Smorobot Tank X11 Review: Future of Intelligent Pool Cleaning

Do you want to embrace the future of pool cleaning? With the Smorobot Tank X11 cordless robotic pool cleaner you can revolutionize the way you maintain your swimming oasis. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a world where crystal-clear water and spotless pool surfaces are effortlessly achieved with cutting-edge technology. 

The Tank X11 isn’t just another robotic pool cleaner; it’s a game-changer, armed with three powerful motors, intelligent cleaning modes, and an unmatched runtime that transforms tedious pool maintenance into a set-and-forget experience. 

Let’s explore the Smorobot tank x11 review, and find cleanliness, efficiency, and convenience in pool care.

Who Needs a Smorobot Tank X11 Pool Cleaner?

The Smorobot Tank X11 is an ideal companion for anyone seeking a hassle-free, efficient, and thorough pool cleaning solution. Its versatile design and powerful capabilities cater to a range of needs, making it a perfect fit for various individuals and scenarios. Now in this Smorobot X11 Review, let’s take a look at who needs this crazy cordless robotic pool cleaner for next level cleaning performance. 

  • Pool Owners of Various Pool Types: Whether you have an inground pool with different surface materials like tiles, concrete, or others, the Tank X11 adapts seamlessly, ensuring a spotless clean across diverse pool architectures.
  • Busy Individuals or Families: For those who value time and seek an automated cleaning solution, the Tank X11 serves as the perfect set-and-forget cleaner. Its autonomous operation and efficient coverage allow users to enjoy a sparkling pool without investing excessive time or effort.
  • Pool Maintenance Professionals: Professionals responsible for maintaining multiple pools can benefit from the Tank X11’s efficiency and thorough cleaning capabilities. It streamlines the cleaning process, allowing professionals to focus on other aspects of pool maintenance.
  • Those with Large Pool Sizes: Given its ability to cover up to 4,100 square feet, the Tank X11 is suitable for larger pools, ensuring that even extensive pool areas receive meticulous cleaning.
  • Individuals Seeking Comprehensive Cleaning: Whether it’s routine debris removal, tackling stubborn stains, or maintaining the aesthetics of the pool, the Tank X11’s robust features cater to multifaceted cleaning needs.

The Smorobot Tank X11 cordless robotic pool cleaner is designed for anyone who desires a reliable, efficient, and intelligent pool cleaner that not only saves time but also ensures a consistently immaculate pool surface with minimal user intervention.

Key Features of Smorobot Tank X11 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Smorobot X11 review

#1. 3 Powerful Motors

The Smorobot Tank X11 boasts a trio of robust drive motors, a technological trifecta dedicated to elevating cleaning efficiency. These motors synergize to deliver an unparalleled pool cleaning experience. Their prowess lies not only in their power but also in their precision, enabling the removal of stubborn stains, organic debris, and even challenging algae growth. 

The 188-Watt water pump, coupled with scrubbing brush wheels, ensures a thorough scouring of pool surfaces, promising a pristine swimming environment.

#2. Cleaning Modes

This intelligent pool cleaner offers versatility through its two distinctive cleaning modes: S and F. The ‘S’ mode caters to comprehensive cleaning, addressing both floor and wall surfaces with efficiency, while the ‘F’ mode specializes in meticulous floor-only cleaning. 

This adaptable functionality ensures the right approach for various cleaning needs, from routine maintenance to tackling specific areas, enhancing the cleaner’s performance across different pool configurations.

#3. Runtime and Charging

Efficiency meets convenience with the Tank X11’s 210-minute runtime, fueled by a large capacity 10,000mAh battery and an innovative charging mechanism. A mere 3.5 hours of charging renders this cordless robotic cleaner fully operational, ready to tackle pools up to 4,100 square feet without interruption. 

This extended runtime empowers users to sit back and relax while the robot diligently performs its duties, with an added feature of automatically parking near the pool wall when low on battery or upon completing its cleaning cycle, ensuring effortless retrieval.

#4. Efficiency

Embrace efficiency redefined with the Tank X11’s intelligent path planning and wall-climbing capabilities. Its strategic navigation enables it to scale pool walls and traverse floors intelligently, optimizing coverage. 

Compared to conventional random routing cleaners, this model showcases a 10X increase in efficiency, covering 1,180 square feet per hour. This means not only a deeper clean but also significant time savings, as it diligently attends to the pool floor, walls, and even scrubs tile lines, all while minimizing effort.

