safeguarding the unit and ensuring a longer lifespan. This aspect not only enhances durability but also prioritizes safety.

7. Self-Cleaning Capability

With a built-in self-cleaning cycle, the BLUEWORKS IC20 compatible salt cell minimizes maintenance efforts. Regular maintenance every three months is recommended, contributing to its ease of use and overall convenience.

Is the Blue Works 20P Salt Cell Worth Buying?

BLUE WORKS IC20 compatble salt cell

Deciding if the BlueWorks BLPTC salt cell is worth buying depends on several factors:

  1. Compatibility: If you own or plan to use the Pentair IntelliChlor 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center, the BLPTC 20P offers seamless compatibility, making it a suitable choice to integrate into your pool system.
  2. Performance: The cell’s high-quality construction and upgraded features like automatic shut-off, self-cleaning cycles, and an intuitive LED display indicate reliable performance and ease of use. If these features align with your maintenance needs, it could be a valuable investment.
  3. Cost Efficiency: The salt cell’s ability to convert salt into chlorine reduces the ongoing cost of purchasing chlorine compounds. Consider this aspect in terms of long-term savings on maintenance.
  4. Reliability: The automatic shut-off feature protecting the unit under extreme conditions suggests a longer lifespan for the cell, potentially making it a reliable component of your pool maintenance setup.
  5. User Experience: The user-friendly design, as indicated by the LED display for performance readings, could enhance the overall experience of maintaining your pool.


  • It integrates with the Pentair IntelliChlor 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center, ensuring easy incorporation into compatible pool systems.
  • Utilizes cell plates from an American company, indicating reliability and durability in its build.
  • Automatic shut-off function protects the unit from extreme salt levels or temperatures, extending its lifespan and ensuring consistent performance.
  • LED display provides easy access to essential performance metrics, simplifying monitoring and adjustment of pool conditions.
  • Converts salt into chlorine through electrolysis, reducing the need to purchase, transport, and store expensive chlorine compounds.
  • Built-in safety features ensure the unit’s protection under extreme conditions, prioritizing safety and longevity.
  • Includes a self-cleaning cycle, reducing the frequency of manual maintenance and streamlining upkeep efforts.


  • Although it has a self-cleaning cycle, users need to perform regular maintenance every three months, which might be seen as an additional upkeep task.


BLUEWORKS IC20 compatible salt cell emerges as a reliable solution for pool maintenance, boasting a range of beneficial features. Its seamless compatibility with the Pentair IntelliChlor 520556 IntelliChlor Power Center ensures easy integration into compatible pool systems.

The salt cell’s standout feature is its automatic shut-off function, safeguarding against extreme salt levels or temperatures, enhancing longevity, and ensuring consistent performance.

To conclude the Blueworks 20P review, we must say that it offers a compelling package for pool owners looking for a reliable, user-friendly, and cost-efficient solution. It’s compatibility aligns with their specific pool setup and preferences.

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