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Are you desperately seeking the most efficient and cost-free pool pump? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. In this article, I am going to highlight the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump because it is a cost-free than many big name brands and provides an outstanding performance.

In addition, if you own an in-ground pool pump and looking for the best efficient pool pump then choosing the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump will be a brilliant decision.

Compared to the big name brands pump, it provides superior performance but within half cost. Addition, this incredible single speed pump comes with a 2-HP motor which provides powerful water circulation.

More importantly, a swimming pool pump is crucial for every pool because it does such a great job. However, finding the incredible pool pump is often considered as a painful task because you need to consider a series of things before buying the right pool pump.

Plus, if you fail to buy the best performing pool pump may be your money will waste. If you need a swimming pool pump which comes with all the necessary components. Then the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump is for you.

Is the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump worth buying?

Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump

In addition, this incredible pool pump comes with a 2-HP motor which provides powerful suction power. Otherwise, the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump is absolute, durable, affordable, compact and relatively cheap than the traditional pool pump.

Moreover, if you are looking for an affordable pool pump or planning to replace your current faulty pump then loving the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump definitely outstanding Choice. I can say surely, your investment will worth and you will get superior performance from this awesome pool pump.

What are the top features of Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump?

Like I already have mentioned above that this pool pump comes with some insane features. If you are searching for a standard pool pump with all essential features then why not the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump, when it offers all necessary components. By the way, I am going to represent the top features of this pool pump. Let’s see what comes with this awesome pump.

Easy installation

It is one of the easy installing pool pumps. You do not have to hire any professional to install the pump. In addition, the
Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump comes with a super easy installation guide where everything demonstrated step by step to give you a clear direction.

Super Quality

Before buying a pool pump, it is really important to do brief research about the pool pump because you may not agree to waste your money. Addition, the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump comes with dark black color and it is a well-built quality pool pump. The outer part of this pool pump is constructed with the heavy-duty materials to give it extra durability.

Rx Clear Mighty Niagara

More importantly, this best performing pool pump is weather resistance that means you can operate the pump in variable weather conditions, even if the harsh weather.

Compared to the traditional pool pump which is available pool pump on the market, you will get this pump within a reasonable price with great quality and durability.

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Outstanding Performance

It is really worthless if the pump doesn’t give sufficient performance but in the case of the Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump things are different. Amazingly, it comes with a 2-HP motor which provides enough speed for the error-free operation.

Plus, this incredible pool pump can deliver 88 gallons of water in each minute which is really fantastic.

See through the screen

The Rx Clear Mighty Niagara Pool pump includes a two-piece strainer cover with the transparent port to notify you when the basket needs to be cleaned.

In addition, the basket capacity of the pump is really big and it can hold a big amount of debris which extends the cleaning time of the basket.


  • Inexpensive
  • Outstanding performance
  • Durable and compact design
  • 2-piece strainer cover
  • Large basket
  • Electrical hook up 115V or 230 V
  • 1-year warranty


• The size of the pump is too big


Honestly speaking, it is one of the best performing pool Pump on the market at this time because of its durability, compact design, efficient performance, and it is an affordable pool pump.

If you are looking for an incredible pool pump within a cheap price then it would be the best choice. However, to install this pump hiring a professional will good idea to avoid any damage and protect warranty.