#5. Included Accessories

The Tank X11 arrives as a comprehensive solution, complete with essential accessories for seamless operation. Alongside the robotic cleaner, the package includes a charging adaptor, retrieval hook, replacement part kit, and a user manual. 

Moreover, it incorporates protective features such as short-circuit, over-temperature, overcharge, and over-discharge protection, prioritizing both user safety and the longevity of the device.

Deliverable Performance of Smorobot Tank X11

1. Cleaning Performance

The Smorobot Tank X11 redefines cleaning precision. Its amalgamation of powerful suction and dynamic scrubbing brushes works in unison to obliterate debris, leaves, and even the most stubborn algae from pool surfaces. 

This amalgamation of power and finesse eliminates the need for extensive manual labor, ensuring a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort from the user. From routine maintenance to battling persistent grime, the Tank X11 emerges as a reliable ally in maintaining immaculate pool conditions.

2. Versatility and Coverage

This robotic cleaner isn’t confined by pool type or surface. With its ability to meticulously clean floors, scale walls, and scrub tile lines, the Tank X11 adapts seamlessly to diverse pool architectures. 

Whether it’s an inground pool or various surface materials, such as tiles or concrete, this cleaner demonstrates its prowess in ensuring a comprehensive clean. Furthermore, its capacity to cover up to 4,100 square feet makes it suitable for a wide range of pool sizes, affirming its versatility in addressing varying pool dimensions.

The Tank X11’s coverage isn’t merely about the expanse it can clean; it’s about the thoroughness with which it does so. By attending to every nook and cranny within its reach, this robotic cleaner ensures a consistently immaculate pool surface, leaving no space for debris or impurities to hide.

This performance extends beyond basic cleaning tasks. Its capability to scrub tile lines ensures a meticulous finish, adding an extra layer of brilliance to your pool’s aesthetics while maintaining its hygiene standards.

The Smorobot Tank X11’s performance isn’t just about cleaning; it’s about delivering a comprehensive solution that caters to the multifaceted needs of pool maintenance, from routine debris removal to preserving the pristine appearance of every surface.

Is Smorobot Tank X11 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner Worth the Money?

Smorobot Tank X11 review

In the Smorobot tank x11 review, now let’s find the answer to whether it is worth the money or not. Determining if the Smorobot Tank X11 is worth the investment involves considering its features, performance, and how well it meets your specific pool cleaning needs.

  1. Cleaning Efficiency: The Tank X11’s three powerful motors, multiple cleaning modes, and intelligent path planning result in thorough and efficient pool cleaning. If your pool requires comprehensive cleaning with minimal effort on your part, its performance could justify the cost.
  2. Versatility and Coverage: Its ability to clean various pool types and surfaces, coupled with its capacity to cover significant pool areas, adds value. If you have a larger pool or different surface materials, its adaptability could make it a worthwhile investment.
  3. Time and Effort Saved: Consider the time and effort saved by employing an autonomous cleaner. If you value convenience and want to reduce manual labor spent on pool maintenance, the Tank X11’s autonomous operation might justify its cost.
  4. Long-Term Savings: Although the initial cost might seem significant, the long-term savings in terms of reduced manual labor, potentially lower maintenance costs by preventing debris build-up, and prolonged pool equipment lifespan could make it a financially sound investment.
  5. Customer Satisfaction and Durability: Look into user reviews and the product’s durability to gauge its long-term performance. A durable, reliable product that satisfies customer needs can make its price worthwhile.

Ultimately, the Tank X11’s worthiness depends on how well it aligns with your specific pool cleaning requirements and the value you place on time saved, cleaning effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. If it meets these needs efficiently and consistently, it might well be worth the investment.


At the end of the Smorobot tank x11 review, we have come up with a conclusion that the Smorobot Tank X11 emerges as a pioneering solution in the realm of pool maintenance. Its amalgamation of cutting-edge features, from three powerful motors to intelligent cleaning modes and an extended runtime, signifies a leap forward in pool cleaning technology.

This cordless robotic cleaner doesn’t just promise efficiency; it delivers an unmatched performance, effortlessly tackling debris, stains, and algae while covering extensive pool areas with precision. Its adaptability to different pool types and surfaces, coupled with its autonomous operation, caters to diverse needs, making it a valuable asset for pool owners seeking convenience and effectiveness.

Ultimately, for those seeking a top-tier pool cleaning solution that delivers on efficiency, versatility, and performance, the Smorobot Tank X11 stands as a worthwhile investment, promising pristine pool surfaces and a seamless, automated cleaning experience. Is there anything you wanted to know in this Smorobot X11 review?